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Adaptation is our answer


The ability to develop certain features to withstand different environments and conditions.Every living creature adapts.This is a skill all humans possess.In animals and plant life,the features are more physiological,while in people they are of a psychological/behavioral kind.

I have found out the answer I was searching for.What makes particular people in humanity trive and survive?Like most great answers,it is very simple.Adaptation.This is what influences growth.It makes a millionaire rich and it has the same driving force that enables the same millionaire to have no problem being one,even when all wealth is taken away.

When there are hardships learn how to adapt to it.When you are struggling with lack of money,adapt and grow.When money comes,get used to the flow and spend accordingly.Adaptation is an important life force.We are starting to forget this power we have inside of us due to recent occurrences.A constant rememberance is necessary to use our inbuilt magic worker.


Black as coffee

Black as night

Brilliant like an ever star studded sky

It contains all the colours

Mysterious and elegant

The shine of nature

Pigment of the soil

Backbone of our blood

Unique like mother nature

Pure and unblemished

The earth’s glow

Unmutated,strong and bold

The universe is black

The milky way is black

The soul is black

A cure for loneliness

As the world advances,people increasingly fall into a pit of loneliness.Human contact has washed away to meaningless interactions.The social media world has inspired people to present a fake version of themselves. Loneliness happens when the true self has been ignored or hidden in the shadows for too long.The people pleasing masks worn creates a vacuum in our souls that longs to be filled.

The cure for loneliness is ourselves.It begins within.In order to be free from it,learning to love our real selves is necessary.Not the one forcefully presented on Instagram,or the fake one that we show family and friends.It is the hidden self which was long avoided.Being comfortable and at ease with ourselves is the cure for loneliness.Our fears and love which makes us real must be acknowledged in order to be free.It is a journey of self finding.

Meditation,soul searching and spiritual awakening is needed.We must ask-what makes us us?For ourselves we must see the composition of which our souls are formed.If we can be at peace with our real selves,we will not be lonely.We will be filled with light and love.Those that are truly meant for us will remain attracted to that light.

Happiness would become a familiar concept when you know yourself.

It’s not about willpower!

Willpower had become a cliche word for in which so many self help people proclaimed to be an ultimate problem solver.Its only recently that studies on willpower show how limited it is.The effectual reliance on the short supply of this proclaimed wonder tool has no basis in actual keeping up with a positive habit.

It turns out that by rewiring the pattern of your brain,the need to use willpower frequently is not neccesary.The constant loop mode the brain is always in to repeat pattern and habits is our enemy,especially when it comes to creating change.If only we learn how to break the pattern and stop the habit when we notice the loop in action.

So no,it’s not about willpower when you want to change your habits,action,thought processes and your mind.It’s about doing something sporadically,out of the blue even as when your mind tells you to follow the old ways you are used to.When you begin to do this,it becomes more easier to try new stuff.Willpower becomes less needed to go through the day.

Be spontaneous!

Do everything with a touch of class

Being a class act is universally admired.The worst people in history had gotten off easy and were even praised because they committed their deeds with class.From Cleopatra,Thomas Jefferson to Marie Antoinette and Winston Churchill,many people recorded in history for their power(even though bad deeds were done),a great attitude of class was presented.

Almost any fault,sin or crime is considered more leniently if there is a touch of class involved

Frank Agbendle

How to be classy

 Do not appear over passionate/emotional about something, at least on the surface.Keep your perceived emotions calm and cool.Always believe what you present,be confident about your prowess.Even if you are serving cow shit (excuse the language),be brave and confident and do not doubt your worth.This makes it worth more as the illusion is potrayed.Confidence is classy.

Acting classy is seductive and enticing.Flying into a rage or expressing dramatic emotions/overreaction is an instant turn off.The more you appear with class the more respect you will receive.Think about the impression you want to give out before you take a step.Select the right audience that is worth your value.

Class gives you charisma just as it increases your perceived value.Make sure that you do everything with a touch of class involved.A well meaning action executed without intelligence and dignity results into a shameful result,while a bad intention executed with class and charisma appears dignified.

 Let class be your maxim

When I was blind

I miss when i was blind

The time everything just slided by

could not notice the pain and suffering 

Moments of shame

Occurring all around me

I was just happy,lost in my own world

Of cake and fantasy

Back then everything was ok

Even the subtle jabs of insult

Then it was all good 

There was no need for fear

Because I could not see

The monstrosity before me

Glaring me in the eye 

To succeed you need an “it factor”

It is a common repeated mantra-“to be successful you need passion and motivation”.This is far from true.I’m here to break it to you that you need more than that.You need an it factor.This it factor however,is not determined by rules or a rule set in stone.The it factor can be anything peculiar to you that helps you achieve success.It can be being strong.It can be being relaxed about the outcome.It can be being charismatic.It can be being by cheerful person.This it factor is something you have to discover for yourself.Self discovery automatically gives you the it factor you need.

The time duration to discover this it factor is different from person to person.Yours may come slower,yours may come faster.Sometimes it’s a journey you have to take.You should enjoy your exploration while you take this journey.It does not pay to be anxious about it,wishing you can speed up the progress.The process must be taken to discover the treasure.The it factor is vital to you because it is for you and only you.Nobody can aid this progress but you.

Passion can only take you so far.You may love doing something but that doesn’t stop the frustration that comes along the way.We hear of tortured artists whose passion became their unmaking.Will power also runs out.A study shows that your will power is limited.Per day you can only pick what you want to use it for before it’s expended.In other words:you can only choose what you wanna give a fuck about per day and stick with it.Giving attention to other unimportant things would make you dry.Motivation is also nothing if you are always out of ideas before you start.

Just like success means different things to different people,the it factor can be anything.

How to get your it factor:

  • Start the path of self discovery
  • Get involved in the process
  • Be a participant in the journey no matter how slow
  • Choose the things that are important to your in life,then care about them more than anything else

Why people usually don’t succeed in achieving their dreams

People usually don’t get what they want,unfortunately.unresilient people that is.The reason is simply this,it is easy to live your life on autopilot mode.Doing the same things on repeat every single day is the standard of life for most.The way to get what you want out of life turns out to be the total opposite of this.But many people everywhere have found one way or the other to kill their dreams and remain in the places they so desperately want to get out from.

The main problem is that people are okay being just fine.They decide that being fine(when they are not) is the way to go.This method of living life makes it easier for one not to push himself/herself.Because if you are fine why bother to do anything to make progress.An okay person is utmostly content with his/her life and does not need to do a thing to make improvements. 

Another issue is that we have formed the habits to kill our ideas one way or another.We are all humans with potentials and ideas but we kill them off everyday because of:

  • No self confidence/believe
  • The society 
  • Expectations of ourselves/others
  • Fear of failure 
  • Fear of judgement 
  • “Impossible to accomplish” mental state
  • The idea of not being good enough 
  • Too crazy an idea to be successful 

We are brimming with ideas that can massively change our lives daily,but we fail to use them.We however dump them in a trash pile where ideas we get are thrown in.We stop and hope for that ultimate idea,epiphany,spiritual dawning,religious leader,guide,good Samaritan,benefactor,loving fan,etc that can change our lives forever;when in fact we own the most power towards our own positive growth.Wishful thinking only slows us down and draws us back.The “how I wish” doesn’t accomplish what we want/desire.We hope for some grand event,person or idea to shape us.The big ideas we are expecting most times never comes,or the great leader or spectacular event.If you can’t see an idea or more to stick to with the vast collection of thoughts a human has everday,how will you notice a “magnificent supreme idea” if one ever comes.

Fortitude is what is neeeded to see yourself through.Yes,good ole endurance and strength is the key.To stop yourself from going autopilot,you have to force yourself.You have to make sure your steps to success becomes an habit.Working towards goals are not fun.You do not see someone going to the gym to lose weight because it is fun.Or someone learning a new skill from scratch and becoming a pro because it was fun.There are times in the process you will want to quit.Many times you will miss your lazy ways and want to go back.For example,learning a foreign language might be exiting at the beginning,but trust me,it takes determined effort to see it through the end to become fluent.Because it is so easy and comfortable to quit.It takes fortitude to get through.You have to break the pattern of the auto pilot mode for success.Let your breaks be ready for action.Sometimes live life spontaneously,crazily and radically.Not only will the peace of mind come but also the things you want.Living like you are in a confined box is not the way to go.

It’s easy to say things like:

  • All you need is passion and motivation

The question now will be “what exactly is motivate”.The ability to force yourself to do things that will open you up to what will be beneficial to you.This should be your definition of the word.Other than that,the statement is wrong.

The conclusion is what you make for yourself.It’s as simple as want then go for it.Show up to where you want to be,do what you know will have long time benefits and groom yourself to be actively suited for the discomfort of leaving your autopilot state.Start doing something!

*”To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.”~ Sufi Saying*