What to do when no one supports your dreams

It has happened to many of us.We have this marvellous idea we want to launch, this vision we want to share. But no one seems to be there to urge us on. Not everyone is lucky to have a legendary mother the likes of Ben Carson. The ones who trust, nurtures, inspires and believes. Some of us just have to be our own biggest fans. This is not something which is bad, because being our own greatest support is the best thing ever. Or it should be.

However, humans crave validation. Validation, that word which holds both positive and negative connotations. It is rather easy to say that we do not need validation, but much more harder to abide by it. We do need validation.It is a trait innate to humans. The need for approval of accomplishment. But do we have to get it from a particular group of people to be fulfilled? No, we don’t have to.

Though we need validation, we are selective of who we appreciate receiving it from. A positive reinforcement might come from a stranger on the internet or a college who feels your ideas are great. Most times we do not value the praise that comes from people we give less value to. You might as well prefer the approval from your friends and family, but they might not give it. The issue is in being satisfied with what we can get at any given moment.

So what can be done when you feel that no one supports you? Keep on going! Your dreams are most important to you than anyone else. Why? Because a lot of people are also thinking about their own lives. I’m sure you do that as well. I for one do not go about worrying about everyone’s dream and ambition. Sometimes I even come across an awesome idea which I like, but I forget to express my opinion. Such person might never know that I approved of him/her. People show approval more when you have reached a peak of considerable success.

Every great person today had gone through the same process of feeling alone. When no one supports you,do not use that as an excuse to give up. Use that as a fuel to make progress. Your passion is good enough motivation to keep on going. The need to make yourself a better version you can be should be an inspiration.

Your dreams are for you and at all cost you should fight for them. This is possible without the help of anyone. You can draw courage and strength from many people and sources,but you should be your own hero. It makes you a stronger person whose vision is focused. The greatest support you can get is the one you give yourself.

Keep moving forward.


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