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Adaptation is our answer


The ability to develop certain features to withstand different environments and conditions.Every living creature adapts.This is a skill all humans possess.In animals and plant life,the features are more physiological,while in people they are of a psychological/behavioral kind.

I have found out the answer I was searching for.What makes particular people in humanity trive and survive?Like most great answers,it is very simple.Adaptation.This is what influences growth.It makes a millionaire rich and it has the same driving force that enables the same millionaire to have no problem being one,even when all wealth is taken away.

When there are hardships learn how to adapt to it.When you are struggling with lack of money,adapt and grow.When money comes,get used to the flow and spend accordingly.Adaptation is an important life force.We are starting to forget this power we have inside of us due to recent occurrences.A constant rememberance is necessary to use our inbuilt magic worker.

It’s not about willpower!

Willpower had become a cliche word for in which so many self help people proclaimed to be an ultimate problem solver.Its only recently that studies on willpower show how limited it is.The effectual reliance on the short supply of this proclaimed wonder tool has no basis in actual keeping up with a positive habit.

It turns out that by rewiring the pattern of your brain,the need to use willpower frequently is not neccesary.The constant loop mode the brain is always in to repeat pattern and habits is our enemy,especially when it comes to creating change.If only we learn how to break the pattern and stop the habit when we notice the loop in action.

So no,it’s not about willpower when you want to change your habits,action,thought processes and your mind.It’s about doing something sporadically,out of the blue even as when your mind tells you to follow the old ways you are used to.When you begin to do this,it becomes more easier to try new stuff.Willpower becomes less needed to go through the day.

Be spontaneous!

Do this analysis on yourself-SWOT


Strength has a lot to do with your natural abilities, talents, things you can do passionately even without being paid. Eg singing, reading, dancing, risk taking, motivational speeches etc.

Weakness has to do with the natural impediments inherent in you, they obstruct your ability to carryout your strengths. Eg oversleeping, procrastination, talking too much, greed, convertousness etc.

Opportunity refers the certain situations that appear before us by nature, providence etc.

They could be good health, being educated, being alive, peace, having access to getting support etc

Threats, these are the impediments or challenges made available by the environmental factors, these factors are external and quite beyond our control. Eg epidemics, sicknesses, insecurity, social vices etc.

Generally, these factors could be managed.

Do a *SWOT* analysis on yourself today and confront that impending project.
Written by Bayo Manuals-Adapted by theyenzyradicals