The consumer

She eats up her sleep

Sucks away the darkness of the night

In the glow lays in a heap

untold stories of profound glory

Some might be a bit gory

But the joy of the conqueror lies strong

A tale in her eyes

Her eyes-

Browned with age but sparkling none the less

Her countenance solid

Yet she had no face

She had consumed her fears

And produced many things from it

The wrinkles give an image

Of beautiful life at play

Both past and to come

The power of a warrior

Embarking always on a sailors journey

With the destiny of an adventurer

Her voice became a song

A rhythm with so much melody

From her story comes the source of joy

Nothing was ever a vain cause



I had stopped trying,as I traced my steps


There was no strife

As I ran away

Not facing the truth,was as sweet as pie

I knew all that was right

Even when I felt it wrong

I could not stop caring too much

For someone unaware of my being

Probably too caught up in life

I had started to move backwards

But I did not know

Fighting the waves of the ocean

That were not there for me to see

Tempest of emotions

It feels like my humanity is disintegrating
till there is nothing left
And when that happens I will laugh
Because the world had won
but I’m about to have my all round victory
So yes,I’ll love to be broken more
So my darkness will shine with the light
And I’ll be better than I’ve ever been
Thanks to the unrestrictions of the disassociation that was forced upon me

For you

For you my love I sing this song

Though you may not know

It’s me who has always cherished you

Through storm and rain

I have always sung your praise

Your name was like honey on my lips

You are most precious,my sweet

Delicate like a flower

Strong as the firm ground

Fine as silk

Yet roughed like the edges of cotton

You are everything which exists!