The moon signs and emotions

Note that planetary aspects to the moon affects the way your express your moon sign. Like having your moon conjunct Neptune for example, will give your emotions piscerian qualifies, though your moon is in libra.

Aries moon: Fast temperament, ever changing emotions. Prone to having a temper.

Taurus moon: Stable, Slow to reactions, cautious, loves comfort.

Cancer moon: Can be emotional, sensitive, moody, at ease with emotions.

Gemini moon: Changing emotions, flexible emotions, not straightforward, two-faced, logical.

Leo moon: Dramatic emotions, caring, self centered.

Libra moon: Socially acceptable emotions, balanced views, people pleasing expressions.

Virgo moon: Analytical emotions, black and white emotions, insensitive, tendency to over analyze, critical.

Scorpio moon : Intense emotions, anxiety, turbulent feelings, analyzes emotions.

Sagittarius moon : Free, broad minded , blunt expression, self righteous emotions.

Capricorn moon: Cold emotions, realistic to the extent of fatalism, cruel without intention, rational, truthful

Aquarius moon : Eccentric, rebellious emotions, expansive rationalization, nonplussed, shocking.

Pisces moon: Dreamy, emotionally impractical, creative, loving emotions.


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