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Tempest of emotions

It feels like my humanity is disintegrating
till there is nothing left
And when that happens I will laugh
Because the world had won
but I’m about to have my all round victory
So yes,I’ll love to be broken more
So my darkness will shine with the light
And I’ll be better than I’ve ever been
Thanks to the unrestrictions of the disassociation that was forced upon me


Understanding the concept of abundance

Those of us who are familiar with the law of attraction and other positive manifestation methods will have heared the word “abundance” so many times.Many would have pondered on the meaning of abundance.From the many descriptions,abundance will mean having an endless supply of resources for all of human kind.Right?

It may begin to seem confusing sometimes when you think of those who are poor and suffering even though we have such  wonderful “abundance”.Looking around your room and home,you may have problems not being sceptical as you search for any positive indications of abundance.It is hard to get past the lack you feel and clearly see.You have made a mistake because it is not possible to see the infinite with the physical eyes in a doubtful humanly state.

It is very hard to see the infinite.You can’t just see it with a finite mind.This is a mistake many motivational speakers make or maybe they deliberately withdraw this information so as to make people more eager to grab a copy of their book for them to have more sales quickly.It makes you wonder how people are poor and suffering all over the world when we have all this wonderful “abundance”.

Our abundance is love.We have an endless supply to give to produce the results we need.Love is the root of all good things.If everyone was loving in this world,no one will even have to suffer.But we all know this is not how things are.We have so much love to give and to receive,only if we let ourselves.We deserve all the love we can get and the world around us deserves it as well.The fruit of abundance is love.We must see abundance from a place of love,because when we do this we see what could not be seen before.Our inner eye is openned and we stop giving ourselves and those around us pain.Then we are finally free to see the infinite all around us.

Time in action

There is an awakening energy in all of us that we must grab,to get into the next level of enlightenment.It is subtle and only attainable by those who approach it with dedication.Were cannot hope to go further without transcending some banalities of the physical life.The mind-body connection is stronger than we perceive.We alter either,whether for positive or negative depending on the actions we choose to do through time.

The impact of utilizing this connection will be to an ultimate level.We must have in mind the mental clarity of the image of actualized goals and visions.Trying to chase the fulfilment of the irrational or what could have been is a dead end path.Somethings have to go,somehow, if you want a change to occur in your life path.There need to be a disconnection towards negative action triggers

Nothing miraculous would happen without a changed step.No matter how small,the process must begin and repeat consistently.The path to greatness lies in the ability to be able to do and redo positive things.It is the constant effort of turning the wheel one step further that makes you go at a full momentum.It is the steady transformation we can get through time put in action.

Tragedy,a rite of passage

Bad things have happened,bad things will happen and bad things will happen continuously,because bad things have always happened since the dawn of time.This is a fact you should accept.It may seem like a curse,but it’s not.The reality of life just embodies this.Such are how things are,when you look at it especially from unawoken layman’s perspective.

It seems like suffering because you have choosen to see it as so.The question now is,why?Why-has always been the question of the century for many things.Most times no answers are figured out to explain the intensity of life’s truths.Sometimes the easiest explaination are the right answers we have been looking for all along.

  • Pain prepares you for pleasure:Life is a cycle,just like the wheel of fortune card in tarot.Everything has stages and luck is left to the wheel.There us a need to understand what sorrow means for you to be able to fully understand what joy feels like.If you pass through though times now,know there are enjoyable times as deep as the tragedy you felt coming.
  • The universe has a lesson:A message might be directly to you,a point the universe wants to pass across.What lesson must you learn?what should you be doing during that situation?Is you part to enlightenment that way?

  • A story is being crafted:Life is a vivid story,slowly building up to a climax,steadily coming to a close.You tragedy and painful experiences might be a story that must ne told,a reference for someone else to grow.It may be the needed motivation that only you can impact in people’s life because of the uniqueness of the story.What you do with the tragedy and painful is left to you.Just know you have a choice-to turn it to a story of hope or languish in anguish.

Those who choose the first option come out stronger,better,happy and fulfilled.The answer is love.

Keeping up with the tides of the universe

Keeping up with the tides of the universe
The flow of the atmosphere
The rhythm of the earth
Asteroids clash and combust on the milky way
The splash of fire like the death of a rebirth

Whispers of the voices of nature
Soothing the relief of ever fresh wounds
Giving birth to new ideas which were raised from those which died
Burning brightly,Phoenix like

The waves have a way
Softening the rough edges and getting the frail sides stronger
Building it all solid
the law of polarity
The same perspective presented in multiple ways

Layers of love flowers
waiting to be claimed and embraced
Fluttering ever so incospiciously
The enigma of life,it ever flows
beauty of the universe

For you

For you my love I sing this song

Though you may not know

It’s me who has always cherished you

Through storm and rain

I have always sung your praise

Your name was like honey on my lips

You are most precious,my sweet

Delicate like a flower

Strong as the firm ground

Fine as silk

Yet roughed like the edges of cotton

You are everything which exists!