How to make the law of attraction work for you

No this is not a click bait.

It is a common complain that the LOA does not seem to work for a lot of people.

Here’s why: Because you are not using it right.There are missing elements that has been forgotten or not know by the general populace.This elements must be understood/used for the law to take effect.

It’s not that the LOA is hard,it is different.When something is different,you need to throw out old believes to tackle it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Avoid desperate energy when it comes to the LOA. It will not work if you feel stuck or hopeless. Abandon any feelings of victim hood. If you are trying to manifest wealth, don’t let nagging thoughts of how poor you are remain in your mind.

Pick and choose your thoughts. Yeah,we can do that. We feel emotions due to the thoughts we keep in our mind.

Think negative thoughts=attract negative emotions=create negative vibration=negative frequency=negative feedback=negative actions=negative reaction=negative manifestations.The same goes for positive thoughts.

This is the law of attraction formular.

You can write it down.Let it be your guide.

The moment we become used to choosing positive thoughts over the negative ones, we begin to harness the power of the LOA. It is not easy to change the system you are accustomed to, but it is very doable.”Fake it till you make it”,like they say.

You must be able to picture the outcome.

That above is a fact of the LOA. If you can not somehow see yourself in that desired outcome, whatever it is, the law will not work for you. You must be able to visualize yourself defeating that problem, or getting that job, or quitting that addiction no matter how impossible it may seem in real life. By the way “real-life” is just an illusion.

As the law of correspondence says,”As above so below“. We come to realize that our reality is actually a manifestation of the physical plane. Even in Christianity, we are told constantly of functioning in the spirit before it manifests in the physical realm. So, by visualization(accepting it in the spirit), we begin to see the impact in the physical. Visualization also comes in forms of prayer and meditation, as long as there is the belief and it can be pictured in the minds eye.

Picture the best version of yourself in the minds eye.

You must feel that you are worth the outcome you desire. The law only works when you feel that you deserve good. Surprisingly, many of us don’t actually believe that we are worthy of certain things. This happens to me but I select positive thoughts according to one of the major rules, in order to banish that feeling. This also links to victimization of ourselves. You cannot attract and manifest positive outcome when you play blame games with yourself.

Who cares if you feel your current situation is your fault? It is time to move on and use the present.

The last point I am going to give to make the law work for you is:

You must use it for the greater good

Manifesting is impossible if you wish to use the law to hurt or attack someone. It will not work. The law of attraction is not voodoo. It can only be used for the positive growth and manifestation of the self (that is if you are using the true law!)

I guess that is pretty self explanatory .

Peace, blessing and growth.


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