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The support of societal degradation

Some things are just ok, while others aren’t and we seem to know this well. Except when we get confused with the blurred lines. Due to television and a mass brainwash of the world population, we begin to support things we otherwise would not. We find ourselves rooting for the bad guy in the movie and we get shocked with ourselves. When did we begin to blur the lines between right and wrong?

I recently watched vampire academy, a movie that came out in 2014. This will be our case study. And I was shocked by how I had normalized appalling things. First. it was an Harvey Weinstein movie. Second it was a movie about people who sucked blood, vampires. Also, there was a romance between the underaged I7 year old character (the lead actress, though older in real life?) and a 38 year old man. I’m sure for the vampire part, you’d say that I’m too critical, because movies about vampires are a regular thing.

However, a subtly hinted pedophilic relationship is another thing. Though both characters restrain themselves, they finally give in. To the uncritical eye, it might not seem like much, because they can just wait till she’s 18,right? Though he is 20 years older than her. The main issue has to do with the insinuations each of these concepts represents than the actual depictions. As a fiction writer, I understand how the imagination brings weird things into a beautiful light. However, they seem to be a purposely normalization of that which isn’t.

For example the constant representation of vampires on our screens, to the extent that a vampire film is not considered horror. In the past, it doesn’t matter how much human attributes had been assigned to the vampires, the movie was still horror. But now blood sucking beings are just a walk in the park. If such inappropriate relationship is considered ok, what about a 14 girl with a 30 year old man, who is to say that isn’t ok then? There was one thing I noticed with the normalization of these concepts. They were done in an attractive setting, with conventionally attractive people.

Therefore people see these and forget their feelings of disgust and fear. They fall for the lead mans hotness. and the lead lady’s attractiveness. After all a society that worships sexuality will be blinded by looks. So the girl and guy look good, the girl is given a mature air, so why not? They looked great in the kissing scene where he was under a love charm that influences the ‘love’ he already has for her. He rips her dress and they both have fit bodies. They don’t have sex but the attractiveness of it removes our minds from a 38 year old man and a 17 year old girl. Another line blur is the transformation of an innocent, good vampire into one of the inhuman ones. Are we to care then when she’s killed?

This movie is a good example of the use of elegance and beauty to support, well, sin. To keep up with appearances they divide the vampires into three categories. Of course there is a bad type. These type are void of emotions or any humanity. These makes them only killers. Definitely,we don’t like them. And the illusion of ‘bad’ is complete. The 17 year old character also has another student crush on her. She does not tell him off, so it’s a love triangle situation.

Another theme, a royal bloodlines of blood drinkers, do I need to say more?

Money and the society we live in…

 I had realized something a long time ago but remembered again recently. While registering for a PayPal account, I spotted something. A feature read that it was a good source of making payments for online shopping. Why this statement stood out to me was simple, in this world we live in there are always so many mediums in which we are told we can spend our money. Sometimes to even earn money from a venture you are required to spend some money. Money that some don’t even have. A good example of this would be WordPress and paid blogging before you start earning from your blog.

Everyone is always suggesting new ways for us to spend. It was ironical because the reason I was opening an account in the first place was as a means to earn money from the internet especially via foreign sources when possible. I was not interested in going on a foreign online shopping spree. 

Nobody really teaches us how to get money to spend really, but society knows how to tell us of the various ways we can spend. Constantly we are bombarded with adverts of several different products. New products are created everyday as well, non stop. There is always a way in which a product can ‘change’ our mundane lives according to people of the marketing world , but most don’t really care if our lives get better, as long as they earn those crisp notes.This is why today , we have a lot of frustrated youths, the images of the numerous things they can buy contradicts to the level if information of how to generate wealth for themselves.

How to solve this problem?

Really I don’t know how such problem can be solved at large in this society. But I do know that individually we have power to resist whatever. We should strive to teach and learn how to gain financial independence rather than pursue the latest spending fads then complain on ‘the lack of money’. Our spending power should match the level of our financial freedom.

Just my thoughts