My Files

There were times I could not put my feelings into words

I would write about the times

Hard times and good alike

Those days were laughter was my light

And the moments when tears were my fuel

My motivation were part of the files

A story I told only myself

A life’s stew of inconsistencies

My fantasy and cravings

Words were my friends

The pen was my guide

No one knew how to comfort me better than my files


7 thoughts on “My Files

  1. Good quote, and “words were my friends, the pen was my guide”, nice way to end the poem, glad you stoped by to read or in this case hear, some of the crazy things in my blog.
    Great writing.

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  2. I think what you say about the writing being a comfort is incredibly true. Sometimes it’s good to only tell and not have to answer or deal with whatever emotion the other person feels…

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