Will you explore the dark arts?

Are you into tarot reading, birth chart reading, numerology, I ching, sychronicity reading, etc? Do you consider them as dark arts? And do you find it safe? If so, how deep can you go? If they can be considered dark arts the further you go deep into them, are they to be classified with Wicca, palmistry and divinition? Then can you explore those as well…

Tarot reading- prediction of future or current events through cards. Also the detection of current emotion and aura.

Birth chart reading- Astrology on a full scale, studying the date / time of birth and the planetary and house placements of each sign. Also the reading of the patterns.

Numerology- Figuring personality or life events by the link of numbers.

Employing the numerical value of the letters of the name to determine future events, personality and possible occurrence.

Here’s my home work for you- read up on the rest listed above.What opinion do you have on this?


6 thoughts on “Will you explore the dark arts?

  1. My opinion: everything can be used with positive intentions or negative intentions- you choose.
    I personally delve into Astrology, Tarot and Numerology for personal development reasons- never with Ill-intent and never to stomp on others to get ahead. But there are those who use such tools for dark reasons.

    Like a knife that can be used to feed someone a delicious meal it can also be used to kill.

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  2. My biggest opinion is that it’s extremely hard to read a post that doesn’t begin new sentences with a space first. 😖

    But honestly, I don’t consider these practices “dark arts.” I see them as more of a higher understanding of the nature of our universe. I think they are received with negativity only because the majority don’t truly understand the concepts as most are shrouded in mystery and for the most part, hidden from common knowledge.

    So long live the mystery schools! The evolution of human consciousness desperately need these teachings in modern society.

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    • Thanks for you comment. Lol about the space problem. This was one of my earlier posts in the blogging world. If you check my latest posts, I’ve improved.

      I do agree that the world has some sort of fear against seeking this knowledge. I remember a friend of mine once refer some of these universal information as “attracting familiar spirits” (code word for demonic) or something like that.

      I find the fear a bit childlike and being afraid of the unknown. This friend is a Scorpio so I found it shocking, but I believe she is yet to explore her soul. Anyways, long live the mystery schools!


      • My apologies, I did not mean to sound pretentious. As for your Scorpio friend… it really IS interesting that somebody ruled by the sign of death and mystery would show fear of the unknown, hah. Most scorpios I’ve known, and the musicians under the sign that I look up to, usually have no fear at all discussing or pondering these topics.

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        • No offense taken! I believe it’s a fear she will have to overcome as she grows older in age and wisdom. It’s even more odd that I as a Capricorn, who is meant to be more “grounded” and practical is heavily interested in metaphysics and the most mysterious of subjects.

          Maybe it’s the Jupiter in Pisces and mercury in Sagittarius and some other planets in aquarius in my chart? Because I doubt my Lilith and Chiron in Scorpio has such huge influence. Capricorns can be deep but we are not usually portrayed as the mystery seeking types.


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