Saturn in astrology

Saturn is a planet of limitations, restrictions and life lessons. The lessons to learn in life have a root in saturn. Challenges to overcome and personality traits to be accepted is seen with Saturn’s placement in the birth chart. The experiences had with saturn are usually due to limitations of how we were raised and personality traits we are on the fence about.

 Someone with saturn in Aries may have a problem with being aggressive, in some cases it may be a misdirected aggression.Understanding Saturn’s placement in the birth chart has a lot of life improving potential. A person with Saturn in Aries can also be timid and afraid of taking risks. Depending on the person’s upbringing, Saturn can manifest itself in various ways through the signs. Such a person who is timid with this placement has to accept the Aries quality that is part of their nature, just as the one who has aggression issues.

Saturn in every sign has traits of that sign but with lessons to learn with it. Sometimes it may seem like a restriction occurred during a period in life that affected the expression of that signs energy. A large number of repression issues and an ongoing struggle for personal acceptance had to do with Saturn. The mastery over the planet of limitation, brings potential growth and expansion. Because restrictions makes us work smarter and triumph. 

If everything was so simple and straight forward, there will be no progress, right? Anytime you want to control your saturnine energy is left to you. It can be when you are young or when you are old. It’s better to start as soon as you can, because the battle is always there if you never gave it. Saturn can be your Achilles hill or your power source.


34 thoughts on “Saturn in astrology

  1. Nice to find your blog. I am a sun sign Cap, born 1/4/1967. I’ve been having just awful mental health problems since I quit drinking last Sept. No mainstream professional can tell me what’s wrong with me. Might you? Could you do a chart or two for me? I’ll pay what it’s worth. Thanks.

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    1. Hello fellow Cap sun 😀! Saturn is in Capricorn now and I plan on writing an article about all the baggage that comes with it. I will love to help you, can you get back to me soon on how to pass across your chart/ transit information?

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  2. Look here fellas,India IS land of Astrology and all religious wonders.About me I had a brain hamerage and was sent to postmortem even.About my resurrection it was published in leading English daily newspaper. After my consultation and research have come to a point that hidden can be found and predicted.

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    1. So, that means to me that “mind” is not all brain function. If you had a brain hemorrhage, then your survival proves it. Please relax. No one is excluding you or India. How do you feel today?


  3. Saturn is my favorite part of astrology charts, though, I’ve found the house it’s in to be how it really surfaces.
    Example: my Saturn is in Virgo in the 12th house. This is interesting because my North node AND ascending/rising is also Virgo and my sun is Leo in the 12th plus mercury Leo (retrograde) in the 12th. Then to add flavor the south node is Pisces to sprinkle some flavor into the Saturn return.

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    1. Saturn is a deep planet. You have really interesting placements. Yes, the house that the planets and signs are in really holds a lot of detail in how the energy manifests. If you’re interested, I give in depth birth chart interpretation and readings.

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      1. Mine is very bizarre.
        Full chart excluding astroids is:
        Rising: Virgo. Sun: Leo(12th)Mercury: Leo (r:12th)moon: Aquarius(5th). Venus: libra (1st). Mars: libra (1st) Jupiter: cancer (11th). Saturn: Virgo(12th)
        North node Virgo (1st) and South node Pisces (7th)

        Lately I’m more into nodes because I can say at 5 years old I understood how adults didn’t live in the same reality and it changed person to person. For me, as you can gather from that, I can seem very contradictory and I have a hard time balancing out those 1st and 12th. And when north plus rising match the sign goes inward. I’m about as introverted at introverted gets.

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        1. You’re lucky as your north node is in the same planet as your rising sign. Though there are lessons you must learn in Saturn. My north node isn’t in any of my inner planets, lol, only in my asteroids and mc (points). Your sun in rightful leo in the 12th House is interesting. I guess some of you personality/ leo light is hidden. I love moon im aquarius, your emotions are detached and kinda Eccentric. Your family life may not be typically as Its in the 5th House. You might marry a unique person and have a different kind of family. Or you might not even marry and enjoy a untypical relationship. Mars is in detriment in libra, but being in the first house gives it power.

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          1. My Saturn return was a doozy which is why I’m likely so interested in it. I felt it to my core up to having strange dreams. It was about 3/4th into it that I even looked into my chart because a friend of 20+ years was taken I was a Leo. (Imagine I never tell people when my birthday is and I don’t celebrate it.)

            With family that Aquarius moon stirs up the most issues because it’s misunderstood. I did laugh when I looked at parts like how I’m Leo but it’s dissolved, then my moon is in a Leo house.
            I found the planet Saturn to be in mostly to be the house but the aspects. I lost my dad to divorce at around 5 and he resurfaced during my return terminally ill and he died shortly after my returns end. As with the 12th.. last Tuesday I lost the last “father” I had left (my grandfather) who was also somewhat estranged.

            It was that last death that made me look at moon nodes because I was curious if he fulfilled his soul mission in this life, prior I really didn’t look at it.

            Yes, the mars placement is very difficult especially at times with the 1st house because I do seek out balance and will act out to restore it. The high amounts of 1st and 12th is challenging because one minute I can be very self motivated and energetic to suddenly self sacrificing.

            My south node warns of that where I need to choose when sacrifice is appropriate and my Saturn return was a mix of deconstruction of spiritual beliefs and learning some people (including myself) need to suffer to learn lessons in life.

            I’m a weird mix of eccentric and conservative. But having that libra helps to be able to see both sides of a coin; I can be very stern then indecisive.

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          2. The most accurate thing I’ve been told related to the node and rising sign is that it shifts the sign inward which then, over time, shifts over to esoteric/soul astrology. And, yes.. especially with Saturn in Virgo.. Saturn actually dissolved my life to a degree where inward was the only place I could go.
            I could tell stories. The dreams I had within my Saturn return were kind of prophetic in a personal and societal way; they predicted the market collapse up to our current political/social situation. I’m often taken by how accurate (though metaphorical) they were.

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              1. Yes.. Saturn in 12, then the sun and mercury in it.. they were kind of personal but also possibly the collective unconscious. It was prior to the housing crash where I’d be buying a home with my new wife and the homes would decay into an abandoned factory and the nice neighborhoods turned into an inner city with riots and violence breaking out. People split into two types, some were violent saying they only wanted left alone and mutated over time and others fled suburb to suburb trying to start a new civilization based on the past. I was stuck going along with a group and I found a cat, which died, and I just gave up and stopped going with the group even though the community was being raided at the time.
                Then, finally, I was in this massive home that was historic in a forested mountain area where a woman who owned nothing sat in the 3rd story attic. She had this “world window” where she could see life through the eyes of others if they were looking in a mirror and told me this long explanation about how people wear their fears and insecurities on themselves in plain sight; that they identify as themselves as this which creates individual, world, and deeper problems/suffering,

                Over time I noticed many of these things came true personally and politically. I grew deeply interested in Carl Jung trying to figure out who this woman was in this dream. lol


          1. Yes. I have a lot of fire and air; I’m very self sustaining. My midheaven is Gemini.. I sometimes show people my chart so they can see a walking contradiction. My aspects are very nice though, I don’t have a lot of hard aspects.

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