Mars in astrology

Mars is the planet of action. This is the driving force to put our intentions into realization. It is a hot and active planet and the same goes to how it reacts in a person’s chart. Depending on what placement of mars you have, you’ll be able to tell how you take action. Are you quick on your feet like mars in Aries, or do you first weigh options before coming to an action like mars in Libra?

This is the expression of our drive, a natural way we go about to reach our goals. Mars in Capricorn will be at the grindstone and a natural tireless worker. This is natural for this placement. Meanwhile mars in Libra may prefer to do less of the heavy lifting (giving in to procrastination and sometimes laziness) but choosing to utilize people and connections to get to their goals. Mars also lets us know about our temperament.

How do we get angry, how often and how explosive is our anger? All these questions are answered by mars. If you have a mars in aquarius, it’s most likely that it’ll take a lot to get you mad. Mars in Taurus can have an heavy outburst of anger once all that has been kept in reaches a breaking point. For Mars in Pisces, anger can occur irrationally on a whim. If you understand your Mars, you understand the nature of what drives you. Ultimately it makes your life easy and helps you in learning how to use the power you have, instead of trying to be someone else.


Saturn in astrology

Saturn is a planet of limitations, restrictions and life lessons. The lessons to learn in life have a root in saturn. Challenges to overcome and personality traits to be accepted is seen with Saturn’s placement in the birth chart. The experiences had with saturn are usually due to limitations of how we were raised and personality traits we are on the fence about.

 Someone with saturn in Aries may have a problem with being aggressive, in some cases it may be a misdirected aggression.Understanding Saturn’s placement in the birth chart has a lot of life improving potential. A person with Saturn in Aries can also be timid and afraid of taking risks. Depending on the person’s upbringing, Saturn can manifest itself in various ways through the signs. Such a person who is timid with this placement has to accept the Aries quality that is part of their nature, just as the one who has aggression issues.

Saturn in every sign has traits of that sign but with lessons to learn with it. Sometimes it may seem like a restriction occurred during a period in life that affected the expression of that signs energy. A large number of repression issues and an ongoing struggle for personal acceptance had to do with Saturn. The mastery over the planet of limitation, brings potential growth and expansion. Because restrictions makes us work smarter and triumph. 

If everything was so simple and straight forward, there will be no progress, right? Anytime you want to control your saturnine energy is left to you. It can be when you are young or when you are old. It’s better to start as soon as you can, because the battle is always there if you never gave it. Saturn can be your Achilles hill or your power source.

Signs that your spiritual guides are communicating with you

We all have angels and guides assigned to us on this earth by God to follow us on our life’s journey. We are not alone and at anytime help can be made available to us by seeking and believing. Sometimes these angels try to communicate with us by sending signs and signals. At times during moments of need or great change these signals increase. We are to notice these things and the message behind them in order to get our solutions and inspiration from the angels.

These are the way they communicate

  1. By synchronicity: When things suddenly become more and more coincidental,there is an high chance of these being a clue/message from your guides or angels. For example, there may be a reoccurrence of particular words, phrases, situations, people,etc. These act as a clue to inform us about something. Synchronicity is mostly physical.
  2. By number: This is another part of synchronicity. Angel numbers 111, 11:11, 3:33, 2:22, 444, 555,etc might appear constantly. A repeat of certain number may occur in double,multiple times. These are called angel numbers because these numbers are used by the angels to communicate with you or to give you peace, that they are with you. Each angel numbers has their meaning according to numerology, but the general gist of it is an indication of a caring angelic presence. It is saying, peace be with you and no matter what happens, you are not alone or abandoned, believe on the inside and manifest on the outside.
  3. By vision and dreams: Dreams do not only give us a message about our subconscious but also a message from God and divine angels. Pay close attention to your dreams and visions
  4. Physical manifestation: This can also be in form of coincidental synchronicity of events and numbers. In more rare occurrences, a magnificent supernatural event might happen. It might be seeing your actual angel/guide disguised in human form to an unexplained event of help only possible by help from the divine.
  5. By thoughts: God talks to us and we hear whenever we truly listen. Our guides/angels are also willing to give us encouragement, inspiration and messages only if we open our hearts to be willing. Sometimes we hear it unaware that our angel/guide speaks through our mind and we rule it as a lucky intuition of our own design. A rule of thumb to know if your angels speaks through your thoughts is to observe the manner you are being referred. If the thought begins with a ‘you’ or ‘we’ instead of an ‘I’ and is soothing, reassuring and indicates love, that thought is most likely from your angel.
  6. By auditory perceptions: This can also be rare. It can be described as actually hearing a voice speak without seeing the speaker. The voice appears sounding from a physical source and is not from any influence of hallucinative substances. The voice is clear, loving and peaceful.
  7. Through people: your angels might speak through someone or several people. These person/people are sent to physically help you and be there for you. This sign might come in synchronicity with another of the signs. For example, you may hear the words from a thought your angel placed in your mind coming from somebody who meets you or several people. A random person can decide to do you favours as a result of interference of the angels on your behalf. You might also meet someone who experiences what you experience or vibrates at a frequency that is required. Also, someone can tell you visions about you based on the input by the angels via their channel.




I am sorry to tell you

that all your efforts has just been scratches on my defense

You have not even started reaching within my surface-yet

Like I have touched yours

It’s all just scratches dear

As you try to break down the fortress around my heart

But do you why it’s even there?

Because the world did not consider me important to reach for

Keep on scratching my dear

I am sure someday you will find a great shovel

To make your way through my guard

Then will I be forever glad

Banal illusion

A banal illusion was my love

In the darkness of the night-

I ran mad thinking of you

You,who I will never have

I have come to accept that now

But you had already left your imprints on me

Why!I yell in my mind;

Did I ever get to know you

Why! Did my heart lose its sense

Over a banal illusion

I drowned in the grandeur of something great

As my life was sucked up in thick mud

In my dreams you are my reality

And in my reality,you are a dream

An unaccomplishable wish

A sad sad banal illusion

Which I prayed was something more
The bold lines are taken from an actual quote by an anonymous source


I had stopped trying,as I traced my steps


There was no strife

As I ran away

Not facing the truth,was as sweet as pie

I knew all that was right

Even when I felt it wrong

I could not stop caring too much

For someone unaware of my being

Probably too caught up in life

I had started to move backwards

But I did not know

Fighting the waves of the ocean

That were not there for me to see

Unimagined love

I stopped believing in romance

Then you showed up

And swept me away

Into a whirl wind of passion

Where there was no escape

I had once given up

On the thought of true love

But your eyes melted my heart

I couldn’t stop smiling at your essence

It was a wonderful mix

Both sweetly pure and naughtily erotic

There was a delight in me

To have a taste of you

Both body and soul

It was not all pure euphoria

Sometimes I wanted too much

Other times you were far far away

To understand a complete complex cerebral yet deeply emotional romance

Was to solve a fascinating puzzle

An intimate kinship of awe

I had stopped believing in romance 

Then you showed up

Bringing an unimagined love along with you

Something i thought did not exist

Or had died, a long time ago

You brought out a side in me

Much gleeful and childlike

That i had forgotten was inside of me

For you

For you my love I sing this song

Though you may not know

It’s me who has always cherished you

Through storm and rain

I have always sung your praise

Your name was like honey on my lips

You are most precious,my sweet

Delicate like a flower

Strong as the firm ground

Fine as silk

Yet roughed like the edges of cotton

You are everything which exists!

Who are Old souls?

Old souls are people with the mind,emotional and spiritual depth of someone who has lived for far longer than their actual age.These people are usually different from their peers by emotional depthness,maturity and thoughts.From an early age they had started to think deeply about things others their age could not even conceive.Old souls are introspective with an internalized perspective of the world and life generally.They are also the kind of people to probe and question all the un-niceness of this world.They question the barbarity in this world and wonder why it all exists.

They also value wisdom and intellect.Conventional things are not of their interest,making it harder for them to connect with their peers.They are usually empathetic and find it easy to understand the emotional complexities of others,though they find other people cannot comprehend them.Seeing things at a deeper level can make them more prone to emotional hurt.They can see far below the surface of things,including seeing underneath the mask that people wear.

They do not prefer casual relationships especially when it comes to romance,they seek a deeper connection and an abundant kind of love.This makes it hard for them to be in relationships until they find the true love they desire.Due to the inability of people understanding them,they are usually misunderstood and labelled as a black sheep or the odd duck.They generally prefer being alone and are not bored in their solace like many hyper social people might be.

There is always something new for their great minds to feed upon.People are not really their cup of tea,so they aren’t the ones you would find trying to fit in with the crowd.They can have an eccentric or rebellious streak.Old souls are wise and caring people who only want the best for the world.They can however appear shy and anti social because of their lack of interest in the norm and people.They can appear lost and have a feeling of not fitting in.This world feels more like where they were trust in rather than their home.

And to sum it all up with this picture

I am an old soul.

Non je ne regrette rien (No,I regret nothing)

I regret nothing
I take responsibility for all that is done
I loved you as perfectly as you loved me
So I regret nothing
All the kisses we blew to the wind
Whispering of wanton nonsense
Candle lights flickering in the romantic breeze

I’m sure love is never regret
the Secrets you told me gladdened by heart deeply
I was happy that I knew things that about you others didn’t

It made my heart swell

I felt as special as I could be
You opened me up to trust another being again
You made me see the truth,
that freedom lies in both you and me

I regret nothing
I am glad I met you
I would repeat this in all the live times I ever exist
I’m sure love is never regret.
I was happy that I could and I would do it again
And I’m sure a better love awaits because of you