Would be talking about all the bizzaro health challenges that has come my way

I will be sharing some blog posts soon by God’s grace on my personal challenges with health, and how I’ve handled it or ignored it basically.

From dealing with alopecia, to once menstruating for almost a month, to the time i battled with night bodily itching, to HBP, to OCD (not the fancy concept some people misuse when they like arranging stuff, the actual one that starts in the mind that has several categories), to handling Maladaptive daydreaming, to whatever else i remember… Might help someone.

I didn’t realize so much until i actually thought about it, and i was like sh*t, a lot happened.

And remember:

Guess who is back… back again. Yenzy is back, tell a friend.

Hi! I’ve been gone for sometime. Okay maybe it has been years… it happens. Life happened, the pandemic started, post pandemic and all that. But none of that is an excuse, i just fell out of it blogging one day. Maybe because I felt i had to restrict myself and my thoughts in my posts. There were certain topics i wanted to talk about om life, being Nigerian, living in Africa, race, gender, community, thoughts that i shyed away from.

I thought hmmm… do i want to really share this, what if this and that saw? I basically cared too much to be a personal blogger. Another reason i might have suddenly quit was thinking i had outgrown some of ny content and not willing to evolve. I also stopped writing poetry like that. I remember the hassle of editing sometimes. Maybe because I didn’t see myself monetizing anytime soon as well, so i went freelance writing to earn some money for a while and didn’t get back to the blog.

All or any of this might be true, but it doesn’t matter. I was thinking a moment ago, that i have so many personal stories to share, as my comfort permits. I was thinking a while ago, do i need to start a podcast? What’s the way to start a quality podcast that would get some core audience and won’t have me talking to the wind, i asked myself.

Then i remembered i have tiktok, and i rarely talk on it. There’s something about my personality that restricts my sharing it seems. I always think of audiences too when i think of it, am i making this for a worldwide or Nigeria audience? Too much thoughts kill the sporadic creativity a good content creator should have, and such would bounce to any podcast i create if i don’t fix it. Plus doesn’t podcast work better with a crew or two? Idk.

Then i remembered i had a blog a moment ago, i had a voice here, event if it was not as solid as I’d like. But blogging is dead? I thought. Or is it? In the age of tiktok, instareels, YouTube and the youtube shorts, informative long twitter threads, forums would blogs be a place people still cared to hear stories from? I asked myself this literally all in a split second. Then i answered myself in the next one, yes.

So now I’m back.

2020 is a mess

Hey y’all, been gone for quite a while. I can legit tell you that I have no idea what I’ve been doing since the begging of this year. Which brings me to the topic at hand. This year… whew. It has been rough. And the seem to have no pattern like other sane years. No wonder many people want to go back to 2019 or have a do over.

My year started hard, then coupled with the coronavirus affecting the world, to the lockdown… Things are tough, is all I’m saying. I do hope it becomes less tough. Well this is my coming back address in the middle of a crisis typing from a broken phone.

Howdy folks. Happy lockdown!

Invisible being

I am here
I am me
But I’m not seen
no, just looked through
passed over like a left over bread
used like an essential machine
To be touched not to be felt
To be gawked not to be seen
To be left not to be held
To be consumed not to be tasted
To be perceived not to be smelt
Whatever they make of me is what I’ll be
If the distance crevices of my mind are to protest, it is shut down
I am but an unwilling puppet, patiently waiting my demise
Food tastes like air to the specter
Laughter like a sudden madness
Tears like a tired tale of ever flowing rivers of sadness
death sounds like bliss, because live seems like a disease
I am here
I am me
I am invisible©yenzyoh

Natal chart (birth chart) and tarot reading

Hi guys,

I now offer natal chart and tarot readings for just $20 dollars. Feel free to contact me via comment or my email address : Odifayeni@gmail.com.

Let the truth all be revealed.

Adversity – minute motivation

To accuse others for one’s own misfortunes is a sign of want of education. To accuse oneself shows that one’s education has begun. To accuse neither oneself nor others shows that one’s education is complete.

– Epictetus

On happiness – minute motivation

Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness.

– Robertson Davies

Your life, not society’s life!

Don’t let other’s life path dictate yours.

This one lesson we should learn. We all want success and admiration. And if we see our friends and colleagues making progress, we check our lives. If we are not moving as fast as them, we become saddened. If we are, then we feel relief.

This wrong. Our journeys are different and we grow unhappy with comparison.

For me, the purpose of life first and foremost is to be happy and impact others positively. To leave the world feeling like you’ve done the right things.

We all live and die, and spending our waking moment obsessing or chasing things because society tells you that it is success, isn’t the best way to live.

Create your own path.

Understanding |minute motivation

Hearing, seeing and understanding each other, humanity from one end of the earth to the other now lives simultaneously, omnipresent like a god thanks to its own creative ability.

And, thanks to its victory over space and time, it would now be splendidly united for all time, if it were not confused again and again by that fatal delusion which causes humankind to keep on destroying this grandiose unity and to destroy itself with the same resources which gave it power over the elements.

– Stefan Zweig