Is it lack of resources or lack of wisdom?

A lot of people lament situations in life where it seems there is not enough resources. My question today for you is: are you sure? Is it a lack of resources or lack of wisdom to use them? Opportunities comes to us random times in our daily lives, but if we are unable to discern them, we live in ignorance. Then the complain of unavailable opportunities comes up.

It is up to us as wise beings to be aware of what we have. To be ignorant means that lack will be a constant companion.

Many of us actually know what to do to get to the next level. That’s why it is said that all the answers we seek are inside of us. It is the ego that pulls us down. The ego is afraid of change, which makes it resist positive progress as well. In our desperation for success or something better, we forget all of the useful ideas we constantly discard.

Excuses are given: “It is not good enough”, “it’s not the right time” “I don’t have money to do that”, “I have writers block” “I am shy”, etc. These excuses undermine our inherent greatness and it all can be blamed on the ego. Only if we let our true selfs shine through would we see the wonders we can perform. Sometimes a little push with that idea and you will see that all the resources are available.

Like the man in the picture above, if only he knew that he was meant to use just one ladder to get over the fence, he would have not needed to struggle. Sometimes struggle is unnecessary and it can be caused by us. Wisdom is the key to all resources.

I saw this in an article which explains this issue:
Clearly, there’s something going on at a much deeper level when you have the tools to thrive, but you choose not to use them. Just think of all the people who are overweight. They know to eat better and exercise, but inside, there’s something that stops them from following through.
What do you let stop you?


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