The Mandela Effect happened to me

I’ve followed the topic of the Mandela Effect ever since it became a thing. It was indeed a fascinating theory and I liked things like that. But I could not claim the validity of it, since it didn’t happen to me- until yesterday.

Yesterday was when the Mandela Effect happened to me. The craziness of me remembering what was not, blew my mind away. I literally sat down for several seconds with my mouth open. The Mandela Effect was with astrology, two famous people’s birth chart to be specific.

It was Edger Allan Poe and Bill gates. What I remembered from checking their birth chart and reading about it, was different from what I saw. Before that evening, I was 100 percent sure that Poe had a moon in Scorpio and Gates had a moon in Virgo. I knew their sun and moon sign as clear as day! But it turns out now that Poe has a moon in pieces and Gates, a moon in Aries.

The first thought that came into my mind was what the heck! I was flabbergasted! I remember before thinking about how Gates moon in virgo might have an impact in his analytical skills, only to find out that he does not even have a single planet in virgo! I always associated Poe’s melancholic dark nature to him having moon in Scorpio, but nope, pisces it is.

What is most astounding is that I remember these facts clearly. But now, they are no more facts, but fiction. It’s also interesting that both phenomenon of Mandela Effect happened with the moon signs. I wonder what that means.

This reminded me if days ago, when I went back to Chadwick Boseman’s birth chart and saw that his moon sign was in Pisces. I thought it was weird because when I saw his birth chart for the first time several days back, I was sure that his moon was in cancer. I even made a mental note that he had the same moon sign as fellow actor Micheal B Jordan. I thought that him being a cancer moon gave him a soft look. For that case, I chalked it up to maybe being wrong.

But now that I’ve come across these shocking Mandela Effects yesterday, I’m starting to think that one was too.

Does this mean I’ve recently switched dimensions? I don’t know. All I know is that this is really trippy. And crazy.


7 thoughts on “The Mandela Effect happened to me

  1. neXus says:

    It is always a pleasure to see more people waking up to the Mandela Effect. Now keep your eyes open for possible flipflops and any remaining doubts will fade away 🙂

    Welcome to the new reality… hehe

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  2. Lander7 says:

    I may have three more for you since you know the zodiac.

    1) Write down what you remember Capricorn looking like then do a google image search.

    2) Do you remember the 13th zodiac?

    3) Which arm of the milky way galaxy are we in 1) Sagittarius Arm, or 2) Orion Arm

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      • Lander7 says:

        My mother was big into the zodiac when I was younger, so I grew up with it. After the Mandela Effect 3 things changed for me, One being Capricorn, it was never a sea goat lol, what is a sea goat anyway?

        There was no 13th zodiac and why would there ever be since we do not orbit the sun 13 times?

        We were in the arm of Orion, I’m sure there were movies that referenced that also.

        If you remember these being the same as they are now then I would say you are more in line with this place than not.

        I made a short 11 question confirmation that will do a better job of placing you. If you have a spare 10 min one day ty it, it could be fun. It has 11 questions and then it shows solid actual proof of each of them so you know you are not crazy.


        • theyenzyradical says:

          I’m a Capricorn myself, lol. i remember learning that it was represented by a mountain goat and all of a sudden when I got into deeper in astrology it changed to sea goat. Yep, back then too there was no 13th zodiac sign. Many people (including me) don’t believe in it though. It’s an astronomy constructed rubbish. I remember arm of Orion references. Let me check the link.

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          • Lander7 says:

            The thing about the sea goat is they say now that it has always been a sea goat, from the beginning. I don’t remember anytime where it was and we were about as deep as you can go back then.

            The weird thing about the Mandela Effect is that when something changes, it changes at the beginning. History should show a progression not a fracture of mixes throughout time. We should easily be able to pinpoint when it changed from mountain goat to lol sea goat (really, sea goat). Instead what we have is sea goat from beginning to end with fractures of occasional mountain goat references on the side. The mountain goat is labeled as a false memory. Do you think you remembered it wrong?


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