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How to stay calm under pressure 1

Learning how to stay calm under pressure is what anyone who values self-improvement must know.You may ask why staying calm is necessary,my answer will be-because staying calm makes you function effectively.

You need to be comfortably with pressure.Get used to it.Embrace it and don’t be afraid of wavering.When you get comfortable,it is then possible to keep calm.Practice the art of being comfortable in situations that naturally make you uncomfortable.

Warm up to the annoying feeling of your brain and body going into fight or flight mode.Yes,that is what happens when you are under pressure in a difficult situation.People are built differently and some may be more prone to fight when adrenaline takes over;or fly away from the issue due to an overpowering flight-mode of adrenaline response.Sometimes in a situation,one has to fight or fly.You should learn to employ these at the right moment and not at the wrong one.Do not fly when you are meant to fight vice versal.

Get comfortable with the battle going on in your body and mind.Be fascinated with your expectations happening before your eyes.But do not succumb to the temptation of losing your nerve and be manipulated by overwhelming emotions.Rather gain power over it,taking control of your emotions by being comfortable with it all.

Next,you have to focused on your goal(s).The turbulence in you or around you should not deter your path.You should remained  determined to get to the actualization of your goal.The determination would keep you calm.Learning this is a great skill that would make the flight or fight response work to your advantage.This is the true essence of will power.

Being focused on only the important things would reserve your will power for when it is truely needed,as will power is like a battery that runs on needs.If you use the battery for useless things and details,the battery would become low or even dead by the time the real use comes.The battery,if preserved for only your goals,remains strong at the point of usage.Researchers have found out that willpower is expendable day-in,day-out. So, use your willpower wisely.

Blocking out useless thoughts also helps one stay calm under pressure.Removal of any thought that might bring fear will help one stay calm and accountable of all actions taken.Avoiding people and situations that will trigger feelings of stress at that moment is reccomended.A calm mind comes from associations that are free from stressors.

So remember as you work against the clock on that deadline,prepare for an exam,go out on a first date,interact with people at a new social setting…

  • Be comfortable with pressure
  • Take control of your brain’s fight or flight response for your benefit
  • Be focused on your goal
  • Use your will power wisely for it is expendable
  • Block out senseless/useless thoughts
  • Remove yourself from stress causing environments at the time your goal