A cure for loneliness

As the world advances, people increasingly fall into a pit of loneliness. Human contact has washed away to meaningless interactions. The social media world has inspired people to present a fake version of themselves. Loneliness happens when the true self has been ignored or hidden in the shadows for too long. The people pleasing masks worn creates a vacuum in our souls that longs to be filled.

The cure for loneliness is ourselves. It begins within. In order to be free from it, learning to love our real selves is necessary. Not the one forcefully presented on Instagram,or the fake one that we show family and friends. It is the hidden self which was long avoided. Being comfortable and at ease with ourselves is the cure for loneliness. Our fears and love which makes us real must be acknowledged in order to be free. It is a journey of self finding.

Meditation, soul searching and spiritual awakening is needed.We must ask-what makes us us? For ourselves we must see the composition of which our souls are formed. If we can be at peace with our real selves, we will not be lonely. We will be filled with light and love. Those that are truly meant for us will remain attracted to that light.

Happiness would become a familiar concept when you know yourself.


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