Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog! Here I write on philosophical topics of interest veering in the realm of the psychology of me and you. Also, I write about motivational subjects which will inspire you to reach your goals in life. There are vast area of concepts to read up on as well.

I also like having fun dabbling with poem and creative writing which messages can be derived from. I hope you have fun exploring my blog! I know that you will find several things that will blow your mind.

My goal is to spread creativity and inspiration through this blog. A teacher of life and nature is what I casually call myself. Teachings of philosophy, metaphysics and self improvement is what I preach, as I believe these will get all of us in the right mindset to play this game called life.

I am also a writer and poet. Through literary means, there are ways to also philosophize and pass deep messages. If you ask what an example of a random desire I have is, I will say to one day have a pet dolphin as a friend. Do take your time to explore my blog and I am sure you will enjoy the ride!