Moonlight sounds



Poems give me life

Makes me breathe

Puts me to sleep

Poems brings me chills

Turns on a light

Gives me feels

Poems turn me on

Shut me down

Making this little girl cry

Poems wake me up

Tells me to be strong

Works me up

Poems tells me truths

Gives me voice

Makes me smile

Poems reeks of lies

Hits me hard

Makes me smile 

Poems, my very life source

Synesthesia-chapter 1,first part

No one knew where Medline was. They had searched the entire house to find no trace of any human existence.

“She is long gone”said the man in a red shirt

“But where?!” asked another of the men

“That is something we have to find out”

A lady was on her way to a metro bus, suitcase in hand. The look in her eyes were desperate yet determined. Her hair was held up in a neat bun yet the length and style of her dress showed that she was not conservative. Stepping in the bus,she sits at the back,next to a window. She notices a bird chirping outside which makes her sigh. A call comes in and the sound of her buzzing ring tone alarms her a bit.

“Verto” she whispers the name that flashes across the screen.

She picks up the call.

“Hello. Have you found where they hid her?”she asked before the voice on the other end spoke.

“Be careful Medline. They may be on their way to find you as we speak.”said the caller

“I asked if you know where she is!”

“I am on it. we have to proceed with caution.”

“Let’s be quick with this, time is running out”

“Yeah, they could try to track our call this minute.

“Let’s meet at our rendezvous spot,8pm tomorrow. As usual, come alone”

“Are you really telling me that?of course. Don’t you trust me ?”

With that, Medline cut the call. Anxiously, she looked around to the unassuming passengers.


“Governor, have you considered the investment of The Halves pharmaceuticals?” said a bright eyed lady with a lab coat on

“I will consider that when our subject is stabilized” replied a male middle-aged labcoat

“Is it she, sir. The one with the unmatchable gene sequence?”

“Subject z. Her gene coding is spectacular. She makes the most perfect test subject than anyone else”

“I heard she was found all the way in some county in Africa”

“Yes. It was all carefully planned out to sneak her away. There was an organized scholarship program which she entered to be transferred here. But there have been a lot of breaches in the plan.”

“I heard that subject z is very stubborn”

“She is indeed. But we will break her. Though it will take longer than the rest, we surely will get to her”

There was a momentary silence.

“I know that you might have been informed but i personally want to tell you that the project Synesthesia has appointed me as one of the heads of staff”

“I was informed by Miss Stacey, head of scientific endeavours. Who would have know at that conference in Kimell that we would be working together on the Same project”

“Life is strange that way” she smiled.
A lady in pure white outfit walked in. She had a patient file in her hand.

“Dr Bryce, you are needed at the main quarters”she said

“I have to leave my darling. See you whenever”, he whispered to his partner

“Carpe diem Governor- Dr Bryce”

“Carpe diem Felicia”

Synesthesia- prologue/beginning

“Alena,Alena” yelled a voice from the bushes.

There was some movement then a wounded girl stumbled out. Her left leg was bleeding and the bandage on it had turned deep red. The girl who called out looked at her with pity before grabbing her hand.

“We have to escape fast! They must not catch up with us”

“Akwa, I’m sorry but I don’t think i can go on any longer. You must escape. Leave me behind. After all, they will not hurt me”, Alena said 

“But who knows what they will do to you! You’ve seen them, they are crazy. They shot at you and hurt your leg – again!”

“Go. just go! I will be fine, promise”

While both of them looked indecisively at each other, a shot rang out. A gasp escaped from Akwa’s lips. Alena could not believe her eyes as she saw blood on her sister’s shirt. Footsteps were getting closer. Akwa held her chest which bled furiously. A look of confusion was on her face as she grasped unto her sister’s hand. Her death was swift as her eyes lost light. The soldiers had arrived just as Alena began mourning her dead sister. Without a second’s hesitation,she was yanked away from the body. Admist screams and tears,she was taken away.

“It has just begun” whispered one of the men.

News update!A new segment on my blog.

I will start a story series of what I want to become a novel.Other forms of stories will be added as times goes by.

This new segment of my blog will consist of short stories,novellas and ‘wannabe’ novels of all genres (thriller,romance,horror),all written by me.

it will be written from chapter to chapter or from phase to phase.Basically written in a linear and understandable manner.I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.Writing stories have been my passion and i am happy that I can now share them to the world.

The name of the first “wannabe” novel series is synesthesia .It is a thriller of some sort.

Brief background info of synesthesia-

An experiment is carried out on a girl who is the perfect test subject with a unique gene coding, to see how much emotion and psychological pain a human can endure.It gets worse as the experiment leaves just being a mind play to her actual reality.