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To succeed you need an “it factor”

It is a common repeated mantra-“to be successful you need passion and motivation”.This is far from true.I’m here to break it to you that you need more than that.You need an it factor.This it factor however,is not determined by rules or a rule set in stone.The it factor can be anything peculiar to you that helps you achieve success.It can be being strong.It can be being relaxed about the outcome.It can be being charismatic.It can be being by cheerful person.This it factor is something you have to discover for yourself.Self discovery automatically gives you the it factor you need.

The time duration to discover this it factor is different from person to person.Yours may come slower,yours may come faster.Sometimes it’s a journey you have to take.You should enjoy your exploration while you take this journey.It does not pay to be anxious about it,wishing you can speed up the progress.The process must be taken to discover the treasure.The it factor is vital to you because it is for you and only you.Nobody can aid this progress but you.

Passion can only take you so far.You may love doing something but that doesn’t stop the frustration that comes along the way.We hear of tortured artists whose passion became their unmaking.Will power also runs out.A study shows that your will power is limited.Per day you can only pick what you want to use it for before it’s expended.In other words:you can only choose what you wanna give a fuck about per day and stick with it.Giving attention to other unimportant things would make you dry.Motivation is also nothing if you are always out of ideas before you start.

Just like success means different things to different people,the it factor can be anything.

How to get your it factor:

  • Start the path of self discovery
  • Get involved in the process
  • Be a participant in the journey no matter how slow
  • Choose the things that are important to your in life,then care about them more than anything else

A ray of pitch black-a goth’s anthemn

Doom and gloom begins to bloom
In the orchard of my heart it sprung forth
Calling waves of passionate despair
As I lay in the wake of undeserved sorrow and shame
For things I do not know of
I call upon a hand to deliver the truth to the dim corners and the late commers
My dreams are a grave and nothing more
but I hope that life springs out again in form of a new born cactus around the edges

A melodramatic love story

Desire and hate fills me

The need to have you wrap me with your arms

But I somewhat hate you

What takes you so long to come?

How long do I endure this?

Have you forsaken me

Leaving me with beasts of varied kind

Why did you make me this way

To give me hope yet take it away

Is this path truely mine

And how long do I have to wait

For that unique bitter sweet pleasure that is to heal me?

Unraveling emotions

I’m stuck

Stuck in this box I used to call home

Lost,in a world I hand crafted

struck by the beauty created in wanton lust

a fantasy greater than any imagination 

The image pasted in my minds eye

The great tidings of the lone wolf

Hot fever in my soul,burning my mistakes into me

Cold flashes wash over me after this

Reminding me that all sins are forgiven

Except mine,for I cannot free myself of that burden

The heavy stone-like thing in my chest

Hard like a rock,the power of a thousand asteroids

The burden I triumphantly placed upon myself

In favour of curious prying eyes,glaring at my fake felicity

Revel in the weirdness you possess 

One of the things killing human potential is the need for conformity in the so-called individualistic world of today.The other is the judging of those that do not comform to the norm.People begin to choose the truth of their peers,strangers and the media more than what lies deep in them.Having an opposing view from the norm has a lot of labels that come with it,one of them is “weird”.The question is,why is wierd considered negative?Why is it whatever that does not follow sheeple mentality is seen as bad and to be ridiculed and avoided?Apparently being the party pooper makes you the villain of the story to the cool ones.

This causes those that do not blend in to be ostracized by the “normal”ones,who are very proud of their normalcy.By the way there is no spectrum for what normal means.Names like “socially awkward” ,”shy”,”uncool”,”introvert” are considered to be shaming and an illness to be corrected or looked upon with pity,when in fact it is not.Living in a world where people have to identify with a group in other to feel self worth creates mass-produced individuals with the creativity of a peanut.The creative ones are the wierd ones.And the most creative ones are the weird ones that embrace their weirdness.

Writers,artists and creators are grounded in their weird side.They use this in their creative works.If you have studied great artists and their history,the linking pattern is always wierdness.How can one be sane to produce wonderful work of arts based on a non existent world that can only be grasped by the powerful tools of the creative mind.Most of the successful people that have led the world and are celebrated today are weird individuals that did things normal folks would call crazy or “fools talk”.

It is the people labelled that went on to do amazing things.Those avoided by the “in groups” usually have amazing ideas to share.The ones tagged as unapprochable and strange by the normal ones are usually the most interesting,original,fresh people that are around.The quiet ones contain within themselves loads of self improving secrets,ideas and wisdom that they keep to themselves, only to be shared to the ones who accept their wierdness or to the “normal”ones later when they become successful in any field they choose “out of the blue”.The differences weird people have separates them from the mediocre.Be wierd!

So revel in your weirdness for you are special,no one can be like you and you shouldn’t want to be like anyone else.

Angst vs angst poetry,an emo seasons greetings

The need for your validation has gone by

Feeling the urge to break free has broken my shell in various degrees

That heat i once had in my core has subsided

Leaving vacant space behind

The tumoil design which you created has left me

In search for you I found the truth

That truth which boogles the undiscovered mind

How good was your lies when it saddened mine

Eating each words I once said of you,to you and for you

The coffee for my soul and fresh hunger for my new found high.

Vacant soul

I tried to fight the urge and blend in

I gave it my all but I’m still lead down this path

Emptiness mixes with the full potentials inside me

In a drowsy attempt to sleep I’m awake

Cast into the dim light with teary bloodshot eyes

Oh I cry for you!My vacant soul

They want to kill you with their every presence 

But I will protect you with every fiber of my being

I Will!I Will!


Fire in my soul

I feel the fire in my soul
When I have done what i thought couldn’t be done
I feel the hunger to conquer what I once ran from
I know the feeling of being brave
I kicked fear in the face while I gave my very all
I sense the power of raw energy pulsing through me
Power of life,power of passionate zeal
I know that life is a constant puzzle with never ending problems
This I shall pass through,
Because I feel the fire in my soul!

I have now crossed the mountains I had once stumbled upon
Passed the sea I gazed at in awe
Sailed my kite on the clear morning air ,letting my presence be seen and known
I has journeyed alone with no fear in my soul
Into the heart of darkness I went to find the treasures I seek
The backs of lions I climb to race into unseen depths
The depths of amazing and great heights
Because I feel the fire in my soul!

Do you feel the fire in your soul?

If you dont, let THIS be your mantra.

If you do, keep that inspiring flame alive!

Non je ne regrette rien (No,I regret nothing)

I regret nothing
I take responsibility for all that is done
I loved you as perfectly as you loved me
So I regret nothing
All the kisses we blew to the wind
Whispering of wanton nonsense
Candle lights flickering in the romantic breeze

I’m sure love is never regret
the Secrets you told me gladdened by heart deeply
I was happy that I knew things that about you others didn’t

It made my heart swell

I felt as special as I could be
You opened me up to trust another being again
You made me see the truth,
that freedom lies in both you and me

I regret nothing
I am glad I met you
I would repeat this in all the live times I ever exist
I’m sure love is never regret.
I was happy that I could and I would do it again
And I’m sure a better love awaits because of you

Looking back at the past to the happiness the universe brought

I want to go back to the days where I was full

Nature was kind and I was glad

Skipping in the warmth of the sun as I formed fantasies in my head

I would bask in the freshness of life 

Those days,the only thoughts on my mind involved  yummy food and a carefree games

Happy I was that I could breathe so carefree!

Now my breath hangs and catches willy-nilly

I would call on my friends and discuss books then

We would laugh aloud while we described things ranging from bread to crimes

It was all fun back then and nature was surely kind

Now I’m not so sure

Can nature turn cruel or is it just me?

I belong in a crazy world of my own now

Where I am the only sane one and everyone else are lunatics

But I know I cannot undo the hands on time

 And I can only be left to repair-the damages I might have caused myself

*The universe gives you what you “call” for.This means the universe is neutral and what you receive is mainly from what you choose to manifest.You can manifest two realities:Happiness or sadness.Both depends on you and how you react to life’s situations.

Two word zodiac stereotype

These are mostly the negative traits of the signs:

AriesAngry,Tactless:At everyone and everything,everytime for apparently no reason.Emotionally unstable and the need to be headstrong to frustrating lengths.Rushes into things like a furious ram and does not care about consequences of the moment until some time later after reaching a point of no return.

TaurusForeveralone (funny),Stubborn:Prefers the company of food and possessions to actual people.Lazily does not like change so prefers to be stuck with old patterns,relationships even when obvious to be doomed.Stubbornly attaches like glue or a leech to any “prey” and does not let go,treating you like an expensive art piece.

GeminiQuestioner,Sly:Wants to know everything that can be possibly known and stores the answer into memory for future conversations,in order to look smart to other people.Two faced and cannot do without betraying both sides of the party but gets away with this by being a witty social insect.

CancerTroller,Emotional:Annoying emotional person who likes feeding off other people’s emotions.Cannot but be a crybaby whether externally or (if they don’t show you the tears) internally.Keeping grudges for silly things and clings on to any form of emotion (good or bad) as a source of strength.

LeoWinner,Superficial:The boss,enjoys the stop light,lives in the spot light;attention seeking and must be the dominant one in any relationship.Dramatic,as if participating in a play as the lead actor of a melodrama.Theatrical emotions and emotional responses to things that are not to be given attention.

VirgoIntolerant,scrutinizing:Critical,anaylitical and organized.A clean piece of human with the efficiency of a programmed robot,who cannot stand those less perfect or more human.Keeps away from the kind of eccentric characters that would ruin their charade.

Librapraiser,Unrealistic:Friendly to irritating extent,social butterfly,nice person syndrome carrier.Will give you a complement everytime they spot you,even when it’s not true.Will befriend you even if they are an axe-murderer about to slash you to death.Likes “balance”but has no idea when the goody-goody crap is too much.Also values peace,justice and fairness to silly proportions.

ScorpioBrave,Selfsabotage:So-called intense,powerful and manipulative qualites of overemphasized and overrated emos.Foolish confidence and assurance over things they can’t comprehend because they are so “deep”,Do things leading them to self destruct due to ridiculous bravado and inability to be logical rather than be hyper emotional.

SagittariusJoker,Inconsiderate:The live of the party,frank,open and jovial.Not afraid to crack a joke or two one the expense of you.Doesn’t really care if your poor little feelings are hurt by the sarcasm,to them you are a weak puss who needs more teasing and should learn to take jokes.Travels here and there and find more stuff to optimistically joke about.

CapricornSerious,Untrusting:poker faced,dead pan and lives only for power,accomplishments,work and exotic dinners.Doesn’t know how to have a sense of humour many times,grave style of dressing and a general forlorn look.That helps to repeal the free spirits and any other types of delinquents who do not understand the great burdens of his world.Can be prone to depression but the good news is after that becomes less grumpy-like.

AquariusEmotionless,Strange:Brilliantly talented eccentric that is not of this world,focused on unravelling all of the mysteries of the unexplained.Though a humanitarian,doesn’t have time to actually have visible human emotions that are relatable.Comes across as cold and bizzare.Can express deep feelings of love with a grunt,smile,smirk,shrug,cough,tap,nod or frown.

PiscesRelaxed,dreamer:Chill,Stuck in a constant state of daydreaming filled with unicorns and fire breathing dragons that resemble enemies and school teachers.Artistic guru with a vibe of crazy.Looks like in need of the next dose of cocaine,meth or both.Enlightinged being that seeks to understand all the “namastes” of the universe.Probably may need medication if the dreaminess becomes a permanent state of mind or if stuck in a constant state of meditative trance.

The pain of being an empath

Basically being an empath is great and all until…

I feel every of their emotions

I understand all their pain

I carry their emotional burden while still carrying mine

The world is on my shoulders 24/7 and the weight is tiresome 

But whats worse is that I cant do anything about it

I can’t look away neither can I heal everyone and everything

These are the words that come to my mind everyday. But though I don’t dwell on it doesn’t mean it isn’t a fundamental aspect of my subconscious. This I am sure is what happens to an empath who becomes overloaded with junk emotions. It is draining to be programmed as a matyr like person because of the way you easily sense things. Absorbing all the energy and emotions when you walk into a room can be intensely scary. The bad and sad vibes tend to be more stronger than the good vibes and those are easily picked up.

People don’t make things easier,because when they discover your weak point as an empath, they dump their emotional garbage with you. You read articles on the web and you wish it was possible to jump out the window, fly like a super hero and save the day. Yes it is hard being an empath in this world. An empath knows it is not possible to save the day but that does not make all those intense feelings go away. Those are part and parcel of an empath. The only thing that can be done is learning how to control them. And that is another journey on it’s own…

Let your life seek fuller expression

I have an advice for you.Yes you!Do not pass through this earth unsatisfied.Let your life be a physical(also spiritual and mental)manifestation of want you want it to be.If you want something,make up a plan to get it and believe you deserve your desire.Don’t let your current reality hold you back from living as you truely wish.Are you feeling dissatisfied?Confused on where you are in life right now?Angry at the present reality?Then your subconscious mind is telling you something.

The universe is telling you something,that you are not letting your life seek fuller expression.It is not comfortable being tied down when you can be something great,do something great!See I’m not telling anyone to go save the world or become a multi millionaire.Not everybody likes that life,or wants the emotions that comes with it.I want it,but you may not want it and that is perfectly okay.But you can make your life as amazing as it can possibly be.

It seems cliche but: be the best you can irrespective of the current physical situation.No matter what you see happening currently on this physical plane does not control you or your possibilities.You have to think beyond what is before your eyes, if seeking fuller expression of life is what you desire.To be trapped in a box ofrealitywill blind you to the truth of the infinite.There is no “reality”,there is only what you can currently see physically.The wise person knows that anything that can be thought of can be created.An example would be the impossible things of the past that are now not only possible today,but everyday norm.

Imagine you were alive before the conception of aeroplanes,could you have imagined that a flying metal thing would take people wherever they want in the world?Or that a rectangular object would be in almost all homes making them view whatever they cared for?Or that you and me could communicate “online” though we are miles away from each other?Not many would!Because it is so hard to see beyond the physical plane of what is possible and what is not.

We are so binded as humans on limiting ourselves by focusing on our scarce resorces when our minds cannot fathom the endless supply available for all.It’s like living in a world full of abundance and complaining about what is in front of you,instead of taking the next steps forward to see more.Another example is having a plate of food,then after you are done eating complain that the food was not enough,when there is literally pots full of food in the kitchen and more in the fridge.Why sit and complaining instead of getting up on your feet to locate what you want.

Live!Yes do that,instead of virtually being a walking corpse.If you want to learn to be a Jazz dancer,do that!It’s your dream not anybody’s.You don’t like working an office job,find what you want then quit!Don’t live just for the sake of “well I was throw on this earth and now I must survive through this bitter burden called life”.If you are happy for you existence then do things that make you happy.Because “tick tock” the time is going as fast for you as it does the person who is making pancakes smilling instead of being a lawyer because his parents told him to.Working yourself like a mule would not ellongate your days or give you people’s praise.Balance is the key.Do not let the judgements of others keep you down,because remember that no matter what you do people would still find a way to criticize you.You might be Mother Theresa and people would still speak ill of you.They may even prefer you to be a super model instead!That’s people for you.

Read the words below and get comfortable using your thought-self in your day to day life.

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and 

which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the

interspaces of the universe.

A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged

by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his

thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks

about to be created.

FROM:The science of getting rich

The lover I saw from afar

You are so brilliant,perfect in my eyes

You seemed like a happy baby, unprejudiced and kind

A bacon of hope for a weary me burdened by the world I carry on my shoulders

When tired I would come to you,laying in your imaginary bossom

I would laugh like you, and smile like a child while watching you from afar

You were real but yet so far way

A reality that existed in an unknown space 

You were the me that I thought I could never be

An inspiration I choose to only worship

You brought me peace seeing your smile from faraway 

Your kind words made my cold heart much warmer

And my hot mind much cooler, like being doused In a refreshing stream

When in my depts of dispair, I held on to you,called on you, cried for you

I longed to be held by you

But thought you weren’t there, the thought of you was enough for me take courage from- to carry on

While problems seemed to come on droves, I asked myself what you would do?

Be brave I said, just like my lover from far away

The one who was strong yet weak

The beautiful geek- unblemished by any sin I may possess

I grew my hope in you-

the concept of your power on me was like a tree that never stopped growing 

But we were so similar it seemed strange

I could see my fears in you, the doubts and regrets

And that far away look in your eyes

The one that I sometimes have when lost in my own world

I realize how similar we are, yet so far away

I have to let you go for now

Because my love does not help anymore as I still have battles to face 

I am sure you have too- sames ones like me

I know you will make it anyway, though I’m not so sure about me

Like I once said, you are a better version of me

I hope we truely meet in the future.

Optical illusion?My Skin turned green under the bright sun!


Something cool, weird and unexplainable just happened to me. While I was relaxing at home, I casually dressed in a wine coloured blouse. The blouse had some few little holes in it (Yes it happens, i said it). So It started like this, I sat under the light shade of a flower tree while enjoying the cool breeze and lovely rays of the sun. While doing this, I looked down casually and suddenly noticed something very strange.

My skin looked green where the holes in my blouse where! It was so fascinating and unbelievable. I thought my brain was tricking me as I could not believe what I saw. I played around with my blouse (since I was wearing nothing underneath), moving the holes to see other parts of my skin colour-up. Where the holes where, my skin became green! This happened every time! I moved part of the blouse fabric to my arm to perform the same trick and it still looked green. I tried it on even my finger nails, they looked green when I shifted the holes on it, although a lighter shade of green. (This shows that this illusion does not only work on skin).

In conclusion, this was so mind-blowing that I had to write it down. I have no idea if such a phenomenon has occurred before, or if this is a know optical illusion. I tried searching on Google using various key-words ranging from “skin illusion”,”wine/red fabric illusion” “hole illusion” “bright sun illusion”, but what I was looking for did not seem to pop up. I have a theory that the brightness of the sun rays created that illusion because underneath a “cool” sun state the illusion did not appear. Also,I guess the lighter the part of the body in the hole, the lighter the shade of green and the darker the part of body in the hole the darker the green.

Try it and see if it works! I’ll also be happy if someone knows about an illusion like this. If this happens again, I’ll try to take a picture it next time (if the illusion shows on camera) or video. Maybe this illusion just proves that I am an alien (*laughs*). I have no idea if this illusion would work for another colour of fabric/if it will create a different colour entirely.

Example of the blouse’ colour

Never settle for the best

Success is not a Destination and Failure is just a Dispensation.
The best automobiles, electronics, paramedics etc that existed yesterday have today, become obsolete and outdated
No matter how interesting, lucrative or fulfilling your present situation, business or career is, it can still be better

In your relationship, please ensure you contribute to making your partner better than you met him/her.
Contribute your quota to making life better than you met it.

You become an asset when you can device better ways of making profit and better ways of curbing wastages for any company.
There is Greatness in being able to be BETTER than the Best
So my friend don’t just settle with the best, *be Better.*

*The Best things in Life are Yet to come.*

Written by Bayo_Manuels-Adapted by theyenzyradical

 Read, read, read – Advice from this introvert

If you want to be successful at anything-read, so said many wise people. This is one sure way that never failsRead what interests you and what does not interest youthey both play a part in the making of a genius. Not only does reading open your mind to new ideas, it exposes you to situations of the current world. This is why most introverts read when they feel an inability to mingle with the ever talking crowd. They gain both knowledge of socialtal cues, ideas and skill improvement from reading.

Humanity is in books as well. That’s why so much excitement is felt by reading a good novel. Because you are experiencing life as it can possibly be, which is very thrilling and awe-inspiring. You can also understand the psychological aspects on how humans function. This understanding, if you possess it, will help you greatly in life.

As an introvert, reading is my source of escapism too.When the stress is high from too much sensations and too much people, I read. Going into the world of words is freeing and peaceful. There is no judgement there as you absorb the letters. There is always something fun to read about. Your imagination soars as you capture the story, emotions and thought put into the writing.

Also for business and formal writing. The market of the world is made known to you by your constant reading. The business world changes day by day with no warning- except for those who read. To grow in this information flowing world of today, reading is compulsory. If you cant readyou surely do not have what it takes to be successful in business.

A lot of ignorance is removed by reading. For people who refuse to read, the truth remains hidden from them. Life opportunities would pass them by because they do not know vital things that would bring them success. The world today as so many possibilities, just as it has so many distractions. This is why there would always be the 80/20 principles.

There are the 20% who would remain rich off their intellect, planning and knowing how to get what they want- via reading; and there would be those 80% whose physical strength, stress and sweat earns them their peanuts. The members of the 1% would remain in their position because of the information they choose to digest. Now don’t tell me that these people are just lucky to be born into good families, because self made millionaires of this century belong in the 1%. This people just choose to do all the useful things, one vital of it being reading.

And remember there are several types of “reading”. Reading articles on the Internet is also reading. So remember as long as you get valuable information or imaginative creativity, you’re good. Don’t fret, take baby steps and forge your path.

Read when you are bored- switch off that television.

Read when you are happy.

Read when you are sad.

Read when you are mad.

Read when things go bad.


Mistakes are made

Stop blaming yourself for every small error you make

Mistakes are to be made

When the milk is spilled

All you need to do is wipe it clean 

Start on a fresh slate 

When you trip on your own feet,

Rise up,as you dust yourself 

No need to be ashamed 

For mistakes are made

When you look back at the bitter past

Do not curse yourself in pain

You learned the lesson in faith,move on

Mistakes are to be made

Others may judge you in the wake

But weep not and chastise yourself 

They don’t know you as you do

It will all change for the better

because after mistakes are made

Lessons are learned

Experience is earned

Confidence is shared

Growth will bare

So let mistakes be made.