Be like water!

Have you ever encountered problems that you could not solve no matter how you pushed?Life moments that you tried to make better but remained unbudged, even with force?This is because of rigidity.We cause ourselves stress and pain when we try to force ourselves out of lives challenges.We often think if we push hard enough,the stone blocking our way will move.But this is not so.Being rigid will not solve our heartaches.

Sometimes we discover that the more we push,the stronger our headaches become and the problem still remains,glaring us in the face.My advise to you is to be like water!Instead of pushing,you flow.You soften the rock with your consistency and relaxed state of mind.Like an aikido martial artist,you use the enemies strengths against them without exerting a lot of force.Act like a fish and let gliding in the water be like a second nature.

When we are stressed out it’s because we have applied too much force,to an issue that force isn’t required for.When you are used to fixing things with force you put yourself at risk to various health and psychological issues.If things come at you avoid the obstacles with ‘ the flow of water.Taking on problems that are meant to be glided out from will add extra burdens on your plate.If you can do absolutely nothing to change a situation,do not fall into anguish and depression,instead meditate.

Put your mind at rest and your heart at peace.Do the essential things you are meant to do and relax.If you are meant to take some medications,do so and do not worry about your illness.If you are asked to get lots of sleep,follow the instructions because laying awake pensive will not help anything.If you want to lose weight,don’t worry about your weight,follow the method you want to take and relax.Stressing over something will only give you more anxiety and heartache.

Be like water!Flow through difficulties and adversity.Discover the easier life of not applying force.Let your heart and mind be at peace no matter the problem.Believe that the best is yet to come as you stop carrying problems along with you.Dissolve that rock in your way with the gentle,yet powerful energy of water.Let yourself be at peace!


5 thoughts on “Be like water!

  1. Love this post and love the quotes you used!! I love Bruce Lee. I’m a big fan of his old work😢 bless him.
    And I never seen the second quote but I love.
    Completely agree with what you’re saying, and have recently applied this to my life this past year and let me tell you, my life has changed.

    I want to keep it up so I actually started Meditation just to learn to refocus my energy where it needs to be and not focus on my minds crazy thoughts of stress agreed worry.
    I used to be a big worry wort…😂 and stressed agreed bout everything.

    And the benefits is my health has actually gotten a lot better since I applied what u stated on your post. Keep up the good work!

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