Will you explore the dark arts?

Are you into tarot reading,birth chart reading,numerology,I ching,sychronicity reading,etc?Do you consider them as dark arts?And do you find it safe?If so,how deep can you go?If they can be considered dark arts the further you go deep into them,are they to be classified with Wicca, palmistry and divinition?Then can you explore those as well…

Tarot reading-prediction of future or current events through cards.Also the detection of current emotion and aura.

Birth chart reading-Astrology on a full scale,studying the date/time of birth and the planetary and house placements of each sign.Also the reading of the patterns.

Numerology-Figuring personality or life events by the link with numbers.

Employing the numerical value of the letters of the name to determine future events,personality and possible occurrence.

Here’s my home work for you-read up on the rest listed above.What opinion do you have on this?


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