If love doesn’t work then try Stockholm syndrome

There is a thin line between love and hate they say…

Maybe that is much more true than we think. There are people who suffer from battering from their spouses and still claim to love them. Are they stupid? No they are not. We know they are just suffering from Stockholm syndrome. But how can one separate Stockholm syndrome from love? After all anyone can claim to love anyone.

The same thing goes for various victims of abuse from child abuse to sexual abuse. Many times our minds are not able to comprehend the fact that people hurt us. Especially people who are meant to love us. Even more so when they show random moments of kindness.

I mean if your parents treated you like trash but always bought you nice clothes, there is a tendency to feel a tad appreciate. People with the Stockholm syndrome tend to defend abuse with some acts of kindness rendered.

Do abusers utilize the possibility of Stockholm syndrome or is it just random. That is a question for another day.

3 thoughts on “If love doesn’t work then try Stockholm syndrome

  1. Stockholm Syndrome is commonly associated with cults as well as within abusive situations. I have been in both cults and am from an abusive family (which I consider to be one of the cults that I was in) and see a lot of Stockholm Syndrome within myself and others arising that I know from the manipulation of the abusers. Abusers use all kinds of manipulation tactics to cover up the abuse, make us feel good about them, keep us in denial, keep us from remembering the abuse, and to keep us from talking to others about the abuse. This is all done in order for them, I believe, to justify what they are doing in their heads or to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions. Manipulation can be overt or covert and can be in the form of mind control, brainwashing, programming and group dynamics in or out of a group setting. In fact, brainwashing can be used by one perpetrator to one victim. For example, grooming involves different forms of brainwashing and mind control. Anyways, thanks for your blog! I talk about these kinds of thing quite a bit on the blog that I just started last week.


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