Don’t use your energy to worry

The problem with most of humanity is how we use our energy. Our energy is important and the most important tool for our progress in life. The way we use our energy beats motivation. This is because our energy is most accessible, even when trying to be motivated is hard. So how do most of us use our energy wrongly? We use it to worry!

Worrying is a staple for the world. It can be noticed in even the most organized persons. It surrounds those who wallow in fear of something, this position blocking their success. When starting a new venture the first acknowledgement should be that it’s quite easy to worry. Then decide that you don’t want to use your energy this way. Worrying literally does nothing but restrict you.

It’s best to use your energy to fix things that you’ll be concerned about. Fear does nothing for us, so choose faith. Faith provides the best results for those who focus their energy to that direction. If you pay attention, the most positive people get the best results. If you decide to never be deterred by all the things that could possibly go wrong, you’ll always succeed. A happier life is for those who use their energy right.

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Does life have a check list?

Everyone is familiar with expectations. Even more common are the expectations that your family and the society wants from you. It starts like this: Go to school, Get a degree, Get into the work force, Get married and have kids. Of course the list goes on as your age progresses. But these societal check boxes are given a time limit. Apart from that, there is a concept that implies that fulfilling checklist will make you happy. So many people get disillusioned when their ticked check boxes does nothing for them.

There’s one thing such people should know- life does not give you checklist. I’m not saying that people should not be ambitious, the contrary is said here. Be your own person with your own purpose. Know why you are doing the things that you do. Don’t do anything just because society says that it’s the next step. Why are you studying that degree and choosing that work? If you don’t have your personal answer, then some revaluation is needed. Any check boxes you have should be truly yours.

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Scorpio rising and the search for self

I’m a Scorpio rising and I’m very well familiar with being alone. There’s always a quest for the Scorpio rising to go on alone, even if it seems non existence. There is a feeling of powerlessness that comes from the lack of control. It always seems like we Scorpio risings can’t control the tides of life. We feel tossed about, with no one to fall back on but ourselves. This makes a way for anger to grow. The anger is always there, lurking beneath the surface.

We may seem put together to the world, but the emotions we feel are volcanic. To further make things worse, we choose not to open up to any one. We are ready to observe from a distance. Even when we seem open, we’re always hiding. There is a wall, because we know that the world is not fair and it hurts. A Scorpio rising sometimes chooses to see the comedic side of life. After much hardship, things are less serious than they seem to others.

Always on the path on transformation, we Scorpio risings find the bright side. A Scorpio rising can feel cursed or strange. Life is a Pandora’s box that needs to be open. Or sometimes left untouched. There is a feeling that there is a need to exert ourselves more. Then it goes away, moving to the feeling to just let everyone and everything go.

The Scorpio rising is a mind sojourner, always seeking the truth. They say the biggest battle we ever fight is in our minds. This is more true for a Scorpio rising. We achieve more with the control of our mind. We begin to understand the madness of it all. And then the beauty, after the pain.

People may hate us at sight, or love us. And we become ok with this. Because we understand that we’ll be judged anyways by someone, somewhere. It is inevitable to feel the burden of others projection on us. But it’s less of a load when we understand. We are who we are and we are wonderful. Our masks are transformative just as our true selves.

Why existential crises may be a good thing

With the state of the world, it’s common for people to feel more out of place. Existential crises seeks answers to unanswered questions. It seeks to find the truth. Though sometimes it leads to depression and a pale outlook on life. When done the right way, it can result in an happier human. Ok, you may then ask

How to do existential crises the right way?

  • Asking the questions that can be answered : Choosing to ask the right questions that can be answered here on earth is a great step. Beware of glamorized questions with no possible answers. Ask questions like : Can life have a purpose? Rather than, Why did God choose me to be born in this position.
  • Avoiding generalizations: Try not to generalize the world just because of your current circumstances. Don’t make declarations to suit your current situation.
  • Look at the positives: Life may seem full of evil, but at the same time there is still good. Don’t try to dwell on evil in your existential pondering. Find the positive things going on, no matter how little they may be.
  • Refrain from carrying out unhelpful research : This is similar to looking for the positives. Don’t carry out fear based research to prove doom.
  • Be open minded and humble: Keep yourself mind open and have humility in acceptance. Even if things seem tough, remember just like everyone else you have a purpose, for good.

Why Taurus study a lot

I have come across many Taurus sun people who are really into education. I wondered why they could be lazy in many things but seemed brilliant when it comes to the pursuit of educational degrees. Remembering that Taurus is a sign of physical possessions put things in perspective. Unlike Gemini or Sagittarius who is into education because of the knowledge gathering process of it, Taurus is in for the feeling of security. It has been common for many people to think that studying well and getting degrees will give them good jobs later on.

So the educational minded Taurus is in for the proposed security. With earth sign suns, most times everything must result in a physical benefit, or a social gratification. And again Taurus is represented by the hierophant in the tarot. That is the representation of traditional ways of doing things, order, education and culture. This is why a Taurus would want to take a part to success that is traditionally sound.

Why hope is meaningful

Hope is that spark of light that faith brings to us. Hope is meaningful because it is a fuel for human existence. We should believe in the good with more fervency than the bad. The more we have hope, the brighter our lights will shine. And in that brightness lies the fruits of tomorrow.

The future is made green with hope. But like many good things, the feeling does not come easy. It takes practice to keep on believing the best of ourselves and the future. Remember that even though things may look grim there are still reasons to have hope. If there’s one thing not to give up, it’s hope.

To spank or not to spank

Recently, I find myself running into plenty of ‘hitting a child’ debate online. I don’t know why I see this topic so frequently. Maybe I attracted it with my mind to solve an already existing argument inside me. After a good use of both logic and emotion, I find out that there is no logical argument for hitting children.

The only significance of such ‘discipline’ is tradition. It is an act passed on. The supporters of hitting children usually follow predictable false doctrine. “It’s just discipline” .” It keeps a child from going astray”. “It makes a child know right from wrong” . “The Bible says…” Well, i can disprove all of these.

Firstly, do you think it’s ok, to hit a dog with a stick several times? Chances are, that you’ll say no. After all it is common knowledge that you don’t train a dog by hitting it. The dog just knows how to avoid you and mark you as an aggressor, if you do this. This lack of hitting does not make the everyday dog untrainable though.

You train it by instruction and practice. The same goes when you teach them new tricks. What about reprimanding it? The same set of instructions, my friend. Then why will hitting children train them? Studies show that hitting a child only teaches them avoidance. They do not learn how not to do the wrong they beaten for, but a temporary avoidance of that act. Basically, hitting does not work.

Why is a man who hits his wife a bad man? After all, she was disobedient in his eyes. It can be justified in the same manner, that the wife is probably younger than the husband and needs discipline. The man is the head of the home isn’t it? But a man hitting his wife is called domestic violence not good old discipline. You know why this is?

Another lamentation is that kids that aren’t hit will be spoiled. Well, that’s a big lie. For the number of hit kids who do well in life the number is well matched to unhit kids who do great as well. So, you may ask, how then do we discipline children? With sensible, rational and more effective methods.

Taking toys from a child acting out for example. The child learns that they will be deprived from good things in life if they behave in a troublesome manner. He learns a lesson and the toy is returned then. Child always slams the door when angry? Remove the door. Or tell the child to close the door slowly 20 times. These methods are proven to work, than the infamous hitting.

Children are different and while one child will be able to disassociate from the traumas of being hit, another might internalize it. Hitting has been shown to cause anxiety and panic in the future of many children. A child that is naturally introverted can become less sociable and keep to themselves. A child is an human being. And yet pets gets treated better. In many countries, like mine, hitting a child is legal, in fact it’s a ‘necessary’ tradition.

The questions of when hitting turns to abuse comes to mind. When is it ok to hit, how, when, age, etc. Many hitters say a child should not be physically have wounds from it. If the child is hurt then, is it now considered abuse? What age is hitting a child ok, from age 2? 3? Where should the child be hit? How many hits are ok? How many hits are too much? They say it’s bad when you hit from anger and not from ‘love’. How do you know when a parent decides to hit from anger?

In many countries, it’s ok for a teacher to hit a child too. Does the teacher hit from love? or just from mere frustration? What ‘crime’ is worthy of hitting? Failing to respond fast enough? Coming home late? failing a test? Forgetting to wash the dishes?

I remember a mother who beat her child to death for not learning to write fast enough. She went to jail. That was discipline, right? If hitting a dog will not teach it anything but perpetuate animal abuse, why hit a defenseless child? Remember that culture changes. In the past, it was ok for British husbands to beat their wives. There was even a time table for it. But change brought about an end to the support of that abuse. The similarities between such abuse and hitting a child, is that the one with the most power uses it non positively against the weaker.

Some people would justify beatings they had as children and laugh like it was comedy. This is because most times abused people choose not to recognize the pain and mask it with humour. Some give their lives as evidence, overlooking the facts that state the opposite. If you’re doing we though you were beaten as a child, imagine if you had proper discipline instead. You’d be more okay!

It is a thing for some parents to beat their children and hug them afterwards, explaining while they were beat. That’s not good either. One lady recounted how her father applied balm on her after hitting her. That’s not heart warming. It just shows lazy parenting. It’s like an adult throwing a tantrum. It says, I will physically hit you to avoid using my brain to find a suitable punishment. It also encourages abuse. It’s like telling someone that they can beat their spouse and apply balm on the wounds later.

Even those who grow up knowing hitting their spouse was wrong, still carry the scar. Come up with creative punishment that is actually effective. A girl always ran away from home and did this till adulthood. She was beaten as a child, her hair cut off, but that didn’t keep her from continuously running away. A fine example of failed parenting. I’m sure her parents didn’t try to find out why she had the constant urge to leave home. But hey! Hitting children raises decent members of the society!?

Wrong. How many inmates and criminals have you seen? I’m sure more than half of them had a good share of childhood beatings. Still, they became crooks. A child that is naughty will not change from being hit. Another child that has not been hit might be naughty too, if no discipline is enforced. Hitting does nothing for a child that kicking a dog would.

Hitting has some results similar to too strict parenting. You know those parents that claim ownership of their children’s present, past, future, soul, body, spirit, etc. It renders a child with repressive behaviors. Some might appear : rebellious when free or withdrawn and unable to function one their own. But that is another topic.

Now, the Bible is famous for using paradox, illustrations and hyperbole. Thus the spare the rod thing. Also note the culture of the Jews of the time. It is compulsory for orthodox Jews to wear hair covering, but you don’t as a Christian. Also men wore gowns then. But hey, I’m just saying. Don’t be frustrated with the high rates of violence, Marital abuse and unchanged children, if you choose hitting after all.

The support of societal degradation

Some things are just ok, while others aren’t and we seem to know this well. Except when we get confused with the blurred lines. Due to television and a mass brainwash of the world population, we begin to support things we otherwise would not. We find ourselves rooting for the bad guy in the movie and we get shocked with ourselves. When did we begin to blur the lines between right and wrong?

I recently watched vampire academy, a movie that came out in 2014. This will be our case study. And I was shocked by how I had normalized appalling things. First. it was an Harvey Weinstein movie. Second it was a movie about people who sucked blood, vampires. Also, there was a romance between the underaged I7 year old character (the lead actress, though older in real life?) and a 38 year old man. I’m sure for the vampire part, you’d say that I’m too critical, because movies about vampires are a regular thing.

However, a subtly hinted pedophilic relationship is another thing. Though both characters restrain themselves, they finally give in. To the uncritical eye, it might not seem like much, because they can just wait till she’s 18,right? Though he is 20 years older than her. The main issue has to do with the insinuations each of these concepts represents than the actual depictions. As a fiction writer, I understand how the imagination brings weird things into a beautiful light. However, they seem to be a purposely normalization of that which isn’t.

For example the constant representation of vampires on our screens, to the extent that a vampire film is not considered horror. In the past, it doesn’t matter how much human attributes had been assigned to the vampires, the movie was still horror. But now blood sucking beings are just a walk in the park. If such inappropriate relationship is considered ok, what about a 14 girl with a 30 year old man, who is to say that isn’t ok then? There was one thing I noticed with the normalization of these concepts. They were done in an attractive setting, with conventionally attractive people.

Therefore people see these and forget their feelings of disgust and fear. They fall for the lead mans hotness. and the lead lady’s attractiveness. After all a society that worships sexuality will be blinded by looks. So the girl and guy look good, the girl is given a mature air, so why not? They looked great in the kissing scene where he was under a love charm that influences the ‘love’ he already has for her. He rips her dress and they both have fit bodies. They don’t have sex but the attractiveness of it removes our minds from a 38 year old man and a 17 year old girl. Another line blur is the transformation of an innocent, good vampire into one of the inhuman ones. Are we to care then when she’s killed?

This movie is a good example of the use of elegance and beauty to support, well, sin. To keep up with appearances they divide the vampires into three categories. Of course there is a bad type. These type are void of emotions or any humanity. These makes them only killers. Definitely,we don’t like them. And the illusion of ‘bad’ is complete. The 17 year old character also has another student crush on her. She does not tell him off, so it’s a love triangle situation.

Another theme, a royal bloodlines of blood drinkers, do I need to say more?

I’m back from my hiatus

Hello guys! I’ve been gone for a while (if you’d noticed) and I’m back now. I’m here to stay and I have some awesome topics incoming. Expect at least three topics a week, for now. I want to give a big thanks to all my subscribes. Thank you for staying with me and giving adequate feedback despite my random absences. Be expecting, great things are coming!

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