Complain freak

“Cheap fabrics,cheap meals”

“I deserve more than this!”

But what did you do for yourself?

Did you go out to work

Rather than sit and complain

Daydreaming of gold and silver

Craving for the riches of the earth

Even when it stared at you in the mirror


The underestimation of what you can do yourself

Without the nagging and begging

Or waiting for a guilty meal ticket

You deserve more,

only when you give more, in talent and practicality


Black as coffee

Black as night

Brilliant like an ever star studded sky

It contains all the colours

Mysterious and elegant

The shine of nature

Pigment of the soil

Backbone of our blood

Unique like mother nature

Pure and unblemished

The earth’s glow

Unmutated,strong and bold

The universe is black

The milky way is black

The soul is black

He will come

 He will come

He can’t leave me here

Oh no he won’t

Not in this place

He will save me

Coming in like a storm

Helping me get back up

He will surely come

He knows I can’t go on without him

The feeling of my burden

He knows

The faith I have,it shows

He has to come

Because I cannot get on if not

Oh no

He will not come

Why do I decieve myself?!

The world can go fuck itself

*pardon the language 


The cause of every catastrophe and war

Humans,fighting for their own cause

Unhearing and blind to others plight


They can go fuck themselves

A need to do things a certain way

Or get teared down to shreds everyday

The world would chew and spit you up everyday


Crybabies with no control

Over thought,matter or destiny

Looking to be handed a silver platter

Tortured artist

Angry over the minimal

Cannot transcend above the physical

Trapped in a societal loop

Of crafted careful design


We all survive

Or we have to

Making it through the shithole

Through we don’t need to




Something of nothing for nothing



The world does not fit a concept

In the rapid thoughts

Art dies like a Phoenix

But does it really rise again?

While the world goes up in flames

While everyone watches


An organism that consumes itself

Nothing nothing nothing

Something something something


Does it really matter?

The world can go fuck itself


My mind is in a blank place

After anger and sadness had merged together

Creating an emotion I had never dreamed of

Making room for lack of hate or lack of love

Just there

Existing calmly on the surface

After the world has toyed with my emotions

Telling me this,then telling me that

Calling me weak

Yet insisting I be strong!

Insinuating that I am magical for lasting this long

When I was just a regular being

Forced to act tough

I have been broken

And cannot be any longer

Like fine sand,my pieces lay

Bound together again

by apathy

Only by my apathy,oh my apathy…

Will you explore the dark arts?

Are you into tarot reading,birth chart reading,numerology,I ching,sychronicity reading,etc?Do you consider them as dark arts?And do you find it safe?If so,how deep can you go?If they can be considered dark arts the further you go deep into them,are they to be classified with Wicca, palmistry and divinition?Then can you explore those as well…

Tarot reading-prediction of future or current events through cards.Also the detection of current emotion and aura.

Birth chart reading-Astrology on a full scale,studying the date/time of birth and the planetary and house placements of each sign.Also the reading of the patterns.

Numerology-Figuring personality or life events by the link with numbers.

Employing the numerical value of the letters of the name to determine future events,personality and possible occurrence.

Here’s my home work for you-read up on the rest listed above.What opinion do you have on this?


I had stopped trying,as I traced my steps


There was no strife

As I ran away

Not facing the truth,was as sweet as pie

I knew all that was right

Even when I felt it wrong

I could not stop caring too much

For someone unaware of my being

Probably too caught up in life

I had started to move backwards

But I did not know

Fighting the waves of the ocean

That were not there for me to see

Blue hearts

Their hearts are blue

They were robbed of all their love

Cold fragments as feeling remain 

Drained of all compassion

Because they were never given any

They are now like walls

A shield,expecting only the worst

A remolded transfixed human

Created by the society that tried to break them

But they were unbreakable

They only lost their warmth

And became colder and colder

Till they became like robots