Who are Old souls?

Old souls are people with the mind,emotional and spiritual depth of someone who has lived for far longer than their actual age.These people are usually different from their peers by emotional depthness,maturity and thoughts.From an early age they had started to think deeply about things others their age could not even conceive.Old souls are introspective with an internalized perspective of the world and life generally.They are also the kind of people to probe and question all the un-niceness of this world.They question the barbarity in this world and wonder why it all exists.

They also value wisdom and intellect.Conventional things are not of their interest,making it harder for them to connect with their peers.They are usually empathetic and find it easy to understand the emotional complexities of others,though they find other people cannot comprehend them.Seeing things at a deeper level can make them more prone to emotional hurt.They can see far below the surface of things,including seeing underneath the mask that people wear.

They do not prefer casual relationships especially when it comes to romance,they seek a deeper connection and an abundant kind of love.This makes it hard for them to be in relationships until they find the true love they desire.Due to the inability of people understanding them,they are usually misunderstood and labelled as a black sheep or the odd duck.They generally prefer being alone and are not bored in their solace like many hyper social people might be.

There is always something new for their great minds to feed upon.People are not really their cup of tea,so they aren’t the ones you would find trying to fit in with the crowd.They can have an eccentric or rebellious streak.Old souls are wise and caring people who only want the best for the world.They can however appear shy and anti social because of their lack of interest in the norm and people.They can appear lost and have a feeling of not fitting in.This world feels more like where they were trust in rather than their home.

And to sum it all up with this picture

I am an old soul.


4 thoughts on “Who are Old souls?

  1. Alice Funk Farie says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you especially for the quote about the Buddhist outlook on being tested as a sign of being closer to enlightenment. I am still in a religious exploratory period. Buddhism is one of the religions whose tenets I admire, but I am not fully knowledgeable in all of it’s details. I have always felt as though I had attained a good deal of wisdom, but I have felt emotionally challenged in this lifetime and have questioned why because I continue to make good moral decisions and take the higher ground, and in this lifetime feel as though my karma doesn’t merit the challenges I am faced with. This perspective helps me keep my chin up.

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