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How to make the most out of your life

Are you feeling down on life, confused or unable to find the right track to go with? Well, a lot of people feel this way. “How do i make the most out of my life?” is one of the most asked questions to life coaches, astrologers, friends and family, etc. It also a start of a good sign when this question is asked, because it means that you care somewhat about your existence. Below are highly effective ways to enhance your life if followed diligently.

Ways to make the most out of your life

  • Create a theme for your life: It is quite easy to get lost in the turbulence of life if you are unaware of the things that your life stands for. What are you all about, or what do you want to be all about. What goals do you care about accomplishing, how do you picture yourself in the highest state of achievement? Answering these questions can help you find a theme for your life. This will make you know what you should aspire to be in your daily activities. Your theme for life could be: “Successful and happy”, “divinely guided being of abundance”, “Energetic and creative living”, etc. Mine is simply “Abundant success and fullness of life”
  • Know your worth: A lot of people in this journey of life forget their worth along the way due to some tumbling and bashing. They forget that life’s tough times do not define anyone. To make the most of your life, you have to recognize your divinity and realize that you are worth any good thing that can happen.
  • Look for the right things: Seek out the right things that will be beneficial to your life. Stop chasing vain pursuits. Some people actively seek things that hurt them or bring down their sense of self worth. Do not be this way. Treat yourself like a soul mate you are madly in love with. You would only want them to do constructive and beneficial things.
  • Be greatful: As cliche as this sounds, gratitude has tremendous effect on the life of a person. Many times a lot of people are stuck on “the wheel of complain”, that they forget they actually have things to be greatful for. Even if you lament poverty, have you stopped to thank God for your talents , fullness of life or… your lack of having cancer? Even if you have cancer, have you stopped to be thankful for the caring friends and family you have. Also, you have eyes to read this, or ears to be read this to. I have learnt along my way in life, that there is always something to be thankful for. And when you are thankful, miracles happen and good things come.

The real meaning of ‘I shall not want’

 The popular phrase ‘ I shall not want’ is taken from the Lord’s prayer. Several years as a Christian, while reciting the Lord’s prayer as a child, I could not grasp the actual deep meaning behind it. Many of us till now, I’m sure still do not get the accurate meaning of  ‘I shall not want’.

This phrase covers a lot of things affecting everyday humans. Many people ‘want’ a lot in life. They want a soul mate, they want money, they want a job , they want a better life. Infact most of us negate the law of not ‘wanting’ for anything. This is a very important law. Regular people are stuck in the cycle of wanting  they forget that everything they ever need is already theirs, all that is left is for the possession of it. The thinking of lack and want occurs on the physical plane dominated by reason (or what most people think it is), this is why most people will ‘want’.

“I shall not want’ means that in order to move forward to become the enlightened being you naturally are, you just need to step away from fear infused and desperate energies, ‘want’ being a part of them. Instead of you wanting something, why don’t you declare that the things you desire wants you. Why not, money wants me, good jobs wants me, my soul mate wants me, a better life wants me. To do this with total confidence means you have to recognize you have innate talents that attract anything you desire.

This is to say that desiring things are not bad. To put it simply, desire means you care about something , while want is a desperate energy towards acquiring something. You have to desire somethings in life, if not you can not have passion or drive. Desire is a fuel to choose what exactly you like to reject that which you don’t desire.

‘I shall not want’ means that everything you need, you have. On an higher plane of consciousness everything is available for you. All that remains is just for you to see in faith. It is a proclamation of acknowledging God, the divinity within yourself and the awesome power your mind cannot even comprehend. When the understanding of  ‘I shall not want’ comes upon your psyche, all fear is banished.

If you think ‘want’ you get want, if you think ‘abundance’ you get abundance.

Radical action is the main step to success

 Ever wondered what held you back from the completion of your desired goals and achieving success? Here is your answer. 

You failed to take decisive and radival action to propel you forward. It is not enough to just feel tired of lack of growth in your life, there must be willingness to try new methods and things. But many are not willing to leave their old ways of doing things behind. Their thought process stop them from thinking outside the box.

Getting out of poverty, lack of resources, idleness, slothfulness, or any traits you have been used too for far too long that is not bringing positives in your life requires radical action. Want wealth? Are you ready to take various action you are not used to taking? To step into abundance there is a need to diversify. Diversify your thoughts, actions, places you go, people you meet and relate to, etc.

 In doing this will you find the information you may be looking for. Are you willing to talk to that rich dude who visits your local cafe and summon courage to talk to him? Or are you willing to ask the right questions to make you your best version. Asking the right questions brings the right result. So why do you stop yourself from taking action?
If success in anything you imagine for yourself is your goal, then a radical step must begin it all. This is the main first step. While reading success stories of great people, you may notice that many had to go the extra mile than the general populace in their thoughts, actions, interpersonal relationships and movements. They did not do what was expected by anyone other than themselves. Also, the renowned people you see today had dreams that a “normal” person did not even comprehend to be dreamt. 

If you refuse to break your routine or typical life cycle then success is not coming. Your days should not remain as it has been from two years ago, from work to restaurant to friends house to your house. Funny enough, many people’s life had remained as it were 10 years ago, some even for longer. And for the general unsuspecting populace there is comfort in this abnormality. This is why if you plan to be successful, you can not look at the general population for inspiration. 

You must choose those who are not living the rat race, the ones who have transcended the matrix as your inspiration. Are you ready to take radical action. To write those first pages to begin that novel you’ve dreamt in your head, quit that boring unproductive job, buy that plane ticket, dial that number, ask that question, create something?! If you are, then success is on the way.

Care about more success tips, follow my blog and take note of my coming posts.Lets go on this journey together!

Complain freak

“Cheap fabrics,cheap meals”

“I deserve more than this!”

But what did you do for yourself?

Did you go out to work

Rather than sit and complain

Daydreaming of gold and silver

Craving for the riches of the earth

Even when it stared at you in the mirror


The underestimation of what you can do yourself

Without the nagging and begging

Or waiting for a guilty meal ticket

You deserve more,

only when you give more, in talent and practicality

What to do when no one supports your dreams

It has happened to many of us.We have this marvellous idea we want to launch,this vision we want to share.But no one seems to be there to urge us on.Not everyone is lucky to have a legendary mother the likes of Ben Carson.The ones who trust,nutures,inspires and believes.Some of us just have to be our own biggest fans.This is not something which is bad,because being our own greatest support is the best thing ever.Or it should be.

However,humans crave validation. Validation,that word which holds both positive and negative connotations.It is rather easy to say that we do not need validation,but much more harder to abide by it.We do need validation.It is a trait innate to humans.The need for approval of accomplishment.But do we have to get it from a particular group of people to be fulfilled?No,we don’t have to.

Though we need validation,we are selective of who we appreciate receiving it from.A positive reinforcement might come from a stranger on the internet or a college who feels your ideas are great.Most times we do not value the praise that comes from people we give less value to.You might as well prefer the approval from your friends and family,but they might not give it.The issue is in being satisfied with what we can get at any given moment.

So what can be done when you feel that no one supports you?Keep on going!Your dreams are most important to you than anyone else.Why? Because a lot of people are also thinking about their own lives.I’m sure you do that as well.I for one do not go about worrying about everyone’s dream and ambition. Sometimes I even come across an awesome idea which I like,but I forget to express my opinion.Such person might never know that I approved of him/her.People show approval more when you have reached a peak of considerable success.

Every great person today had gone through the same process of feeling alone.When no one supports you,do not use that as an excuse to give up.Use that as a fuel to make progress.Your passion is good enough motivation to keep on going.The need to make yourself a better version you can be should be an inspiration.

Your dreams are for you and at all cost you should fight for them. This is possible without the help of anyone.You can draw courage and strength from many people and sources,but you should be your own hero.It makes you a stronger person whose vision is focused.The greatest support you can get is the one you give yourself.

Keep moving forward.

It’s not about willpower!

Willpower had become a cliche word for in which so many self help people proclaimed to be an ultimate problem solver.Its only recently that studies on willpower show how limited it is.The effectual reliance on the short supply of this proclaimed wonder tool has no basis in actual keeping up with a positive habit.

It turns out that by rewiring the pattern of your brain,the need to use willpower frequently is not neccesary.The constant loop mode the brain is always in to repeat pattern and habits is our enemy,especially when it comes to creating change.If only we learn how to break the pattern and stop the habit when we notice the loop in action.

So no,it’s not about willpower when you want to change your habits,action,thought processes and your mind.It’s about doing something sporadically,out of the blue even as when your mind tells you to follow the old ways you are used to.When you begin to do this,it becomes more easier to try new stuff.Willpower becomes less needed to go through the day.

Be spontaneous!

Get your idea to spread!

It’s easy to conceive an idea but the most important thing is making your idea known.The creation process is incomplete if you have no idea who your audience are.Without spreading your idea,it will die off without reaching its potentials.Ideas are like pollen seeds,they must be spread for it to grow.If they do not spread,then they die off,like they never existed.

Target the right audience,not throwing it to the masses who are focused on other things or just don’t care.Find your niche audience and make them hear.Put the words in the right mouths,broadcast it to all ears.Let your content stand out uniquely.Let it be something novel
that will catch the attention of the right minds and ears.It can be brilliantly eccentric but never dull and regular.

This is one success tip that is easily ignored.Many think that by just having a solid concept or creation they can achieve success.Such is a mistake that many make,wrecking havoc on their optimism and self esteem when it all comes to nought.You can build an establishment with the size of a sky scraper and no one might no anything about it.People might not even venture to find out.Why?Because you did not get your idea to spread.At the end of the day,such grand dreams will be wasted without any one knowing.

By any means,use sources that can benefit you in spreading your idea.Media outlets are the most effective options.This includes social media,television,forums on websites,etc.Try to find your tribe (those interested in what you are doing) and people who really need your services.This will also make your idea spread by word of mouth,as information are shared to friends and family.Most importantly,make your idea unique and not in the range of the mundane

It’s easy to conceive an idea but the most important thing is making your idea known.The creation process is incomplete if you have no idea who your audience are.Without spreading your idea,it will die off without reaching its potentials.Ideas are like pollen seeds,they must be spread for it to grow.Target the right audience,not throwing it to the masses who are focused on other things or just don’t care.Find your niche audience and make them hear.Put the words in the right mouths,broadcast it to all ears.Let your content stand out uniquely.Let it be something novel 
that will catch the attention of the right minds and ears.

By any means,use sources that can benefit you in spreading your idea.Media outlets are the most effective options.This includes social media,television,forums on websites,etc.Try to find your tribe (those interested in what you are doing) and people who really need your services.This will also make your idea spread by word of mouth,as information are shared to friends and family.Most importantly,make your idea unique and not in the range of the mundane.

To succeed you need an “it factor”

It is a common repeated mantra-“to be successful you need passion and motivation”.This is far from true.I’m here to break it to you that you need more than that.You need an it factor.This it factor however,is not determined by rules or a rule set in stone.The it factor can be anything peculiar to you that helps you achieve success.It can be being strong.It can be being relaxed about the outcome.It can be being charismatic.It can be being by cheerful person.This it factor is something you have to discover for yourself.Self discovery automatically gives you the it factor you need.

The time duration to discover this it factor is different from person to person.Yours may come slower,yours may come faster.Sometimes it’s a journey you have to take.You should enjoy your exploration while you take this journey.It does not pay to be anxious about it,wishing you can speed up the progress.The process must be taken to discover the treasure.The it factor is vital to you because it is for you and only you.Nobody can aid this progress but you.

Passion can only take you so far.You may love doing something but that doesn’t stop the frustration that comes along the way.We hear of tortured artists whose passion became their unmaking.Will power also runs out.A study shows that your will power is limited.Per day you can only pick what you want to use it for before it’s expended.In other words:you can only choose what you wanna give a fuck about per day and stick with it.Giving attention to other unimportant things would make you dry.Motivation is also nothing if you are always out of ideas before you start.

Just like success means different things to different people,the it factor can be anything.

How to get your it factor:

  • Start the path of self discovery
  • Get involved in the process
  • Be a participant in the journey no matter how slow
  • Choose the things that are important to your in life,then care about them more than anything else

Let your life seek fuller expression

I have an advice for you.Yes you!Do not pass through this earth unsatisfied.Let your life be a physical(also spiritual and mental)manifestation of want you want it to be.If you want something,make up a plan to get it and believe you deserve your desire.Don’t let your current reality hold you back from living as you truely wish.Are you feeling dissatisfied?Confused on where you are in life right now?Angry at the present reality?Then your subconscious mind is telling you something.

The universe is telling you something,that you are not letting your life seek fuller expression.It is not comfortable being tied down when you can be something great,do something great!See I’m not telling anyone to go save the world or become a multi millionaire.Not everybody likes that life,or wants the emotions that comes with it.I want it,but you may not want it and that is perfectly okay.But you can make your life as amazing as it can possibly be.

It seems cliche but: be the best you can irrespective of the current physical situation.No matter what you see happening currently on this physical plane does not control you or your possibilities.You have to think beyond what is before your eyes, if seeking fuller expression of life is what you desire.To be trapped in a box ofrealitywill blind you to the truth of the infinite.There is no “reality”,there is only what you can currently see physically.The wise person knows that anything that can be thought of can be created.An example would be the impossible things of the past that are now not only possible today,but everyday norm.

Imagine you were alive before the conception of aeroplanes,could you have imagined that a flying metal thing would take people wherever they want in the world?Or that a rectangular object would be in almost all homes making them view whatever they cared for?Or that you and me could communicate “online” though we are miles away from each other?Not many would!Because it is so hard to see beyond the physical plane of what is possible and what is not.

We are so binded as humans on limiting ourselves by focusing on our scarce resorces when our minds cannot fathom the endless supply available for all.It’s like living in a world full of abundance and complaining about what is in front of you,instead of taking the next steps forward to see more.Another example is having a plate of food,then after you are done eating complain that the food was not enough,when there is literally pots full of food in the kitchen and more in the fridge.Why sit and complaining instead of getting up on your feet to locate what you want.

Live!Yes do that,instead of virtually being a walking corpse.If you want to learn to be a Jazz dancer,do that!It’s your dream not anybody’s.You don’t like working an office job,find what you want then quit!Don’t live just for the sake of “well I was throw on this earth and now I must survive through this bitter burden called life”.If you are happy for you existence then do things that make you happy.Because “tick tock” the time is going as fast for you as it does the person who is making pancakes smilling instead of being a lawyer because his parents told him to.Working yourself like a mule would not ellongate your days or give you people’s praise.Balance is the key.Do not let the judgements of others keep you down,because remember that no matter what you do people would still find a way to criticize you.You might be Mother Theresa and people would still speak ill of you.They may even prefer you to be a super model instead!That’s people for you.

Read the words below and get comfortable using your thought-self in your day to day life.

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and 

which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the

interspaces of the universe.

A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged

by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his

thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks

about to be created.

FROM:The science of getting rich

Read,read,read-Advice from this introvert

If you want to be successful at anything-read,so said many wise people.This is one sure way that never fails.Read what interests you and what does not interest you,they both play a part in the making of a genius.Not only does reading open your mind to new ideas,it exposes you to situations of the current world.This is why most introverts read when they feel an inability to mingle with the ever talking crowd.They gain both knowledge of socialtal cues,ideas and skill improvement from reading.

Humanity is in books as well.That’s why so much excitement is felt by reading a good novel.Because you are experiencing life as it can possibly be,which is very thrilling and awe-inspiring.You can also understand the psychological aspects on how humans function.This understanding,if you possess it,will help you greatly in life.

As an introvert,reading is my source of escapism too.When the stress is high from too much sensations and too much people,I read.Going into the world of words is freeing and peaceful.There is no judgement there as you absorb the letters.There is always something fun to read about.Your imagination soars as you capture the story,emotions and thought put into the writing.

Also for business and formal writing.The market of the world is made known to you by your constant reading.The business world changes day by day with no warning-except for those who read.To grow in this information flowing world of today,reading is compulsory.If you cant read,you surely do not have what it takes to be successful in business.

A lot of ignorance is removed by reading.For people who refuse to read,the truth remains hidden from them.Life opportunities would pass them by because they do not know vital things that would bring them success.The world today as so many possibilities,just as it has so many distractions.This is why there would always be the 80/20 principles.

There are the 20% who would remain rich off their intellect,planning and knowing how to get what they want-via reading;and there would be those 80% whose physical strength,stress and sweat earns them their peanuts.The members of the 1% would remain in their position because of the information they choose to digest.Now don’t tell me that these people are just lucky to be born into good ansestories,because self made millionaires of this century belong in the 1%.This people just choose to do all the useful things,one vital of it being reading.

And remember there are several types of “reading”.Reading articles on the Internet is also reading.So remember as long as you get valuable information or imaginative creativity,you’re good.Don’t fret,take baby steps and forge your path.

Read when you are bored-switch off that television

Read when you are happy

Read when you are sad

Read when you are mad

Read when things go bad