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For your existential crises – moon

It glitters and shines

You see it atop a mountain and on the sea

The moon is the night’s wife

That my friend is life


For your existential crises – Sun

Have you ever felt the warm sun

Enjoyed the cascade of the rays on your back

That my friend, is life

-Yenzy oh

*I’m introducing a series of clear profound words for those going through an existential crises. Stay tuned. Follow @yenzyoh on twitter as well, thanks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

A huge percentage of human limitations arise from not asking for what we desire. While many are still confused on exactly what they want, some know but fear asking. It is a sad lifestyle of restriction. If more people asked for what they wanted, many of their needs would be met. But people are faced with themselves.

Many of us are battling with the fears of judgement from others. Would I be seen as materialistic? Can I accomplish this? Am i asking too much? Is this selfish of me? Such questions plague our minds, for many of us we are left stuck. The more enlightened ones leave that mind frame of doubt and fear. So remember, you are deserving of what you want.

Don’t settle for less โค๏ธ.

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How the inner planets of the zodiac are energy fields

The ascendant, sun, moon, mercury, mars and Venus signs are just ways your energy is expressed. Your ascendant sign is the energy you give off. It is the first energy people perceive from you. For example, with a Virgo rising you will appear put together and organized when meeting people. A sagittarius rising on the other hand will give a jovial and open energy.

The sun sign you possess is what gives you energy. It is the source in which you take energy from. Your sun sign is the concept of your being via ego which your energy expression develops from. A sun in Capricorn will get energy from being entrepreneurial and productive. On the other hand, a sun in Aquarius will get energy through visionary thinking and stand our concepts.

The moon sign is how we take our energy. It is the path that is deeply in us, removed from our ego. Our moon sign is energy tied to our emotions. A moon in Taurus will take energy in being steadfast and enduring. This endurance a natural source of emotional energy. Scorpio moon take energy with having intense emotions.

The sign in mercury is how we process energy. This energy is linked to our thinking. A mercury in Aries processes energy in a direct way. This makes thinking straight to the point. Someone with cancer mercury will process the energy of thinking in a intuitive way, wanting to see more.

Your Mars sign is how you perform with energy or direct energy. The Mars is energy in motion by the demonstration of actions. A Mars in pisces individual may direct their energy in a creative way. This energy is used to perform creative actions. Libra in Mars will perform with passive energy. This energy here is good for Venusian things.

This brings us to Venus. Venus is how we enjoy energy. This is energy put aside for the finer side if life, like relationships and hobbies. Venus in Gemini craves stimulation and enjoys stimulative energy. Leo in this placement enjoys affectionate energy.

Don’t use your energy to worry

The problem with most of humanity is how we use our energy. Our energy is important and the most important tool for our progress in life. The way we use our energy beats motivation. This is because our energy is most accessible, even when trying to be motivated is hard. So how do most of us use our energy wrongly? We use it to worry!

Worrying is a staple for the world. It can be noticed in even the most organized persons. It surrounds those who wallow in fear of something, this position blocking their success. When starting a new venture the first acknowledgement should be that it’s quite easy to worry. Then decide that you don’t want to use your energy this way. Worrying literally does nothing but restrict you.

It’s best to use your energy to fix things that you’ll be concerned about. Fear does nothing for us, so choose faith. Faith provides the best results for those who focus their energy to that direction. If you pay attention, the most positive people get the best results. If you decide to never be deterred by all the things that could possibly go wrong, you’ll always succeed. A happier life is for those who use their energy right.

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Does life have a check list?

Everyone is familiar with expectations. Even more common are the expectations that your family and the society wants from you. It starts like this: Go to school, Get a degree, Get into the work force, Get married and have kids. Of course the list goes on as your age progresses. But these societal check boxes are given a time limit. Apart from that, there is a concept that implies that fulfilling checklist will make you happy. So many people get disillusioned when their ticked check boxes does nothing for them.

There’s one thing such people should know- life does not give you checklist. I’m not saying that people should not be ambitious, the contrary is said here. Be your own person with your own purpose. Know why you are doing the things that you do. Don’t do anything just because society says that it’s the next step. Why are you studying that degree and choosing that work? If you don’t have your personal answer, then some revaluation is needed. Any check boxes you have should be truly yours.