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Synesthesia- prologue/beginning

“Alena,Alena”yelled a voice from the bushes

There was some movement then a wounded girl stumbled out.Her left leg was bleeding and the bandage on it had turned deep red.The girl who called out looked at her with pity before grabbing her hand.

“We have to escape fast!They must not catch up with us”

“Akwa,I’m sorry but I don’t think i can go on any longer.You must escape.Leave me behind.After all,they will not hurt me”Alena said 

“But who knows what they will do to you!You’ve seen them,they are crazy.They shot at you and hurt your leg – again!”

“Go.just go!I will be fine,promise”

While both of them looked indecisively at each other,a shot rang out.A gasp escaped from Akwa’s lips.Alena could not believe her eyes as she saw blood on her sister’s shirt.Footsteps were getting closer.Akwa held her chest which bled furiously. A look of confusion was on her face as she grasped unto her sister’s hand.Her death was swift as her eyes lost light.The soldiers had arrived just as Alena began mourning her dead sister.Without a second’s hesitation,she was yanked away from the body.Admist screams and tears,she was taken away.

“It has just begun”whispered one of the men.

The consumer

She eats up her sleep

Sucks away the darkness of the night

In the glow lays in a heap

untold stories of profound glory

Some might be a bit gory

But the joy of the conqueror lies strong

A tale in her eyes

Her eyes-

Browned with age but sparkling none the less

Her countenance solid

Yet she had no face

She had consumed her fears

And produced many things from it

The wrinkles give an image

Of beautiful life at play

Both past and to come

The power of a warrior

Embarking always on a sailors journey

With the destiny of an adventurer

Her voice became a song

A rhythm with so much melody

From her story comes the source of joy

Nothing was ever a vain cause

The world can go fuck itself

*pardon the language 


The cause of every catastrophe and war

Humans,fighting for their own cause

Unhearing and blind to others plight


They can go fuck themselves

A need to do things a certain way

Or get teared down to shreds everyday

The world would chew and spit you up everyday


Crybabies with no control

Over thought,matter or destiny

Looking to be handed a silver platter

Tortured artist

Angry over the minimal

Cannot transcend above the physical

Trapped in a societal loop

Of crafted careful design


We all survive

Or we have to

Making it through the shithole

Through we don’t need to




Something of nothing for nothing



The world does not fit a concept

In the rapid thoughts

Art dies like a Phoenix

But does it really rise again?

While the world goes up in flames

While everyone watches


An organism that consumes itself

Nothing nothing nothing

Something something something


Does it really matter?

The world can go fuck itself

INFP struggles-MBTI

If you don’t know what “INFP” personality type means,i suggest you check out the Myer Briggs personality typing out.There are 16 personality types according to the MBTI,and also some not so major sub types,eg:A and T categories,etc.As an INFP here are some things I struggle with on a daily bases.

The INFP is know as the dreamer/mediator/healer personality.

I sometimes find myself in a state of constant daydream.Can you believe it, if I say I have created a complete world in my head.This world is filled with people both imaginative and real,performing the functions that I assign to them.Many will not be able to fully comprehend this.My world is a perfect rich make believe land, but it has troubles too.It can be hard to snap out of it,but I can always clearly distinguish my reality from my fantasy.This can lead me to being lazy when I’m actually ambitious.The INFP contradiction.

Because of my type,i’m prone to depression and being down on myself.I see the terrible things going on in the world and I know it can never be perfect.This makes me feel sad.I absolutely hate injustice and everyday I hope I can do more.I stand with the underdogs than the ones on top because I believe they need my help the most.I am unconventional and it puts me into trouble many times…I don’t share popular views and it angers people.I stand firm in my believe which I have a conviction about,not letting anyone shake me.
I am an introvert. Some people misinterpret this to mean that I am stuck up.My resting bitch face doesn’t help either.They think I am just strange or act above them when I desperately tried to fit in.Well,at this point,i’m done with all that.I sometimes say I’m a proud loner or a happy wallflower,unlike some wannabe wallflowers-those who say that to seem emo.But I’m not alone,my rich mind and world is my company any where I go.Literature and art is my medium.The need to end humanities pain is my motivator.I let my INFP creativity guide me.

I need constant stimulation,i get bored easily so my mind is always spinning with ideas.I abhor useless small talk yet I detest those who have nothing deep to say.I once cut ties with someone whose mind had no imagination,let me do all the talking and had nothing to say about the state of the world.I detest shallow people.Those who have no ideas of their own.Nothing to say that comes out of their own contemplation but what the media has told them.Those that cannot observe around them.The ones that live to just exist.The energy vampires that frustrate you,without you knowing why.

I hate injustice and double standards.Just as I stand for what’s right,i can turn a blind eye if you complain of injustice,while you are the type to be cruel.I’m not a people’s pleaser,a butt kisser,a social butterfly-so I have problems.I’m very thankful I was born INFP but also burdened.Sometimes I just get angry,if I was God I would have ended the world a long time ago.

Some people have literally told me that I think in a weird way, which was bad to them.I remember two people telling me to change the way I think.Why will I ever do that,lol.I know that I am superb to the extent of causing people confusion.As a child,i was shamed for being ‘too quiet” in public by my family.I was mocked for the way my voice went three times lower when I wanted to buy things.But now that my voice is all the way powerful,it does not stop family folks from looking for a button to push.

My room is messy,i get anxious easily,i have social anxiety,i am probably more radical than anyone you’ve ever seen,I appear cold but have a deep well of feelings,i am creative, disappointed and bored with the school system, I read for knowledge’s sake,brave,unconvention,free and most of all Me.

I am a proud INFP,no matter the struggles

Watch out for part two

Unimagined love

I stopped believing in romance

Then you showed up

And swept me away

Into a whirl wind of passion

Where there was no escape

I had once given up

On the thought of true love

But your eyes melted my heart

I couldn’t stop smiling at your essence

It was a wonderful mix

Both sweetly pure and naughtily erotic

There was a delight in me

To have a taste of you

Both body and soul

It was not all pure euphoria

Sometimes I wanted too much

Other times you were far far away

To understand a complete complex cerebral yet deeply emotional romance

Was to solve a fascinating puzzle

An intimate kinship of awe

I had stopped believing in romance 

Then you showed up

Bringing an unimagined love along with you

Something i thought did not exist

Or had died, a long time ago

You brought out a side in me

Much gleeful and childlike

That i had forgotten was inside of me

Distraction and how to maneuver its lure 

We switch on the tv and just want to watch it for a few minutes.Minutes grow into an hour,then more hours.At the end of that nice weekend,we begin to wonder all what we could have accomplished with our lives.And the cycle continues.Distraction-It’s something that robs us of our true intentions.It is the hindrance we create for ourselves.

Distraction leads to procrastination and the latter leads to unaccomplishment.This robs us of our joy as we feel our life is never complete.There is a thin line between being idle and being distracted.A need to maneuver this foe in our daily lives is neccesary,in order for productivity to abound in our lives.

How to bypass the lure of distraction

As we live and develop on this earth,we find more tools and skills to cope with the never ending challenges.This goes for whatever problems come our way,and this includes distraction.First,we must acknowledge our lives importance.No matter how mundane your life may seem,we are all significant in the grand scheme of things.

Though many might argue our collective insignificance in the universe,we must not forget how little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.By recognising the ability we possess and our importance,self evaluation becomes easy.Then can we realise the power we have to change our frame of mind and from there,our lives.

We should take note of what is most important in our lives.These are the things that give our lives meaning,flavour and colour.After identifying these things,we need to evaluate if enough attention and growth has been given to these areas.For example,if you like writing,ask yourself if you have given enough attention to this area.If you find sewing important to you,how much investment have you made in it with your time and effort?Baking?Have you raised your skill level recently?Do you like talking about being an entrepreneur,business and money?What are your accomplishments in these areas.If your answer is no,you need to ask yourself why that is.Then you need to figure out what has been taking up your time instead.In 99.9 percent of the times and scenarios,the culprit for our unproductivity is distraction.

The mind and eyes are easily attracted to shiny things.You will find that with proper research,what distracts us are enticing in apperance.It may be video games,too much sleep,social media,unnecessary drama,laziness and faux tiredness,wishing and imagination,chasing fun,etc.These are all distractions and they subtract from our lives instead of adding to it.If such distractions fills up our days,there is no way for us to build up skills in what truely interests us.We then get stuck in a trap box that we created by our own hands.A box of perpetual and repeating personal failures.A box of distractions.

Doing whatever possible to resist the shiny deceitful hour stealer will be an excellent start.It gets easier once we have started the process of saying “no” to all the negatives that fills our lives.Refusing to indulge in the things that keep us stuck,be it not eating clean,spending above your income,unproductivity,etc will break the pattern.The pattern needs to be broken for a daring side of us to surface.

We must act on what we positively desire for our lives. It doesn’t matter on what form of motivation you get or if you don’t believe in motivation at all,just do It !Positive and productive action is key.This step is left to us as soon as we realise our power and conclude that fear is an imagined threat.Besides,why should one be afraid of personal progress.It also boils down to realising how we self sabotage ourselves.Remember no one will come to our aid (usually)except ourselves!We own the life,therefore we must act in ways to enrich it.Maneuvering distraction is one of this ways.

Let’s be productive!

A way forward

Where do we go from here

What will lead us

From a place where there is great coldness,

Scolding and fright?

Who should we give our hands 

For grasping unto

When the fear grows deep

Who will be with us

Who will tell us that,

It will be all okay

Who will lead us
The questions remains unanswered 

But at least it has been asked 

Before long there would be some sort of reply

A step has already been taken

To get closer to the truth

Which lies deep in our very core

A way forward


An untouchable depth

Flawfully flawlessly like the earth itself

Strength,with a bountiful touch of dignity 


The ambition that is seen in someone’s eyes

Care and dedication 

That pleasant smile

The love that glows in a lover’s eyes

Kindness with the exaltation of patience

A well polished soul

The glimmer of hope

Grace seen on a face

An unbreakable force


Understanding the concept of abundance

Those of us who are familiar with the law of attraction and other positive manifestation methods will have heared the word “abundance” so many times.Many would have pondered on the meaning of abundance.From the many descriptions,abundance will mean having an endless supply of resources for all of human kind.Right?

It may begin to seem confusing sometimes when you think of those who are poor and suffering even though we have such  wonderful “abundance”.Looking around your room and home,you may have problems not being sceptical as you search for any positive indications of abundance.It is hard to get past the lack you feel and clearly see.You have made a mistake because it is not possible to see the infinite with the physical eyes in a doubtful humanly state.

It is very hard to see the infinite.You can’t just see it with a finite mind.This is a mistake many motivational speakers make or maybe they deliberately withdraw this information so as to make people more eager to grab a copy of their book for them to have more sales quickly.It makes you wonder how people are poor and suffering all over the world when we have all this wonderful “abundance”.

Our abundance is love.We have an endless supply to give to produce the results we need.Love is the root of all good things.If everyone was loving in this world,no one will even have to suffer.But we all know this is not how things are.We have so much love to give and to receive,only if we let ourselves.We deserve all the love we can get and the world around us deserves it as well.The fruit of abundance is love.We must see abundance from a place of love,because when we do this we see what could not be seen before.Our inner eye is openned and we stop giving ourselves and those around us pain.Then we are finally free to see the infinite all around us.