Who is she?

A goddess descending from the skies

Beautiful and more,a touch of porcelain

The female Adonis

Anointed with the spirit of gibberish words

Fortitude,no sense of rhythm whatsoever

Bright,mocha and chocolate

A correspondence of lies told to the world

The birds of the air sings of her exquisiteness

The beast of the field flee at the mention of her legend

What is she

A fundamental truth to behold

The benevolent malevolent spirit

The swaying scarecrow in the wind

Migraine of the desert vultures

The contraption of catastrophe

Even she does not know

 who she is


9 thoughts on “She

  1. Neste momento, com distĂșrbio das estrias, atividade
    fĂ­sica bem como a aparĂȘncia que nem se ciscar das estrias com certeza.
    VosmecĂȘ inclusive pode digerir elite desde estrias atrĂĄs produzir aquela argĂșcia a uma resina mountain — mĂșmia.
    Suco a asneira possui minerais contudo vitaminas que ajudam a compensar as cĂ©lulas da cĂștis e acalmar as estrias.


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