Guess who is back… back again. Yenzy is back, tell a friend.

Hi! I’ve been gone for sometime. Okay maybe it has been years… it happens. Life happened, the pandemic started, post pandemic and all that. But none of that is an excuse, i just fell out of it blogging one day. Maybe because I felt i had to restrict myself and my thoughts in my posts. There were certain topics i wanted to talk about om life, being Nigerian, living in Africa, race, gender, community, thoughts that i shyed away from.

I thought hmmm… do i want to really share this, what if this and that saw? I basically cared too much to be a personal blogger. Another reason i might have suddenly quit was thinking i had outgrown some of ny content and not willing to evolve. I also stopped writing poetry like that. I remember the hassle of editing sometimes. Maybe because I didn’t see myself monetizing anytime soon as well, so i went freelance writing to earn some money for a while and didn’t get back to the blog.

All or any of this might be true, but it doesn’t matter. I was thinking a moment ago, that i have so many personal stories to share, as my comfort permits. I was thinking a while ago, do i need to start a podcast? What’s the way to start a quality podcast that would get some core audience and won’t have me talking to the wind, i asked myself.

Then i remembered i have tiktok, and i rarely talk on it. There’s something about my personality that restricts my sharing it seems. I always think of audiences too when i think of it, am i making this for a worldwide or Nigeria audience? Too much thoughts kill the sporadic creativity a good content creator should have, and such would bounce to any podcast i create if i don’t fix it. Plus doesn’t podcast work better with a crew or two? Idk.

Then i remembered i had a blog a moment ago, i had a voice here, event if it was not as solid as I’d like. But blogging is dead? I thought. Or is it? In the age of tiktok, instareels, YouTube and the youtube shorts, informative long twitter threads, forums would blogs be a place people still cared to hear stories from? I asked myself this literally all in a split second. Then i answered myself in the next one, yes.

So now I’m back.

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