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2020 is a mess

Hey y’all, been gone for quite a while. I can legit tell you that I have no idea what I’ve been doing since the begging of this year. Which brings me to the topic at hand. This year… whew. It has been rough. And the seem to have no pattern like other sane years. No wonder many people want to go back to 2019 or have a do over.

My year started hard, then coupled with the coronavirus affecting the world, to the lockdown… Things are tough, is all I’m saying. I do hope it becomes less tough. Well this is my coming back address in the middle of a crisis typing from a broken phone.

Howdy folks. Happy lockdown!

Can you do something about life’s unfairness?

Let me tell you a story. Imagine growing up in an impoverished home, always having difficulty possessing what many others seemed to have easily. To make things worse, being told consciously and subconsciously that you won’t amount to anything. Then imagine on the other side of the fence, there is a child who was born rich, was always taken to the best schools, given the ability to own a fashion line as a teenager. 

If you compare these stories, I’m sure you will say life is unfair. After all luck is what makes you be born into a certain family/ place and not another. But that is just the surface of things.

Digging deep, you will find that life is not that plain. I’m sure if you were omniscient, there will be a level of unfairness you will spot in each lives, just as levels of luck and fairness. The mental reasoning of painting life as fair or unfair is wrong. Life is a myriad of colours and cannot be simplified to just that.

Life can be unfair to some extent as life can be lucky. The girl born poor might be lucky to have good friends while the girl born rich could be the lonely and rich kind. The girl born poor due to social conditioning might not aspire to do more but she is free from the pressures of anticipation. The girl born rich might enjoy the virtually free luxuries of life but might be under more scrutiny by the public.
Even with all this, the concepts of fair and unfair varies in situations and persons. A 19 year old girl getting breast cancer can be seen universally as unfair. But an 80 year old man who dies with dementia might not be considered in the unfair spectrum by most. But who knows, the man might not had wanted to die yet, or have lived a wasted life with no meaning. 

The most important things about life is choice, faith, God , hope and joy. This is because these are the things we have control over. We can decide to choose to do better in our lives. We can decide to have faith and believe in God. Hope and joy can be ours for free. I will lay emphasis on choice for now. 

Imagine if that the girl born poor decides that she will achieve financial security in her life. So, she works smart, tries a lot of things, abandoning that which does not work and sticking to the things that brings results. Even if this poor girl has anxieties and inferiority complex, because she has made a choice to work on them- life becomes more fair. The girl born rich also has the ability to choice her destiny. She can remain shallow and rich or decide to change her world and develop deep relationships. The girl born rich might also become poor, depending on her choices.

So yes, life can be unfair due to the random occurrences before our birth. But after our birth what we choose to do with life is our choice

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A cure for loneliness

As the world advances, people increasingly fall into a pit of loneliness. Human contact has washed away to meaningless interactions. The social media world has inspired people to present a fake version of themselves. Loneliness happens when the true self has been ignored or hidden in the shadows for too long. The people pleasing masks worn creates a vacuum in our souls that longs to be filled.

The cure for loneliness is ourselves. It begins within. In order to be free from it, learning to love our real selves is necessary. Not the one forcefully presented on Instagram,or the fake one that we show family and friends. It is the hidden self which was long avoided. Being comfortable and at ease with ourselves is the cure for loneliness. Our fears and love which makes us real must be acknowledged in order to be free. It is a journey of self finding.

Meditation, soul searching and spiritual awakening is needed.We must ask-what makes us us? For ourselves we must see the composition of which our souls are formed. If we can be at peace with our real selves, we will not be lonely. We will be filled with light and love. Those that are truly meant for us will remain attracted to that light.

Happiness would become a familiar concept when you know yourself.