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How to make the law of attraction work for you

No this is not a click bait.

It is a common complain that the LOA does not seem to work for a lot of people.

Here’s why: Because you are not using it right.There are missing elements that has been forgotten or not know by the general populace.This elements must be understood/used for the law to take effect.

It’s not that the LOA is hard,it is different.When something is different,you need to throw out old believes to tackle it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Avoid desperate energy when it comes to the LOA. It will not work if you feel stuck or hopeless. Abandon any feelings of victim hood. If you are trying to manifest wealth, don’t let nagging thoughts of how poor you are remain in your mind.

Pick and choose your thoughts. Yeah,we can do that. We feel emotions due to the thoughts we keep in our mind.

Think negative thoughts=attract negative emotions=create negative vibration=negative frequency=negative feedback=negative actions=negative reaction=negative manifestations.The same goes for positive thoughts.

This is the law of attraction formular.

You can write it down.Let it be your guide.

The moment we become used to choosing positive thoughts over the negative ones, we begin to harness the power of the LOA. It is not easy to change the system you are accustomed to, but it is very doable.”Fake it till you make it”,like they say.

You must be able to picture the outcome.

That above is a fact of the LOA. If you can not somehow see yourself in that desired outcome, whatever it is, the law will not work for you. You must be able to visualize yourself defeating that problem, or getting that job, or quitting that addiction no matter how impossible it may seem in real life. By the way “real-life” is just an illusion.

As the law of correspondence says,”As above so below“. We come to realize that our reality is actually a manifestation of the physical plane. Even in Christianity, we are told constantly of functioning in the spirit before it manifests in the physical realm. So, by visualization(accepting it in the spirit), we begin to see the impact in the physical. Visualization also comes in forms of prayer and meditation, as long as there is the belief and it can be pictured in the minds eye.

Picture the best version of yourself in the minds eye.

You must feel that you are worth the outcome you desire. The law only works when you feel that you deserve good. Surprisingly, many of us don’t actually believe that we are worthy of certain things. This happens to me but I select positive thoughts according to one of the major rules, in order to banish that feeling. This also links to victimization of ourselves. You cannot attract and manifest positive outcome when you play blame games with yourself.

Who cares if you feel your current situation is your fault? It is time to move on and use the present.

The last point I am going to give to make the law work for you is:

You must use it for the greater good

Manifesting is impossible if you wish to use the law to hurt or attack someone. It will not work. The law of attraction is not voodoo. It can only be used for the positive growth and manifestation of the self (that is if you are using the true law!)

I guess that is pretty self explanatory .

Peace, blessing and growth.


Soul workings

The soul searches

In deep ends

Edges blurred out with darkness

For spots of light

Desperation in complexities

To understand the workings

Of all which functions

In the realms beyond human understanding


It haunts like a never ending plague

The stench of failure

Putrid and suffocating

Hounding like an ancient mad dog

Hysteria sings a song

As she began to sleep soundly in the heart

The hope lost was never of any existence

Haunted by the trees and breeze

Haunted by the whisper of a word

Chased by the songs of life

Which only plays a tune of melancholy

Sadness is never foreign where joy never was

Like daily bread

Being haunted was a regular norm

Asking the universe

When you try, try, try

But fail, fail, fail you get

What gives?

When the heart has no hope again

When you have swallowed enough hurt to last a millennium

Does your heart still move again

In trash you had found life

Where no one wanted your existence

Hatred, irrationality, pride,lies

Through it survival trives

But are you still human?

If you have no more life

When a walking shell you are

Trying to survive a lie

Banal illusion

A banal illusion was my love

In the darkness of the night-

I ran mad thinking of you

You,who I will never have

I have come to accept that now

But you had already left your imprints on me

Why!I yell in my mind;

Did I ever get to know you

Why! Did my heart lose its sense

Over a banal illusion

I drowned in the grandeur of something great

As my life was sucked up in thick mud

In my dreams you are my reality

And in my reality,you are a dream

An unaccomplishable wish

A sad sad banal illusion

Which I prayed was something more
The bold lines are taken from an actual quote by an anonymous source


Brown powder on my face

Red on my lips

Brighten my skin

All for me

Through out my life

I had sought for peace

In places that were not for me

For I  had not beauty

I had not charisma

I had not anything sparkly

But I had me

Me, me, me

My existence on this planet

That might just be enough for me

But what if I want more

If I want to be-








But I remained just flawed

This poem is kind of special to me because when I penned it down,i noticed that all the lines refer/point back at ‘me’.




We were made to feel this way


If our nature be our fault

For when we always go wrong


No reputation

Minute object without jurisdiction

If things truly change

Could it come quicker

Will the tides ever shift?

Our names faded

The images paint blood in my soul

My insignificance remains

Maybe a bit dramatized

But the concept is true

Unrestrained may be my thoughts

To flow from whatever source

When the mind decided to shut up no more

With a unique style


Un proud yet unashamed

Insignificantly great

Small remains only in the mind that lies to itself

Asante sana,my beloved

Synesthesia-chapter 1,first part

No one knew where Medline was. They had searched the entire house to find no trace of any human existence.

“She is long gone”said the man in a red shirt

“But where?!” asked another of the men

“That is something we have to find out”

A lady was on her way to a metro bus, suitcase in hand. The look in her eyes were desperate yet determined. Her hair was held up in a neat bun yet the length and style of her dress showed that she was not conservative. Stepping in the bus,she sits at the back,next to a window. She notices a bird chirping outside which makes her sigh. A call comes in and the sound of her buzzing ring tone alarms her a bit.

“Verto” she whispers the name that flashes across the screen.

She picks up the call.

“Hello. Have you found where they hid her?”she asked before the voice on the other end spoke.

“Be careful Medline. They may be on their way to find you as we speak.”said the caller

“I asked if you know where she is!”

“I am on it. we have to proceed with caution.”

“Let’s be quick with this, time is running out”

“Yeah, they could try to track our call this minute.

“Let’s meet at our rendezvous spot,8pm tomorrow. As usual, come alone”

“Are you really telling me that?of course. Don’t you trust me ?”

With that, Medline cut the call. Anxiously, she looked around to the unassuming passengers.


“Governor, have you considered the investment of The Halves pharmaceuticals?” said a bright eyed lady with a lab coat on

“I will consider that when our subject is stabilized” replied a male middle-aged labcoat

“Is it she, sir. The one with the unmatchable gene sequence?”

“Subject z. Her gene coding is spectacular. She makes the most perfect test subject than anyone else”

“I heard she was found all the way in some county in Africa”

“Yes. It was all carefully planned out to sneak her away. There was an organized scholarship program which she entered to be transferred here. But there have been a lot of breaches in the plan.”

“I heard that subject z is very stubborn”

“She is indeed. But we will break her. Though it will take longer than the rest, we surely will get to her”

There was a momentary silence.

“I know that you might have been informed but i personally want to tell you that the project Synesthesia has appointed me as one of the heads of staff”

“I was informed by Miss Stacey, head of scientific endeavours. Who would have know at that conference in Kimell that we would be working together on the Same project”

“Life is strange that way” she smiled.
A lady in pure white outfit walked in. She had a patient file in her hand.

“Dr Bryce, you are needed at the main quarters”she said

“I have to leave my darling. See you whenever”, he whispered to his partner

“Carpe diem Governor- Dr Bryce”

“Carpe diem Felicia”

Synesthesia- prologue/beginning

“Alena,Alena” yelled a voice from the bushes.

There was some movement then a wounded girl stumbled out. Her left leg was bleeding and the bandage on it had turned deep red. The girl who called out looked at her with pity before grabbing her hand.

“We have to escape fast! They must not catch up with us”

“Akwa, I’m sorry but I don’t think i can go on any longer. You must escape. Leave me behind. After all, they will not hurt me”, Alena said 

“But who knows what they will do to you! You’ve seen them, they are crazy. They shot at you and hurt your leg – again!”

“Go. just go! I will be fine, promise”

While both of them looked indecisively at each other, a shot rang out. A gasp escaped from Akwa’s lips. Alena could not believe her eyes as she saw blood on her sister’s shirt. Footsteps were getting closer. Akwa held her chest which bled furiously. A look of confusion was on her face as she grasped unto her sister’s hand. Her death was swift as her eyes lost light. The soldiers had arrived just as Alena began mourning her dead sister. Without a second’s hesitation,she was yanked away from the body. Admist screams and tears,she was taken away.

“It has just begun” whispered one of the men.

News update!A new segment on my blog.

I will start a story series of what I want to become a novel.Other forms of stories will be added as times goes by.

This new segment of my blog will consist of short stories,novellas and ‘wannabe’ novels of all genres (thriller,romance,horror),all written by me.

it will be written from chapter to chapter or from phase to phase.Basically written in a linear and understandable manner.I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.Writing stories have been my passion and i am happy that I can now share them to the world.

The name of the first “wannabe” novel series is synesthesia .It is a thriller of some sort.

Brief background info of synesthesia-

An experiment is carried out on a girl who is the perfect test subject with a unique gene coding, to see how much emotion and psychological pain a human can endure.It gets worse as the experiment leaves just being a mind play to her actual reality.

The consumer

She eats up her sleep

Sucks away the darkness of the night

In the glow lays in a heap

untold stories of profound glory

Some might be a bit gory

But the joy of the conqueror lies strong

A tale in her eyes

Her eyes-

Browned with age but sparkling none the less

Her countenance solid

Yet she had no face

She had consumed her fears

And produced many things from it

The wrinkles give an image

Of beautiful life at play

Both past and to come

The power of a warrior

Embarking always on a sailors journey

With the destiny of an adventurer

Her voice became a song

A rhythm with so much melody

From her story comes the source of joy

Nothing was ever a vain cause

Adaptation is our answer


The ability to develop certain features to withstand different environments and conditions.Every living creature adapts.This is a skill all humans possess.In animals and plant life,the features are more physiological,while in people they are of a psychological/behavioral kind.

I have found out the answer I was searching for.What makes particular people in humanity trive and survive?Like most great answers,it is very simple.Adaptation.This is what influences growth.It makes a millionaire rich and it has the same driving force that enables the same millionaire to have no problem being one,even when all wealth is taken away.

When there are hardships learn how to adapt to it.When you are struggling with lack of money,adapt and grow.When money comes,get used to the flow and spend accordingly.Adaptation is an important life force.We are starting to forget this power we have inside of us due to recent occurrences.A constant rememberance is necessary to use our inbuilt magic worker.


I long for space

Where I can go be myself

Not contain what I truly feel,who I truly am

I crave for that longing to belong in someplace

Where I will be called a friend

And treated like a member

I want to be understood

To see someone hear me speak

And really listen

Nodding repeatedly without saying a word

Or much worse a criticism

A silent “I understand”

A simple approval

Transcends complexities, Community,communication,

I seek for a space

Never alone

Do not think you are ever alone

You are surrounded by the stars that glows

The rivers that forever flows

All of natures delightful wonder

The universe speaks to you at every moment

There is always companionship

Though you seem to be isolated

It tells of peace available when you look within

From the inside can the universe first be revealed

There is a friend in everything that grows

The plant and trees speak to you

They tell you to cheer up

There is great peace within you

The animals you see give a beacon of hope

You are not alone

Surrounded by all wonderful created things,you are