Mars in astrology

Mars is the planet of action. This is the driving force to put our intentions into realization. It is a hot and active planet and the same goes to how it reacts in a person’s chart. Depending on what placement of mars you have, you’ll be able to tell how you take action. Are you quick on your feet like mars in Aries, or do you first weigh options before coming to an action like mars in Libra?

This is the expression of our drive, a natural way we go about to reach our goals. Mars in Capricorn will be at the grindstone and a natural tireless worker. This is natural for this placement. Meanwhile mars in Libra may prefer to do less of the heavy lifting (giving in to procrastination and sometimes laziness) but choosing to utilize people and connections to get to their goals. Mars also lets us know about our temperament.

How do we get angry, how often and how explosive is our anger? All these questions are answered by mars. If you have a mars in aquarius, it’s most likely that it’ll take a lot to get you mad. Mars in Taurus can have an heavy outburst of anger once all that has been kept in reaches a breaking point. For Mars in Pisces, anger can occur irrationally on a whim. If you understand your Mars, you understand the nature of what drives you. Ultimately it makes your life easy and helps you in learning how to use the power you have, instead of trying to be someone else.


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