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Follow my other blog theesotericneed. (esoteric essence) for topics on astrology, numerology and other esoteric topics. Stay tuned for these topics in that blog. There’s a lot to share and enjoy. This blog will be narrowed down to the original niche. I hope you all understand, this is done for my followers to have an ease in enjoying a more focused niche.

My mind is very active and many times I want to teach or discuss about everything. But that may not be practical in the long run for one blog. This is because some of you followed this blog for poetry, some followed for philosophizing and inspiration, other’s for esoteric content and more for motivational tips. I have other blogs that I’ve created other than this, like, which voices my mind like a diary. Check that one out too if you like that concept.

Stay tuned for great things ahead!

Scorpio rising and the search for self

I’m a Scorpio rising and I’m very well familiar with being alone. There’s always a quest for the Scorpio rising to go on alone, even if it seems non existence. There is a feeling of powerlessness that comes from the lack of control. It always seems like we Scorpio risings can’t control the tides of life. We feel tossed about, with no one to fall back on but ourselves. This makes a way for anger to grow. The anger is always there, lurking beneath the surface.

We may seem put together to the world, but the emotions we feel are volcanic. To further make things worse, we choose not to open up to any one. We are ready to observe from a distance. Even when we seem open, we’re always hiding. There is a wall, because we know that the world is not fair and it hurts. A Scorpio rising sometimes chooses to see the comedic side of life. After much hardship, things are less serious than they seem to others.

Always on the path on transformation, we Scorpio risings find the bright side. A Scorpio rising can feel cursed or strange. Life is a Pandora’s box that needs to be open. Or sometimes left untouched. There is a feeling that there is a need to exert ourselves more. Then it goes away, moving to the feeling to just let everyone and everything go.

The Scorpio rising is a mind sojourner, always seeking the truth. They say the biggest battle we ever fight is in our minds. This is more true for a Scorpio rising. We achieve more with the control of our mind. We begin to understand the madness of it all. And then the beauty, after the pain.

People may hate us at sight, or love us. And we become ok with this. Because we understand that we’ll be judged anyways by someone, somewhere. It is inevitable to feel the burden of others projection on us. But it’s less of a load when we understand. We are who we are and we are wonderful. Our masks are transformative just as our true selves.

Why existential crises may be a good thing

With the state of the world, it’s common for people to feel more out of place. Existential crises seeks answers to unanswered questions. It seeks to find the truth. Though sometimes it leads to depression and a pale outlook on life. When done the right way, it can result in an happier human. Ok, you may then ask

How to do existential crises the right way?

  • Asking the questions that can be answered : Choosing to ask the right questions that can be answered here on earth is a great step. Beware of glamorized questions with no possible answers. Ask questions like : Can life have a purpose? Rather than, Why did God choose me to be born in this position.
  • Avoiding generalizations: Try not to generalize the world just because of your current circumstances. Don’t make declarations to suit your current situation.
  • Look at the positives: Life may seem full of evil, but at the same time there is still good. Don’t try to dwell on evil in your existential pondering. Find the positive things going on, no matter how little they may be.
  • Refrain from carrying out unhelpful research : This is similar to looking for the positives. Don’t carry out fear based research to prove doom.
  • Be open minded and humble: Keep yourself mind open and have humility in acceptance. Even if things seem tough, remember just like everyone else you have a purpose, for good.

Why Taurus study a lot

I have come across many Taurus sun people who are really into education. I wondered why they could be lazy in many things but seemed brilliant when it comes to the pursuit of educational degrees. Remembering that Taurus is a sign of physical possessions put things in perspective. Unlike Gemini or Sagittarius who is into education because of the knowledge gathering process of it, Taurus is in for the feeling of security. It has been common for many people to think that studying well and getting degrees will give them good jobs later on.

So the educational minded Taurus is in for the proposed security. With earth sign suns, most times everything must result in a physical benefit, or a social gratification. And again Taurus is represented by the hierophant in the tarot. That is the representation of traditional ways of doing things, order, education and culture. This is why a Taurus would want to take a part to success that is traditionally sound.