Life is make belief

A game without rules this life is

A stage set for everyone to lose

Only fools will strive to understand the madness that this is

After all vanity has no real meaning

The hidden consciousness we have cannot be seen

Until we surrender to the fact of the irony

life is make belief I tell thee

Brothers and sisters, let’s make a great play out of it


6 thoughts on “Life is make belief

  1. Bravo my friend.. Bravo! Beautifully written. This indeed is the crux of understanding what life intrinsically is… It’s not real. A concept that scholars in Hinduism and eastern philosophies have emphasised in their teachings again and again yet we all forget.. Lol .. Maybe because that makes living easier for a lot of us. Attachment makes it easier to live and make sense of this world. Practicing detachment just flings you down a pit of cognitive dissonance where you are struggling to reconcile what you’ve known forever and what is.. The reality..

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    1. Exactly, when my existential crises hit me, it did with a bang. Everything is vanity, meaning reality is pointless. So why have anxiety over… what’s not real. Practicing detachment should be a steady goal, one step at a time.

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