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Today’s great quote – Success


What I’ve noticed about famous sun in libra people

Libra’s are known as the always pleasant people of the zodiac. After all they are ruled by venus, the planet of love and pleasures. But what I’ve noticed is that libra’s have an hidden side. This side might not be noticeable though.

Many libra’s usually do a 180 on their character when they gain fame. They become less nice. Or at least they actively put an effort in not being nice. It’s not by being bitchy but by creating a persona of authority.

These can come out too strong at times. Take celebrities like Simon Cowell. He is known as the Devil’s advocate in that talent show program. He is the one that is not afraid to be blunt or say that “not nice” thing (that you were probably thinking). I’m sure his personality is different in private life. Instances like these can be attributed to other libra sun celebrities, like Kim Kardashian.

Others come into my mind, even a libra sun in position of power that I know personally. They create this purposeful unniceness after achieving considerable professional success. It’s like a defense mechanism.

It’s like they’re trying not to appear soft in order not to be crushed in the professional world. Another interpretation can be that such phenomenon occurs because they are air signs. Air signs are more rational than emotional right? The combination of such a pleasing planet like Venus and an intellectual element like air sure creates an interesting sign.

Oh- And I’ve noticed they give this air to those of a lower position to them, not really to their peers.

Life is make belief

A game without rules this life is

A stage set for everyone to lose

Only fools will strive to understand the madness that this is

After all vanity has no real meaning

The hidden consciousness we have cannot be seen

Until we surrender to the fact of the irony

life is make belief I tell thee

Brothers and sisters, let’s make a great play out of it

The moon signs and emotions

Note that planetary aspects to the moon affects the way your express your moon sign. Like having your moon conjunct Neptune for example, will give your emotions piscerian qualifies, though your moon is in libra.

Aries moon: Fast temperament, ever changing emotions. Prone to having a temper.

Taurus moon: Stable, Slow to reactions, cautious, loves comfort.

Cancer moon: Can be emotional, sensitive, moody, at ease with emotions.

Gemini moon: Changing emotions, flexible emotions, not straightforward, two-faced, logical.

Leo moon: Dramatic emotions, caring, self centered.

Libra moon: Socially acceptable emotions, balanced views, people pleasing expressions.

Virgo moon: Analytical emotions, black and white emotions, insensitive, tendency to over analyze, critical.

Scorpio moon : Intense emotions, anxiety, turbulent feelings, analyzes emotions.

Sagittarius moon : Free, broad minded , blunt expression, self righteous emotions.

Capricorn moon: Cold emotions, realistic to the extent of fatalism, cruel without intention, rational, truthful

Aquarius moon : Eccentric, rebellious emotions, expansive rationalization, nonplussed, shocking.

Pisces moon: Dreamy, emotionally impractical, creative, loving emotions.