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Most eccentric zodiac sign, Aquarius or pisces?

These two zodiac signs have shared similarities and are still so different at the same time. It’s like comparing apples to pears. Aquarius can be described as a stereotypical mad scientist, member of extremist group or legendary rebel like Zoro. Pisces is the daydreaming, poem-writing, head in the cloud-having bong smoker. You can see, the extremes of these two signs are well, extreme. So the battle no one knew existed comes into the light, which sign takes the title of most eccentric. I use this word as a polite expression of the world ‘crazy’.

First off the definition of what is eccentric vs normal has to be defined. But if I’m correct, society has not been able to adequately label that. Because of this, we can only go by the self made descriptions in our head. If a daydreaming bizzare adult child is eccentric to you, then that takes the win. But if it’s a rebel without a cause, unemotional bandit that pricks you as society unapproved then that’s your most crazy. If I had to go by my standards, I will say Pisces have an interesting mind that may not be appreciated by all. Aquarius on the other hand pride themselves with having their own conclusions on things, not trying to conform to what they don’t believe in- yet still wanting to socially fit in. Aquarius’ crazies increase with the amount of non mainstream knowledge they consume while Pisces’ is by how many more ridiculous scenarios they make in their head.

Pisces is more warm, Aquarius is more cold ( you can thank Saturn for that). Pisces will shock you with their blatant weirdness, Aquarius will stun you with their constant blatant weirdness. In my opinion Pisces acts more crazy maybe sometimes for the fun of it, while Aquarius’ crazy is unknown to even them which makes it even more bizzare. I’m sure to them they must be thinking what they’re doing doesn’t appear as strange as others perceive it. They should learn more from Pisces, being eccentric and proud is good for their soul.

Both will freak you out though, but they are both nice to chill with.


The most intense moon signs of the zodiac

The moon sign in astrology rules our emotions and character during inter personal relationships. Our moon sign tells us more about the person we are because our emotions make a greater part of our personality. With this been understood, some zodiac signs are more intense than others when in the moon sign placement. These signs are:

Moon in Aries: Aries is a fire sign that is naturally volatile even when it appears as the sun sign or any other placement. Aries in the moon is intense and emotions spark off and fly. This placement does not think of the consequences of emotion before exploding. Some people with this placement are known to have moments of fits of rage, which after erupting lets go of the anger. A positive aspect is that someone with this placement will likely not hide their anger and let it simmer to unforgiveness or hatred (like moon in Scorpio and moon in Taurus).

Moon in Capricorn: Capricorn is natural a cold sign but the moon placement makes it even more chilly. When the moon is in logical, business minded Capricorn, most form of visible emotionalism is robbed. The person with this placement might appear ruthless and calculating. Sometimes there seem to be no warmth in them. Vengeance can be a deadly blow upon their enemies, they wont care because the soft emotions are not there. Work is needed to show partner, family and friends that they care.

Moon in Scorpio: Scorpio is well know as a deep, mysterious sign that values revenge over forgiveness. The moon makes the emotions of the person more intensified as the water element of feeling things intensely is increased. Love and hurt is felt more intensely and so is the depth of obsession. This people are not to be betrayed because once you break their trust they will not trust you ever, but they can pretend that they have.

Moon in Gemini: A Gemini’s changeable nature accentuated by the moon’s energy makes it intense. This people are unpredictable, logical and somewhat detached. You can hardly fool or emotionally hurt this people because they are one step ahead, or just don’t care. This people can love you today and plan your murder tomorrow. Do not give them a reason to doubt you, unless you want to be shocked by their change.

Similarities between Sagittarius and Gemini (opposite signs in astrology)

While opposite signs appear vastly different, on close study the similarities between opposite signs in astrology are pronounced. Opposite signs are those signs that are at the polar opposite end of themselves. Gemini and Sagittarius are one of them. Gemini is an air sign, while Sagittarius is a fire sign. Both signs are known to quest for knowledge, though the means of acquisition is different.

Gemini would love gaining knowledge from the intellectual direction, this includes reading books, attending lectures and participating in casual debates. Sagittarius on the other hand would love gaining knowledge via exploration. This includes: Travelling, understanding culture by observation, interacting with gurus, thinking philosophically about that which is puzzling. But on closer inspection, you will see that both Sagittarius and Gemini can share their opposite traits though it might be expressed differently. Sagittarius may appear as a lover of debates and a book worm while the Gemini might like to understand by observation and exploration.

Sagittarius are known to have good traits of being an humorous life of the party. Bad traits of Sagittarius would be self righteousness, double talk, (A common Gemini trait as well), insensitive, a religious fanatic (this comes from obsession with their believes). Gemini are also known as the fun talkative one, or the quite cool one. The bad traits include being two faced, indecisive, unstable in thought, insensitive, etc.

Though they are opposite signs, they have similar traits expressed in different ways. A Gemini being an air sign will have more propensity to be a more indoors kind of person than fire sign Sagittarius (ofcourse this depends on a person’s overall birth chart).