Why Taurus study a lot

I have come across many Taurus sun people who are really into education. I wondered why they could be lazy in many things but seemed brilliant when it comes to the pursuit of educational degrees. Remembering that Taurus is a sign of physical possessions put things in perspective. Unlike Gemini or Sagittarius who is into education because of the knowledge gathering process of it, Taurus is in for the feeling of security. It has been common for many people to think that studying well and getting degrees will give them good jobs later on.

So the educational minded Taurus is in for the proposed security. With earth sign suns, most times everything must result in a physical benefit, or a social gratification. And again Taurus is represented by the hierophant in the tarot. That is the representation of traditional ways of doing things, order, education and culture. This is why a Taurus would want to take a part to success that is traditionally sound.


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