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A sudden clash of thunder, it’s time

Only if your meditation has brought you a light that shines in every night will even death not be a death to you but a door to the divine. With the light in your heart, death itself is transformed into a door, and you enter into the universal spirit; you become one with the ocean.
And unless you know the oceanic experience, you have lived in vain. Now is always the time, and the fruit is always ripe. You just need to gather courage to enter into your inner forest. The fruit is always ripe and the time is always the right time. There is no such thing as wrong time.


The anti conscious movement 1

There are anti consciousness movements (or faux conscious movement) under the guise of being woke. Many of these so-called movements include false doctrines to indoctrinate people and put them under the bondage of a cult. Nowadays, anything that seems like a new age movement is attractive. This leads to many false prophets of the Internet and you can find them on YouTube, instagram, facebook and other social media platforms.

Many of these people have no conscience and only seek to brainwash their followers. These fake news and teachers, should be avoided like a plague. Because not only are they dangerous to your mind but dangerous to the growth of your soul. So, beware of fake prophets and wolves in sheep clothing.

In another post, I will mention signs of an anti consciousness movement, and examples of such groups.

Stay wise.

The Mandela Effect happened to me

I’ve followed the topic of the Mandela Effect ever since it became a thing. It was indeed a fascinating theory and I liked things like that. But I could not claim the validity of it, since it didn’t happen to me- until yesterday.

Yesterday was when the Mandela Effect happened to me. The craziness of me remembering what was not, blew my mind away. I literally sat down for several seconds with my mouth open. The Mandela Effect was with astrology, two famous people’s birth chart to be specific.

It was Edger Allan Poe and Bill gates. What I remembered from checking their birth chart and reading about it, was different from what I saw. Before that evening, I was 100 percent sure that Poe had a moon in Scorpio and Gates had a moon in Virgo. I knew their sun and moon sign as clear as day! But it turns out now that Poe has a moon in pieces and Gates, a moon in Aries.

The first thought that came into my mind was what the heck! I was flabbergasted! I remember before thinking about how Gates moon in virgo might have an impact in his analytical skills, only to find out that he does not even have a single planet in virgo! I always associated Poe’s melancholic dark nature to him having moon in Scorpio, but nope, pisces it is.

What is most astounding is that I remember these facts clearly. But now, they are no more facts, but fiction. It’s also interesting that both phenomenon of Mandela Effect happened with the moon signs. I wonder what that means.

This reminded me if days ago, when I went back to Chadwick Boseman’s birth chart and saw that his moon sign was in Pisces. I thought it was weird because when I saw his birth chart for the first time several days back, I was sure that his moon was in cancer. I even made a mental note that he had the same moon sign as fellow actor Micheal B Jordan. I thought that him being a cancer moon gave him a soft look. For that case, I chalked it up to maybe being wrong.

But now that I’ve come across these shocking Mandela Effects yesterday, I’m starting to think that one was too.

Does this mean I’ve recently switched dimensions? I don’t know. All I know is that this is really trippy. And crazy.