Top 5 ways to defeat fear

  1. Stop overthinking:Overthinking magnifies your fears.If you have thought about doing something,then go for it without dwelling too much in thought.Not only will over thinking stop you from actualizing your goals,it feeds the fear.It also keeps people who engage in this from being in an active state of doing.
  2. Do those things that normally frighten you:There are two methods to this:A deep-yourself-into-it’s method and a slow and steady approach.Both of them work,you just have to find out which would suit you more.If you fear talking to strangers,do that.Either you suddenly put in effort to talk to strangers per day,or you slowly try and initiate and keep conversations with strangers.
  3. Do not listen to the inner voices:It‘s easy to fall a prey to the deception of our minds.When this happens we call it self sabotage.It is the pattern of badly wanting something but yet the inability of taking known positive steps to fulfilment of those goals.Everyone has those “doubters”(as I would like to call those voices)always criticizing us and demoralizing us.The goal is neither to argue or fight with this voices.The goal is to not respond and let them naturally become mute.Be calm.Equanimity is the key word when dealing with them.
  4. Avoid rationalizing:Ignore the feeling of having to defend your fear.Fear should not be explained as it is irrational and emotional.It is a defense mechanism to what you feel you can’t control.Rationalizing strengthens the fear as you justify it and gives it a reason for existence.
  5. Take a step:Practice makes perfect is not a cliche.The more you do something,the better you become.The same goes the other way around,hide from something-the worse you become.Open yourself to possibilities(no matter how cliche that sounds as well).It might not exactly be as perfect as you had imagined but it is still a step.All growth means progress.Make sure you advance daily.


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