Aftermath of situations that seem like failure

What happens after an “had i know”moment?You will feel the pain and sadness.Tightening of the chest and the feelings of worthlessness.But you must not let it control you.Equip yourself with the right tools for survival.

  • You are are stronger than you think:If you think that failure will destroy,you’ve underestimated yourself.You have also doubted the power of the humans psyche.We humans are very strong,and I’m not talking about physically.I mean that our fighting power is very high.We are not easily broken and when we are,we can always remold our selves again.The feat of human achievements by people like you and me,who have gone through failure but yet persisted is amazing.
  • People are not judging you as harshly as you think and even if they are,those ones don’t matter:The illusion that is life and society formed by our minds controls us in more ways than we think.Most of our fears have been instilled on us by judgement.The people we fear judgement from are not perfect themselves,we should always remember this.Majority are too busy with their lives anyways to even care.Resting your happiness on how you are perceived or how less your failures are seen in the public eye is the key to failure.
  • You are stronger than they think:The perception of how you are viewed by people is not the real you.It is just a shadow,a glimmer of the reflective surface which is humanity-a mirror;showing the self and all the biases.Only you can know your true potential.And only you as well can decide.There is no guru that can tell you your true potential,or determine if all will be well for you.All that is lies in you and your power to be strong when you need to.
  • Should panic set in,relax your mind and unburden your soul to remain calm:Really,it’s not that hard as we make it.This thing called life.But if you make it feel hard,it will only get harder.The more you get used to ignoring the threat of panic and choosing peace,the better it will become.Remain calm as a choice no matter how you think it would be,it gets easier as you constantly let it be part of you.

Everything good will cogsme!


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