How the inner planets of the zodiac are energy fields

The ascendant, sun, moon, mercury, mars and Venus signs are just ways your energy is expressed. Your ascendant sign is the energy you give off. It is the first energy people perceive from you. For example, with a Virgo rising you will appear put together and organized when meeting people. A sagittarius rising on the other hand will give a jovial and open energy.

The sun sign you possess is what gives you energy. It is the source in which you take energy from. Your sun sign is the concept of your being via ego which your energy expression develops from. A sun in Capricorn will get energy from being entrepreneurial and productive. On the other hand, a sun in Aquarius will get energy through visionary thinking and stand our concepts.

The moon sign is how we take our energy. It is the path that is deeply in us, removed from our ego. Our moon sign is energy tied to our emotions. A moon in Taurus will take energy in being steadfast and enduring. This endurance a natural source of emotional energy. Scorpio moon take energy with having intense emotions.

The sign in mercury is how we process energy. This energy is linked to our thinking. A mercury in Aries processes energy in a direct way. This makes thinking straight to the point. Someone with cancer mercury will process the energy of thinking in a intuitive way, wanting to see more.

Your Mars sign is how you perform with energy or direct energy. The Mars is energy in motion by the demonstration of actions. A Mars in pisces individual may direct their energy in a creative way. This energy is used to perform creative actions. Libra in Mars will perform with passive energy. This energy here is good for Venusian things.

This brings us to Venus. Venus is how we enjoy energy. This is energy put aside for the finer side if life, like relationships and hobbies. Venus in Gemini craves stimulation and enjoys stimulative energy. Leo in this placement enjoys affectionate energy.


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