Fast goes the tick tock on the clock

As day turns to night

My fears remain bright

Eats up my heart

Living in full merriment

Trapped in the illusion of time

As I rot and rot

Turning into a dead thing

I see the darkness at the end of the tunnel



Time in action

There is an awakening energy in all of us that we must grab,to get into the next level of enlightenment.It is subtle and only attainable by those who approach it with dedication.Were cannot hope to go further without transcending some banalities of the physical life.The mind-body connection is stronger than we perceive.We alter either,whether for positive or negative depending on the actions we choose to do through time.

The impact of utilizing this connection will be to an ultimate level.We must have in mind the mental clarity of the image of actualized goals and visions.Trying to chase the fulfilment of the irrational or what could have been is a dead end path.Somethings have to go,somehow, if you want a change to occur in your life path.There need to be a disconnection towards negative action triggers

Nothing miraculous would happen without a changed step.No matter how small,the process must begin and repeat consistently.The path to greatness lies in the ability to be able to do and redo positive things.It is the constant effort of turning the wheel one step further that makes you go at a full momentum.It is the steady transformation we can get through time put in action.