A fresh new start?

This is going to be a more personal post. You see I’m not used to telling much about myself to the outside world. But I’ve decided to do more of it because my stories deserve to be heard. I’m writing this post with another person’s phone. Mine had suddenly stopped functioning. This all happened so suddenly. Even my memory card which contain so many things had got missing. I had no idea how or when. This happened in a day. I can’t use my laptop to blog because it has no internet connection on it. So here I am improvising with my mother’s phone. I’ve just arrived home for my holidays in case you are wondering.

Why am I saying all these? The upheavals of life is the reason why. There is a reason Buddhists are not attached to any person or thing. Things come and go, so total reliance on anything physical results to disappointment. Many times it is impossible to control the twists and turns of the future,making frustration is prone.

The test is in how you use the new challenges life brings. Will it be used for better or worse? The answer lies in the steps taken. See a challenge as a means to elevating your consciousness.

I remember downloading a “good luck” app on my phone yesterday. The app let’s you make wishes and I saw good reviews on it.Several people said that it made their wish come true. Me being myself,i downloaded the app to try it. I made several wishes including being happy,rich and successful.The happiness and success wish was a big one for me, as they both went together in my opinion.

Strangely enough after making all my wishes, I restarted my phone only for it not to work anymore. I wondered if the universe was playing a trick on me. The phone had been showing signs of faults but this was too sudden. I make wishes only for my life to become worse, right?After several rounds of trying to charge the phone and failing to get it to start,i gave up.I opened the phone and with frustration yanked out the two sim cards and memory card. I did this without looking at it.When I looked I only found my sim cards out,my memory card was no where to be found.This made me think if I had bad luck.

I wondered why that app did not bring good luck. I wanted happiness but I got sadness;success but got failure. But now that I think of it,maybe that was what was needed to be happy. Maybe I needed to be free from my phone addiction and doing the same things over and over again. Maybe I needed a fresh new start!It could be that the universe wants me to do as Buddhists do and learn not to be attached.Sometimes happiness and success comes in unexpected ways.

This might be a test of character or might be indeed good luck. It could be a time for leaving old damaging habits behind. I feel it’s a time to know my worth and know that it is not in a bunch of pictures, PDFs and files. Everyone should.Though I don’t encourage people to throw their phones away or delete all their stuff,the need for breaking bad repetitive habits is important. A time away from what you are used to everyday will give time for self evaluation.

Sometimes motivation finds you,sometimes you find it yourself.


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