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Fear is a grand illusion

Everyone has felt it.That sinking feeling deep in the heart and stomach.The voices in one’s head saying that one’s hopes and dreams are impossible.Or the feeling that danger was sure to occur.It feels so real,so factual,so threatening at the moment that everything else seems to be unfavourable.The mind mannages to blot everything possible out.

I am here to set the facts right now, that all forms of fears are nothing but illusion.Most times what you fear does not occur.And if it does occur,the gravity of the impact was not as severe as you imagined it to be.Fear just has to do with imagination, most times of failure,lack of protection,loss and inability to control the future and certain events.Fear is intensified to become the monster that it is in some people,when they give power to fear by over thinking and dwelling on it.The more one believes his or her fears and dwells on it,the more the illusion grows.It grows as it is fed.

Another important thing to mention is what fear makes us feel lack.When we allow the illusion of fear in,it takes over our mental reasoning and holds the wheel of direction in our lives.We feel we lack strength,ability and courage when we are afraid.More importantly,we feel we lack choice.choice is very important.We forget that we have a say to what we want to receive from life.We ignorantly refuse to look to the bright side for the way out.We choose to succumb a grand illusion.We feel trapped in a psychological cage of our own making.

Scientists and researchers of human experience will say that fear is natural,a natural psychological reaction to danger,E.g:like when standing on a cliff,or being robbed,or when you are told you have cancer.They say that fear is to protect humans from harm’s way.I will disagree on the purpose of fear in situations that do not involve physical danger.Fear is even an illusion in these situations because in cases of physical danger,your fear cannot save you.Rather your state of  clear thinking does.Your fear cannot remove you from a cliff,or stop you from being shot,or save you from cancer.So why bother with fear.It has nothing positive to offer but a hallucinatory expansion of problems.

The bible also says that “God has not given us the spirit of fear but that of power, of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).So with that,why still fear?Instead of causing extreme problems with fear,isn’t it better to feel love,power and a sound mind backing you up?It is impossible to have a sound mind when one plays into the fear illusion.The person will be disturbed and uncomfortable,having no space for trust,love,peace,power,etc.

When the illusion of fears is ripped off from one’s life,the person becomes more productive and successful.You cannot embark on a new mission with fear trailing you.You must let the fears go to do something new and succeed.To live a life of quality, one must be fearless,no matter what is being faced.


The law of attraction

The law of attraction is a movement that believes you channel your results from the universe through your energy and believes,whether negative or positive. The law states that when you say or believe negative things about yourself,you attract negative energy to yourself,thereby getting negative things happening to you;and vice versal happens when you have positive energy.It is the philosophy of “like attracts like”.Just like a magnet,the universe reflects to you what your energy is pulling from it.Whatever you believe on the inside manifests on the outside.

Law of attraction states that whatever happens during your day,good or bad,is what you have attracted for yourself,to yourself.The emotions you feel encourages things to happen to you.If you feel happy and blessed with life on the inside,it will manifest.If you are always sad and grumbling,it will manifest.
Now,the law of attraction focuses on the positive and a way to improve our lives via the power of manifestation. The law of attraction is now studied and used as a tool to create an abundance of success,wellbeing,peace of mind,financial freedom and fruitful interpersonal relations.

Students of the law of attraction have various miracle stories to tell, ranging from everyday life situations to huge,life changing events.The book “The secret” teaches the law of attraction exclusively as what can be practiced and learned.

Changing the mind frame on how it responds to life is the first step.Instead of saying “I am a failing” “I can’t do it” “life is hard” “Money is hard to come by” “I am sick and tired”,attracting negative energy to oneself, the law of attraction teaches positivity and the results therefore  by saying,”I am a success!” “I can do anything!” “Life is love!” “Money is abundant””I am hale and hearty!”.When one says these positive words,life is reflected in an abundant way back to the person.Such words shape the person’s day down to the people he/she would interact with.

Many people struggle and fail,Work hard and yet remain poor because they fail to use the law of attraction in their lives.They hold on to wrong and negative believes and the universe gives them the results of this mindset.They find out that no matter how much they work,they remain the same.That is why you see that the most physically hardworking people are poor most times.They work like elephants and eat like ants.This is so because of their believes and negative energy.They believe deep down that they don’t deserve comfort or wealth and they act on it with their thoughts.The universe being benevolently neutral gives them what they want.Many of this kind of people actually despise wealth and wealthy people.They believe that money should be struggled for,and that all rich people are evil crooks.Many hope for a form of power to blame,most times the government they wish to save them.Their ” que sera sera”(what will be will be) mentality is the root of their negative energy.Not striving to improve yourself is acting on negative energy.

Now you may ask

  • How can I tap into the Law of attraction?
  • How valid is this ?
  • I am so programmed to be negative,can it work for me?
  • How do I start?

The answer to all these is changing your belief system and to follow the above.And like all things this process has steps.This are the first steps.

My form of hakuna matata,and why you should find yours too-My trademark logo as a meaning for hope in life.

This is my trademark logo as you can see,but the meaning which it now holds was not the original intent.That is the way life works,we cannot always determine our original intent.The image above was sketched by me.What do you feel it represents?You may have many opinions of it ranging from butterfly,moth man or bird entity.People have different perspectives for a singular thing.The original perspective belongs to the owner of what is being perceived;which can be me or you,depending on context.

This image to me represents inspiration and unexpected hope.When hope is said to be unexpected,you can imagine how dire the situation must be.This was drawn on a whim in a cafeteria by a forlorn me.The image was pointless then,just an abstract sketch from an abstract person.Life could not get any gloomer,I thought.You see,I had a gothic rhetoric in my head.Battling with several things in life at oncr can do that to you.The funny thing is in the value of the picture.Someone once though by error that the picture was drawn by a professional and was worth millions and praised the “brilliance” of the picture .I,knowing that it was I who sketched it was doubtful of anything brilliant about it.This picture if taken as a person,going by that incident,is worth a lot and seen as very valuable,indispensable,important,probably a celeb among his/her social group who people would stop to listen to.The same person saw another sketch with me and inquired on the artist behind that,I said it was me.The evaluation that was given on that picture was quizzical.There were so many questions asked:What does it mean?How can you say that the art has no meaning?What does abstract mean?The sketch was different from this bird-butterfly image, not only in style and appearance but also in perceived quality because it was said to be my personal work.But both had quality that was judged differently.

What can be taken from the short story of the sketches as I would like to call it?Well,some people may take nothing but others would learn a thing or two.Life works from perceived perspectives and perceived qualities.Both images had a sense of intrigue to them but the sketch “from” me was perceived as lesser.Same goes for so many people whose sketches are seen as of lesser quality or questionable because it is coming from them.To make it worse is if such people rely on validation from other people as a guideline for their own life path.

Why did I call the image my form of hakuna matata? It is because it morphed from an abstract object to a concrete idea in my mind.It represents the me which is undervalued that finally broke free to spread my wings.It can represent you too.But you must have your own form of self realization to break free.To break free seeing your potentials as banal and having to succumb to downplaying yourself in order not to defend aspirations!Many people do this and I did too.Until the realization of this image.Well not only it,the realization of so many other things came before it.But I can call it the positive straw that broke the stubborn camels back.

It is a leap of faith and significies self confidence in the inner star that silently shouts to be heard one day.It is  a “don’t worry” sign given as you climb the mountainous terrain of life.It is my signal of embracing my difference with euphoria.It reminds me that my path is not the same as everybody else’,but that it will be the best path for me!It is the optimistic cheer as you are in the skies after spreading your broad wings to fly!

What is your hakuna matata sign?And why should you remember its significance?That is for you to find out by yourself.

Poetic musings of trying times

Blurry World

The man is a fool

His wife has stockholm syndrome 

I-I don’t know what I have 

A stranger is home causing chaos

Threatening and raving

Demons are playing soccer in my head

my mind has no questions again

As I have decided to follow my path through 

The dreams said it all

Be warned,be careful

There was a death and several burials

The tarot reading mentioned death and the devil

The outsiders,they don’t know to be shocked

What is this?Why am I here?

Am I to act as temperance?For I do not know how

No one knows my fears

And even if they do why should they care

I know what I am now;

The only one who can bring back light to quench out the darkness

-Yenzy oh

Why you should allow discomfort for achievement of strength- deflect life lemons with mindfulness

Ever felt like giving up?Running away,from an abyss of pain?Or choosing to fight resiliantly when you feel nothing is working and your strength is wasting.Well I want you to know today,that it’s not just you who feels such.Life can throw a lot of lemons sometimes,in overwhelming quantities.These periods of excess lemons can make you feel wobbly and listless.I’ve felt  it too,you’ve felt it too and many feel it too.Even at times,life decides to throw garbage at you coupled with the lemons.Those feelings are not new or specific to anyone.The question now is the struggle resulting from the “lemons” been thrown.Many times we try to fight it,we do our very best to grab the bull by the horn and tackle the problems.The thing we don’t remember often is that we cannot control everything,most especially when life gives the sandwich combination of lemons and garbage,for no apparent reason.What then happens if you cannot make lemonade out of lemons via your forcing,proding and fussing?What then be done when you fell the irritating discomfort of lemon juice sloshing down your back like a torrent of rain fall.What can you do when everything and everyone seems oblivious to your inner turmoil,except you?

         What can be done during all these brutal,awful and lemony moments is simple.What I took from an article about pain in meditation called why pain can be a good thing during meditation is that Discomfort is unavoidable,Suffering is optional.That should be a mantra for the tough times.It is also applicable to life in general.The source of discomfort is only sensations,feelings and circumstances but your emotional and mental reaction to those sensations are what either causes you pain or peaceful mindfulness.I have noticed that two people can go through the same unpleasant situation in life and one might come out better than the other.This is because that one gave less power to the discomfort than the other.That is why one should practice mindfulness.Mindfulness puts You in a state lf realization,both of self,surroundings and outermost sensations.It allows You to recorgnise and accept.This gives you control of your reaction to any kind of discomfort and you begin to learn not react on impulse and in martyrly.During mindfulness these would take place:

  • You acknowledge what is going on.
  • You accept it as what it is.
  • You get comfortable with the discomfort.
  • You let the discomfort naturally become numb,(thereby it does not affect you)by not giving power to it-by  not overthinking, by not dwelling on what you cannot change,by not choosing  to suffer because of it.


The usefulness of the sun,moon and rising signs in zodiac 

When i began to get deeper into astrology,I realized that the zodiac sign of a person only makes perfect sense when the whole planetary chart is known.The three main “person” builders in the zodiac are: The sun sign,The moon sign and the rising sign (or ascendant sign).These three are important in telling a person’s characteristic and character.There are others of importance as well like the mars sign,venus sign,etc;but the big three as I will like to call them must be explored first to figure out the rest.

The sun sign (which is the sign determined by month of birth and date-your dominant sign)represents you,your soul and what it aspires to become.The moon sign(it is the sign that moon was at,at your time of birth)this controls your feelings,emotions,desires,and things you can’t control about your emotional self;it can also represent the mask you wear/show to the world.The rising sign/ascendant sign(determined by the time of your birth and changes as fast as every sux minutes)is the you that the world sees,it can also be a person first impression of you would be before knowing you well,it also controls your physical apperance /features.

This will bring the question of the importance of the sun sign to mind.The sun sign when put in combination wuth the other signs now seems vague.It is like when I was new to the zodiac,i found my characteristics not matching Capricorn (my sun sign is Capricorn) because the sign was described as hardworking,patient,dedicated,stoic,etc.I did not feel like any of these so I denonced the horoscope as gibberish.But the learning of my full chart and the impact and significance of all the planets and the corresponding signs shed light on my personality.I could now see that my sun sign exhibited other traits know for the sign (capricion)as ambitious,stubborn,shy(non-talkative),deep thinking and a dark aura(mostly).

In conclusion,the combination of your signs is what makes your zodiac sign.You have to analyse the big three of your zodiac chart first to begin understanding the zodiac and the impact it has on your person.From then you can move on to the rest of the chart which will give you more insight on how the various planets influence on your personality.

The problems with the image of Africa 


How many view Africa as an exotic land of safaris or deserts filled with bone bare severly malnourished thin children holding round bowls for begging and food?Many I’ll say.I was checking YouTube the other day on famous and beautiful cities in Africa and in the comments section,one man said something about the beauty and splendid nature of Africa and that ‘we’ should admire that than want to talk about the sprawling cities.The cities made by man’s efforts that produces him respect for his hard work.I pondered deeply on this,the “African nature” that has been pushed and preached by foreign media or the adverse poverty of Africa pushed by same media.Africa as a continent has about 54 countries,all independent nations of their own.Even with this know information,people still feel the need to categorize Africa as one.Of course many African countries and cities are rich and developed but no one from the western media has interest in showing that.

They rather show the  few places in Africa consisting of poor people who lack clean water and food most times crawling on the ground,animal like and dusty.JUST imagine if you have never been to any country in Africa what would you think?!JUST Imagine if the images of the western world were that of focusing on the slums and homeless people of America,or those people on welfare, how would foreigners feel about such western countries without even stepping foot in one,say America for example.Now let your imagination trail on,to if the beautiful trees and cotton-candy looking skies in England was emphasised over all the achievements of the country,showcased over Cambridge and Oxford.If people turned a blind eye to the populated middle class and the rich who own their own cars and apartments,tell their own life stories.Or yes, even the poor who own their cars as well and tell stories of struggling to make it and working hard towards it.

Yes, people of such status and stories are ignored when it comes to the western media telling/showing African “news”,why?Because they have the power to do it,Africans having no control over their own story other than what the western world wants and NEEDS to see and hear about them,so as not to break the illusion or fallacy.That is why foreign interviewers would go to isolated and dirt poor villages to interview them,they becoming the face of Africa,than interviewing those in cities similar to their western world.The world now has these specific generalized untrue pictures of Africa.When a western celebrity comes to Africa you can picture them around an array of darkskinned children smiling,amid hunger and poverty reaching to touch their western saviour.And as you’ll find out you can see many of this pictures on the internet.

When mark zukerberg came to Nigeria,the CNN reported it as “sub Saharan Africa” not bothering to mention the country.To make matters worse as I was moving around Twitter, I saw a white man post the same caption with the picture of           an imporverised looking, peasant African man with bloodshot eyes carrying a sewing machine ,instead of the real pictures, while Nigerians were the ones who posted the real images of Mark in computer establishments, with African computer programmers adults and some children who come constantly to learn at the institutions smiling and talking with them,and intellectually discussing with them.Assuming you were looking from a western perspective,  you would think that Mark Zukerberg came to do charity work in ” Africa” instead of smart business and investments.

This article would involve reading in between the lines a good deal.But one thing is certain is that many truths are hidden closer to the surface than as expected.The fault lies in both hands ,western and African;Africa for its inability to control their own image that is being broadcasted to the world.Their lack of power is the blockage for positive images of African diverse stories of various middle class people and rich alike.I’m not saying the poor should be shunned or ignored but I say that we should not allow constant lies to be fed to the world,In a world were exploration and illumination is open to all.You can find the real numerous,awesome stories of Africa with those eyes.Those eyes just has to be opened.

What’s greater than a soul mate?The twin flame.

The twin flame relationship

Everyone has heard of soulmates. The destined one for you. The one who will love you unconditionally, passionately, intensly. But many have no idea of the existence of the twin flame, an even greater force than the soul mate. This is not saying that one is better than the other, but the twin flame wins in intensity of relationship.

what is the twin flame relationship?

It is believed that the soul is made up of both feminine and masculine energy and when it comes to earth, splits into two, each energy divided as well. Both split souls are full and individual. They are complete and whole, but are to be complemented by their other literal half. Twin flames are cut from the same fabric of soul material. There comes a time (in whatever life time) where it is the wish of the universe to bring back both souls together, for a divine purpose of pure love which also spreads to whoever sees them together. They both have positive individual and joined goals of love and goodness to the world.

The dawning of the  relationship begins with a dark night of the soul which occurs either before both twins meet or just after. The meeting is precided by synchronities and the seeing of double numbers (also called master numbers) like glancing at the clock and spotting 11:11, many times repeatedly, it tells that the meeting is close at hand. Also other numbers like 22:22,7:7,1:1, etc; can be seen at various places. They may also both see the ying and yang sign. Some twin flames have visions of their other half before meeting in their dreams. Their connection is so deep it can be felt at a distance. 

The twins are usually opposite in culture, race, language, country, etc that such pairings look surprising. They are mostly separated by distance but even with this there are synchronities in their lives and important events occur in both’s life in parrallel. Twins can also be oddly similar. One of the twin flames usually learns the others language at an early age coincidentally taking up an interest in it (workings of the universe), if they are from different cultures. So there is usually a way for them to communicate and interact.

When the twins meet there is instant attraction and fascination and they recorgnise each other consciously or subconsciously. They feel close as if they have been friends for years and the intensity shocks both them and other people. They know crutial unconsciously deep things about their twin because their twin is their mirror soul; an image of themselves; their strengths, weakness, flaws etc. The experience is overwhelming because of this. It is very humbling like the baring of their soul in the mirror. They my even feel they are unworthy of their twin and his/her presence. 

The relationship is so intense that they want to escape from it, yet deeply enjoy it. They have a strong need to bond with each other (sex) as they are very attracted to each other and because sex is more than physical for them but spiritual and more. They reach ultimate spiritual bliss when they are joined via body and spirit. They might have had a perfect life and in ongoing durable relationships before meeting their twin. One is usually a runner and the other a chaser. 

The twins usually cannot go back to normal relationships after the experience as it would seem lacking and mundane compared to the twin flame connection. It is most likely the female who chases because she is more emotionally awakened while the male is usually skeptical and avoidant of facing the emotions. It can also be the other way round. There is a separation as both twins need to work out their karmic guilt and frustration. This is very difficult as it involves digging up through your inner self and facing your demons. Just as the universe arranged the first meeting it arranges the second meeting; they can only meet after all ego and karmic frustration is let go of, transforming them into beings of unconditional love.

The twins are sometimes alike in apperance that it is stricking, even when of different races (on occasions even to birth marks) or they look like polar opposite of each other that it also stuns people at their match. They have some collective shared goals desires and plans to the world; like a mirror. They also have similar interest and hobbies that is unique to them both. Though similar in general personality they have polar opposite traits to each other, acting as a perfect parrallel. A twin can be over confident, the other timid; one a great dancer , the other unable to break a move ; one passive, the other hyper aware; one thoughtful, the other impulsive.

The twin flames serve for as a higher purpose, to heal the world and spread light. After personal self exploration, reflexion and growth of each flame, they are ready to come together to fulfil their personal and individual goals.The twin flames would attain an unencompassing love when they finally reunite, after getting rid of karmic garbage. Their love would stand as a beacon of hope and there is nothing they can’t achieve together, if they have children, their children would be special!

Now do you want all these? This complex, emotionally taxing but wonderfully loving journey? or do you want the good old fashioned soul mate that would not put you through this whirlwind experience but just love you unconditionally still? It is not your choice anyways,the universe does what it wants, when it wants.

Carl Jung’s shadow, the dark side of the human mind?

The dreaded shadowy side of the mind

The famous ‘shadow’ theory was thought up by Carl Jung the famous psychologist. It was created first as a name to describe the subconscious mind. The word later morphed, however, to something more complex to describe the hidden depths of the mind. The shadow is the darkness in us from suppressed desires and attributes hidden away from the social mask and most times from  our social self-justifying mind, deep in our inner psyche. Possible good traits have also been said to found in the shadow, as it has some useful strengths and vital parts of the true self. 

The importance of the shadow is to give insight on why we do things, things we would normally not do. Our deepest wounds are hidden there, so it is easy to explain why our outbursts of anger occur in some situations than others by exploring the shadow. But the shadow is difficult to  view. people are mostly afraid to get to the depths of their shadowy self because the imagery is not pleasant. The shadow is avoided mainly as the courage taken to search oneself proves to be of a great realization and would peel back so many layers (as it has layers like an onion) that it would change the view of oneself. But we cannot afford not to explore our shadow and bring to light what needs to be addressed because if we do not do this, there would be problems and consequences. We also cannot do without a shadow, everyone always has one. Other psychologist after Carl Jung had talked about the shadow.    

                                           “The secret is out: all of us, no exceptions, have qualities we won’t let anyone see, including ourselves—our Shadow. If we face up to our dark side, our life can be energized. If not, there is the devil to pay. This is one of life’s most urgent projects.”

Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of “Healing Wounds” 

“Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore. The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life. We meet our dark side, accept it for what it is, and we learn to use its powerful energies in productive ways. The Shadow knows why good people sometimes do “bad” things. Romancing the Shadow and learning to read the messages it encodes in daily life can deepen your consciousness, imagination, and soul.”-Financing the shadow.

” The shadow is both the awful thing that needs redemption,

and the suffering redeemer who can provide it-Liz Green

The Core of Shadow Work is this:  To KNOW YOURSELF FULLY, from as many angles as are required, in order that you might dare to let yourself go free.  Being neither judge, jury, prosecutor, nor defender—you give no explanations, nor do you require any.  You are AT HOME in your place between the sun and the moon. “

Jung continued:

    Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.”

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The Shadow describes the part of the psyche that an individual would rather not acknowledge. It contains the denied parts of the self. Since the self contains these aspects, they surface in one way or another. Bringing Shadow material into consciousness drains its dark power, and can even recover valuable resources from it. The greatest power, however, comes from having accepted your shadow parts and integrated them as components of your Self.”

from John Elder


“Shadow wants to be heard, simply that.  But if it isn’t, it turns nasty.  It becomes a veritable demon, witch, or son-of-a-bitch, demanding its pound of flesh….in very painful real time, not dreamtime.  

Pay attention to your shadow.  If you keep distancing yourself, saying “Heavens, it’s not my fault!”—then heaven help you. Hell won’t.”

Katya Walter

  Like the picture at the beginning of the article the shadow is dark but contains colourful elements when explored, which brings one to full potential.

The origin of the yenzy radical

You see, I have always wanted a means to share my warmth and passionate views with the world. The world being…er, the internet; maybe for now. My views are for solutions, soulgrowth and impacts that comes from application of psychology, philosophy and any other studies of humanity, the mind and the world. I believe that I am one a mission to connect humanity where core components remain missing.

So these are my aims peeps: To connect the missing dots in the universe, to create a whole kaleidoscope of brilliance…to become this.

  • my purpose is to heal and unify, both self and the void within the self.
  • provide enlightenment of miscellaneous means.
  • With loads of illumination arts
  • Exposing of great truths.
  • With a whiff of stories, poetry and musings.