Choose your path or have your path chosen for you

What do you want your destiny to be?That is up to you to decide.Your fate lies in your ability to choose.If the chance to make a choice is neglected,other forces will have a power over your life.Life is made by our day to day decisions.We allow life to toss us about by failling to have a choice in our life path.Letting others decide what we should be hinders our path and makes us go on a make believe journey.Following the crowd is letting your path to be chooses by others.Individuality is what it takes to forge your path.

You must decide today what you want the future to hold for you.Cherish the opportunities that come to create your own road to success.Take the chances to choose while you still have the chance.Make radical decisions that will enhance your progress.Risk it to climb that mountain you have been skeptical about.If you do not take hold of these opportunities while they are there,someone else will make all your choices and decisions for you.Making the effort now to choose your path will save you from ubeing a puppet for others to control.It will stop you from becoming a puppet for someone else to control.

Choose your path now!


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