I was the one you buried

Who never died

I am the demon

Which haunts your heart

In the earth I layed

To rise to taunt

From my bowel a growl grows

Before it erupts

Like the lion’s roar

The one who was you



Never alone

Do not think you are ever alone

You are surrounded by the stars that glows

The rivers that forever flows

All of natures delightful wonder

The universe speaks to you at every moment

There is always companionship

Though you seem to be isolated

It tells of peace available when you look within

From the inside can the universe first be revealed

There is a friend in everything that grows

The plant and trees speak to you

They tell you to cheer up

There is great peace within you

The animals you see give a beacon of hope

You are not alone

Surrounded by all wonderful created things,you are


Black as coffee

Black as night

Brilliant like an ever star studded sky

It contains all the colours

Mysterious and elegant

The shine of nature

Pigment of the soil

Backbone of our blood

Unique like mother nature

Pure and unblemished

The earth’s glow

Unmutated,strong and bold

The universe is black

The milky way is black

The soul is black

Keeping up with the tides of the universe

Keeping up with the tides of the universe
The flow of the atmosphere
The rhythm of the earth
Asteroids clash and combust on the milky way
The splash of fire like the death of a rebirth

Whispers of the voices of nature
Soothing the relief of ever fresh wounds
Giving birth to new ideas which were raised from those which died
Burning brightly,Phoenix like

The waves have a way
Softening the rough edges and getting the frail sides stronger
Building it all solid
the law of polarity
The same perspective presented in multiple ways

Layers of love flowers
waiting to be claimed and embraced
Fluttering ever so incospiciously
The enigma of life,it ever flows
beauty of the universe

Looking back at the past to the happiness the universe brought

I want to go back to the days where I was full

Nature was kind and I was glad

Skipping in the warmth of the sun as I formed fantasies in my head

I would bask in the freshness of life 

Those days,the only thoughts on my mind involved  yummy food and a carefree games

Happy I was that I could breathe so carefree!

Now my breath hangs and catches willy-nilly

I would call on my friends and discuss books then

We would laugh aloud while we described things ranging from bread to crimes

It was all fun back then and nature was surely kind

Now I’m not so sure

Can nature turn cruel or is it just me?

I belong in a crazy world of my own now

Where I am the only sane one and everyone else are lunatics

But I know I cannot undo the hands on time

 And I can only be left to repair-the damages I might have caused myself

*The universe gives you what you “call” for.This means the universe is neutral and what you receive is mainly from what you choose to manifest.You can manifest two realities:Happiness or sadness.Both depends on you and how you react to life’s situations.