Synesthesia- prologue/beginning

“Alena,Alena” yelled a voice from the bushes.

There was some movement then a wounded girl stumbled out. Her left leg was bleeding and the bandage on it had turned deep red. The girl who called out looked at her with pity before grabbing her hand.

“We have to escape fast! They must not catch up with us”

“Akwa, I’m sorry but I don’t think i can go on any longer. You must escape. Leave me behind. After all, they will not hurt me”, Alena said 

“But who knows what they will do to you! You’ve seen them, they are crazy. They shot at you and hurt your leg – again!”

“Go. just go! I will be fine, promise”

While both of them looked indecisively at each other, a shot rang out. A gasp escaped from Akwa’s lips. Alena could not believe her eyes as she saw blood on her sister’s shirt. Footsteps were getting closer. Akwa held her chest which bled furiously. A look of confusion was on her face as she grasped unto her sister’s hand. Her death was swift as her eyes lost light. The soldiers had arrived just as Alena began mourning her dead sister. Without a second’s hesitation,she was yanked away from the body. Admist screams and tears,she was taken away.

“It has just begun” whispered one of the men.


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