Sad poetry on lost hopes

Gerbils wheel

She,always getting caught in the gerbil’s wheel

The wheel,a constant loop of pain and sorrow

Always on a constant replay

She lay out her emotions bare but no one there to see

Her heart’s on her sleeve,she cries herself to sleep

She never knew the feeling was possible to be exist

That strong ringing in the heart and belly

The music of dastardly despair and desperation

But there it was;as real as she,glaring her in the face

She had given up hope but still held on so

Maybe the universe had not forgotten her yet

Or maybe it will just take her life still

Ending the sad experience

Of dying everyday.

Love past

How many pages have you wrote her?

The notes that were strung in our hearts

What you used to sing to me

deep in our thoughts,kept away from all

The shared secret we kept for ourselves

Many bitter tales we had but how so sweet were the moments before

Flourishing with memories is the mirror of you in me

The mirror of promise though failed beautifully

Hope and courage,paving out the way or fighting for it drastically drawn out dramas could not begin to tell our tale,

Or the wise ones that existed only in days of old

What should have preceded our wake?

or the closing phase of dusk.


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