I am?

I am the dead fish of the flock

the carcass of dreams and aspirations 

Tom foolery of youth,pride and creed

If language could express the pains

Impossible carnage,lack of illustration

Illusion of poignant feelings,lost in meaning

Animation of my soul

The toil for nothing,tears for something

The cast on my heart,my mind in stitches

The world is a joke

I bow my mind in laughter

There is no meaning,no truth;no lies?

But void

To learn to seek,to seek to earn

All lies to bring hope to an empty future

A boring wasteland,a bastard grave for an empty coffin

The desert of no return

Infamous no mans land

The graveyard of blossoming ambitions 

The lack of energy for my lazy deeds

Pure,simple but not sort after


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