Life lesson learned from cooking

I had always blamed myself for my mistakes and imagined that no one else made mistakes that I made.Seeing things from another perspective was hard to do,and after wallowing in a blaming game,I got nothing but sadness,nothing changes.At one time while preparing my dinner,I burnt the two chicken pieces I was frying.I felt like i had made the mistake that only me could make.Because I thought only I made such mistakes.

Like it was my trademark for making silly mistakes that could have easily been prevented.Because who the heck burns chicken right?I found it easy to think that it would not have happened it i had arrived earlier or just stayed in the kitchen.Anyways,I took it down,managing to eat it by eating the unburnt parts which were underneath the burnt skin and eating the burnt path by covering it in food.

After this incident,another food got burnt.It was not mine this time around.It was my mother’s food.The rice was left on the fire while she was busy with something else.When her attention was called to it,she rushed in the kitchen.The rice was slightly burnt and I could tell she was shocked.After all she was not used to burning food.It was not her type of mistake.I could hardly remember her burning anything.However,the food was still edible and it was eaten.

This thought me a lesson.The fact that a more experienced person could make the same mistake that I did,put things in perspective for me.I got out of my own head,that I was the only person who makes certain mistakes.There was no mistakes that I made purely for being stupid or just being me.Sometimes mistakes just happen to happen.No mistakes were branded just for me to make like I once thought.Some mistakes cannot be prevented and just has to happen no matter your expertise or skill.

It is nice to think of it this way,in life you must make a certain number of mistakes,and no matter what you do to prevent them,these mistakes will be made anyways.This makes It easier not to wallow in the blame game.My lesson I learned was that mistakes can happen to anyone on anything,learning and moving on are the next steps.Another important thing I learnt was to change my perception.


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